Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday, March 30, 2007 0
The following is a note I found in the corridors of my hostel yesterday night/today morning:

There were talks of Our President APJ Abdul Kalam coming to the campus of BITS Pilani( thats where I reside incase you've forgotten). My sources tell me that he was approached thrice and finally succumbed to our persuasion and is now coming to our campus in less than 3 hours.

The campus has had a almost-massive makeover. The roads have become visibly cleaner, atleast the roads facing the main institute building. The leaves will continue to fall and I have never seen a rake in the campus, maybe they are stored in a secret chamber somewhere deep inside the campus. The graffiti caused by the bird scat will also not cease for we dont control their metabolism and a pigeon/crow genocide will probably have an undesirable effect on the campus I suppose.

There have been marking on the road using fresh white paint, so that the chauffers of his excellency will not get lost in our huge campus, where one can easily lose ones track if one isnt careful enough to follow the huge gigantic signboards which can be found on every corner of the institute.

The rickshaw pullers, the redi wallahs and other members of the working class have been disposed of for the day for we want to present a "hi-tech" image of the institute, which it is ofcourse.

Its not at all strange that out of 6000 odd people around 1200 students have been shortlisted by a highly confidential process which is unknown to many(hence bearing a testimonial to its confidentiality), for there's always a next time.

The clock tower and the roof tops of all bhawans(hostels) are infested with snipers who will hunt you down incase you move an inch faster than the average human response time, for they are extensively trained.

All in all, seems like its going to be a good show.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thursday, March 15, 2007 3
I recently got to know that Lucknow University(LU) is going to scrap some courses off the list. The reason? Too many students with criminal records are taking up these courses. These include Criminology,Criminal Justice and Social Welfare amongst others. In an effort to cleanse the university of its hooligans, any student who has had a criminal record in the past has been expelled.

Personally I find that extremly amusing.

The college authorities say that political leaders and anti-social chiefs join the college and take up these courses to camouflage their activities to pollute the educational environ by contesting for the Lucknow Univ Students Union(LUSU).

Oriental studies and Linguistics has also been proposed to be scrapped. I want to ask, how is this going to help?

The authorities say that they want to remove all those courses which arent preferred by the "regular " students.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tuesday, March 06, 2007 2
Its bizarre.
Every computer in my hostel is playing just one song. This is the very song that everyone keeps humming while in class, mess or even the bogs(bathroom of graduating students). It is this song that keeps me up all night because someone or the other keeps singing it. And the versions change too, newer lyrics keep getting added to the existing ones, the tune too changes ranging from classical to hip-hop to thrash. High-pitched shrills, baritones and echoes can all be heard from dawn to dusk.
The song? Zombie by the Cranberries.
Okay! Agreed that the song is decent, but the sudden enthusiasm? It was sung by a guy during one of the inter-hostel contests and since then everyone has been going ga-ga over it. Its been circulated to every computer through the LAN. Every comp I see, I notice a media player icon on the desktop with "Zombie" etched on it.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thursday, March 01, 2007 1
I keep on forgetting that I have a blog and that I am supposed to update it every now and then. That should change I guess.

Weather has been quite unpredictable lately. Just when everyone thought that the few millimetre of rain in pilani's quota got exhausted, we get these bolts of lightning and sandstorms with winds blowing in at high velocities in all directions and the rain spanking the earth. Co-incidentally there the forces of nature have always intervened on the even of all the major exams that we've had so far.
Recently I developed few ulcers in my mouth, I infer that its from the lack of vitamin B complex in the healthy and nutritious diet that is supplied to us here at Vidya Vihar. Its pathetic, really. Can't eat anything spicy or solid. Having been living on curd rice and frooti, Bah! I am sick of it!

And congrats to Martin Scorcese, for finally getting the golden dude with the sword.
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