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Ok. so since yall want more info on the books to buy for your quest to reach the most prestigeous insti in India in the field of technology and engi- da IIT

well nowadays 95% of the ppl that get selected in those 4000 sumthin ( which will soon become 5000 something) have formal training fromm the many "coaching centres" whose ad's fill more than 70% of mathematics today magazine. and most of these places supply their own material, which in fact is made by plagiarism. anyways thats not the aim here, the aim is just to let yall know what all books are well...good enough for the jee.

well let me go subject wise.
TMH is good for solved examples, though this book doesnt have enough exercises, but then if ya cover the solution, a solved example is but a problem. each chapter has about 100 solved examples. and plz plz buy the latest edition. this might be around 450 bucks
This bloke's book hasdecent set o problems too. but ya knw in maths there is a lotta herapheri, you'll see that most of the question are solved in TMH.

plz plz plz dont buy ML Khanna or RD sharma and the likes. These are just huge bums with lot of " i mean" lot of shit. i mean do you really want 40 examples each subtopic. and from what i've heard, ML khannna has only solved examples. anyways i dont have it, so shouldn't you.

do get DIFFERENTIAL CALCULUS AND INTEGRAL CALCULUS by Amit Agarwal by ARIHANTH, each RS 200. these are gr8 books the level of problems is good and so is the collection. you wont find much of these problems in other books

also for theory on calculus do get Thomas and Finney by Pearson Education ABOUT Rs 500, though bargaining will modify that.
This is a gr8 book and should be renamed " calculus for dummies". it has lot of good examples, exercises, in depth theory, formulas, diagrams etc. and dont forget the CD.

then there's the usual SL Loney, Shanti Narayan, Piskunov for vector,trigonometry and all that and calculus.

also must must must is " play with graphs" by amit agarwal.... arihanth publications.
its superb. help you transform graphs and shit. very useful for mains and screening.

for other topics such as progression, inequalities, probability, school stuff along with solved examples should do.

also dont forget MCQ by bharati bhawan publications. and KD JOSHI should be read after completion of the chapter since its more of a revision book and not for a first timer. also KD has only JEE AND OLYMPIAD PROBLEMS .

if ya have cash left as well as the time, then get 3000 SOLVED PROBLEMS IN MATHS BY SCHAUM SERIES, by TMH.


for mechanics: un doubdtedly DC PANDEY IS THE BEST!!!!!!! but forst refer to the theory by resnick and h c verma.
also, for chapters like rotational mechanics
a book called interactive physics by MTG( RS 120) is excellent, because its the only book of its kind in the market, you'll see why.

for thermodynamics resnick halliday and krane is the best, though you can refer to h c verma for theory and DC PANDEY for problems

electricity,magnetism etc again DC pandey and Resnick and school stuff must do(we havnt done it yet so i wudnt know)

solve irodov, problems in physics iff u have time

atkins is pretty good. the basics include OP AGARWAL, OP TANDON. problems from bahadur, this has all the problems in the world but little theory. the solved examples are betta than the actual exercise.

JD LEE is god book, also your school text book, op agarwal tandon and arihanth for problems will do.

morrison and boyd is the god book.
solomons and fryhle is darn good too. besides this essesntial is peter sykes : reaction mechanism. schaum series for last minute practice. tandon is ok for beginners. and arihanth for problems: beware it has many wrong answers.

apart from this you can also get stuff by brilliant, apex, FIITJEE
must: subscription to PCM TODAY and PCM refresher. trust me the facts are consie and the selection of problems is gr8.
and also if you have access to net do enrol for the free course by apex knowledge city. it sends you free question every thats like 100 question every month per subject. and whats more that give you free notes on mechanics and calculus.

do refer to the tips on FIITJEE.COM and their solved examples and solve the previous JEE papers during last hours.



Saturday, May 21, 2005

books and stuff

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so yeah, we're finally gettin a week's hols. i know the pathetic condition we narayanaians are in. well most corporate colleges didnt get any at all. so i am gonna shut up bout that.
one of my favorite timepass activities after my college finishes is to go to the book shop adjacent to the campus nd stare at all the books. often i come out buyin one of them, but not before troubling the ppl there till they are dehydrated and resemble corpses.
i generally start out by browsing all the newer editions of the usual titles( the ones that i already posessbut an older version), ya know like the latest "concepts of Physics", or the TMH for Maths et al.
then i start browsing the Arihanth publications. This particular shop has a wonderful collection of them. they have devoted an entire rack to Arihanth prakashan.
The thing about arihanth books is that they are very JEE oriented. This is good as well as bad.
good because it was all ready made formulas, as in it tells you about each specification, like its prolly one of the very few books that derives for you the formulas for motion on inclined plane for projectile, or conditions for collision of projectiles, or how to solve rotational mech sums using the KE ratiomethod and etc etc etc. i must admit it saves a lot of paperwork
bad because, it gives ya everything on a silver platter and limits u r thinking beacuse u dunt work for anythin on u r own. while this approach may help you in u r AIEEE's and u r CET's, i really am not sure how this would fare in u r mains (JEE).
now we come to the problems bit. by far arihanth problems are the toughest, since most of them are collected from IRODOV, resnick, krotov,zemansky, previous jee etc etc. the last problem of HC verma, is given as the practice problem in arihanth physics ( WPE) by dc pandey. so there ya go.
but it still its worth a buy. but i recommend only physics, not maths
one more arihanth book that i am fond of is their ORGANIC chemistry. now thats a beauty as far as problems are concerned, varieties of examples and problems are given here under every subtopic, besides the main exercise at the end of the chapter. but then again they are a level higer than jee since they assume you already know most of the topics at the beginning of the book.

after browsing through the arihanth books, i start lookin at the foreign publications. here you have all u r pearson education, John Wiley and sons, princeton review, CBS et al
i particularly like the ones on organic chemistry, notably Morrison and boyd, solomon and fryhle, paula bruice and the most important: reaction mechanism by Peter sykes. ofcourse i have them all save bruice, which i've borrowed from me sir. the book is amazing i tell you.
its here that i found the solution key of morrison and boyd and resnick which let me tell you is very hard to get, atleast in hyderabad.

theres one more book that i found here while my regular browsing, which i must say is a great one. its JEE EDUCATIVE MATHEMATICS by K D joshi. now this is a must buy for any IIT aspirant. its just spell binding. its like thyis guy is liteally talkin tya F2F. and it contains only JEE questions and nothin else,save some RMO, IMO, INMO problems. and at the beginning of each chapter, he dicsusses one mains problem and tells us related topicsand all tht. one good this is the book is divided into two parts, one pre calculus, and one involving it.

and ofcourse this shop also has previous years study materials of all the correspondence giants such as careerpoint, FIITJEE, brilliant, apex etc. i go there to have a ook at the YG files, and the GMP which too form a fairly good problems package.

the other day i had go this book reaction rearrangement and reactants, a book by sum dude called SN Sanyal, its by bharati bhawan publishers, the samer guys who publish HC verma, dasgupta et al.
i liked it because of its simplicity and it style. all the reactions are named alphabetically asnd important uses and stuff bout themm has been noted. its a good doubt clearance book, and well its cheaply priced too.

btw yaay hols are from day after!

- rishabh
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