Monday, February 28, 2005


Monday, February 28, 2005 14
Da morn

The last month or so…as I’ve confessed I’ve been bunking school. Also, as I’ve confessed haven’t been doing the most important thing one is supposed to do in the night. I WAS TALKING ABOUT SLEEPING! Keep your dirty thoughts to your self. I’ve been studying in the nights and have been sleeping in the day. I’ve realized that‘ve been sleeping more during the exams than I’ve ever slept before. I’m sleeping on an average of 12 hours a day. Yes quite the luxury. My entire current life is in the vicinity of 5 metres radius. TV, Comp, Net, Music system, Junk food. My room is scattered with books all around me. TMH JEE Maths guide, next to which is Morrison and Boyd organic chemistry. In a corner, next to my pillow is “The IITians” by deb, on the desk to the right is the Da vinci code. Above which is Time magazine above which are some text books. On the floor there are few cassettes, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Pop, even stuff of Mohd. Rafi and RD Burman. The waste bin, is filled with empty sachets of Wrigley’s and Munch. And the ACT II popcorn, boxes of cup noodles and few packets of Lays.
Life is great.
It doesn’t feel that I have my board exams in less than ten days. But then gone are the days of tension, when the word exam spurred tension and every time one mentioned the dates, I would be compelled to pay a visit to the loo. No sir. We are very cool now. We dunt Tensionofy over these exams. Have been giving sooooo many of them over the past 6 months that am now bored of them. But that doesn’t mean I don’t take them seriously, just that the tension factor has been eradicated.
After takin frequesnt breaks and finishd part of the syllabus, I realize its 5.36 AM. 5.36 AM in my digital clock, meaning 5.50 in the actual HST, HST my dears is Hyderabad standard time. The stuff that you would get to see on the railway station. Don’t ask why. I like to be ahead of the time. Well at least I like t feel that way. Anyways. I yawn passively, open the door of my balcony and step outside. Its quite cold, but then I’m in my shorts and a tee. I look down from my second floor balcony. Look down at a man walking. Its 5.38 AM. He must be about 60 years or so. Has a walking stick. Walking briskly. Over the compound wall is a small Ramakrishna Ashram kinda thingee. However I get the view of the building’s ass. I, however get a clear view of the caretaker or who ever he is, cottage. Hardly a cottage. Just one room. which is the house belonging to him, his three daughters and his wife. I see the door opening. Its still dark mind you. Quite dark. The owner of the house comes out. Very dark man. Must be about 35-36, in this dhoti. Stretches his hands, yawns, scratches his balls and the adjoining areas, picks his nose and starts to smoke a beedi. I look sideways and I see the old man in his second round of the complex. Tightly clutching to his stick and marching as a soldier. 5.41 AM. I watch the these two side of the coin for a while and notice many things which I don’t want to disclose here time is 5.55 in my clock. I leave my balcony door open. Go inside. Turn on my music system, with Rolling Stones inside. I had bought the cassette 3 days ago and am already in love with it. Man these guys are the shit. They rock totally. I never knew they were soooo good. Plus it’s a live gig of theirs. 2 cassette set. While listening to them for about 20 minutes and also brushing my teeth, I put my sneakers on. I wake up my mom, put the milk inside the house, and also the newspapers and go out. It’s not all that cold now. Time 6.17. the sky is now pink. Birds are chirping and screwing around. Every two seconds I hear a doorbell being rung somewhere, indicating the doodh walla is on time. I start to get out of the complez. Cross the railway tracks. I look down at the tracks while walking instead of looking front. The reason is obvious. There’s a small basti on the other end. It’s the morning. And I love my sneakers a lot.
I reach the other end. Called the necklace. This are has become a new haven for joggers, walkers, motorcyclists going on threesomes, foursomes what nots. The road, not exactly in the same league as the Marina drive, but somewhat of a resembelance to it, was laid about 5 years ago. It’s about 4 kilometres or so I think. I run, walk whatever for one and a half kilometer and then return back, that makes it 3 Kms. That’s enough for me. I am not all that of a fitness freak. While walking I see that the number of hot babes has decreased. They come in the early morning. By 6.30 they are all gone. I had a glimpse of several of them the other day. Wearing loose tees and shorts. But then I had left my house early. So today I had to look at the aunties and the uncles who were nearly 65 and listening to songs through the earphones of their MP3 player and jogging. But this is India, you have to learn to love everyone. Despite their bad breath, dirty toenails, age, intellectual capacity, bust size and gender. It was nearly 6.50 now. I was starting to sweat. People were staring at me for some reason I didn’t realize at the beginning. It then struck me. My hair. And the hair band I was wearing.
The road runs parallel to the railway track. Every 3 minutes or so, the intercity train would come and go in a whisker. The road also circumscribes the Hussain Sagar. And well hussain sagar is good, but not divine. It has mosquitoes swarming its shores. Unfortunately that’s where life got me. These motha fockers jus covered my face till I ran away from them. Anyway, it’s my space so we won’t talk more bout them. So I just walked the rest of the course. Looking at the occasional cars that pass by. The last kilomatre I jog. So I jogged , ad jogged, and for a change jogged somemore. Got tired. Stopped. Panted. Walked. Now I had to cross the tracks. I had to cross three parallel tracks. I was on the third one, there was a train on the first one. It was less than 100 metres from me. I raced it, and then crossed the tracks. And then stood there. Watching the trains cross. Saw all waved to all the people in it. T’was the AP express. Turned away and went back home, again. Reached home. Turned on the TV. The Oscars were playing. But that’s another story…


Sunday, February 27, 2005

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so you were wondering how i stay up all night to study? these are my bitches. and also i sleep thru the Posted by Hello

Friday, February 25, 2005

bad timing

Friday, February 25, 2005 12
Well since I have nothing new to write about, since my exams (prefinals) have started I’ve just dig up the dusty past and tell you some thing that will tell you ‘bout my weird nature. I am in an institution which has an integrated programme which takes care of my schooling as well as IIT coaching. Heard of narayana? Well these guys are pretty darn strict. But then early on I found out the key to their heart. MARKS!! Consistency! They don’t as much as lay a finger on students who continue to perform well. I knew that if I had to remain alive I had to perform well. ‘Coz then I’d be let off early from school, I could come late to college prolly take a day off, teachers wud spend extra time with me, and I could do pretty much whatever I wanted.( I havn’t cut my hair for the past 9 months, they have questioned me but have never forced me to cut it, why? Guess?).
So the relevance?
. Anyways , what this narayana does for the JEE students is that it finishes the quaterly and the half yearly by October and then has the prefinals in early feb. so all the time in between goes to JEE. Well…the period we’re talking bout here is October. The eve of my physics exam. I have this habit of studying in the night and sleeping in the day. I come home from school by about 6. eat sumthin. Sleep . get up at about 12.30. start studying from 1.45 till 7 in the morning ( with the umpteen breaks ofcourse). Well , da term studying is a misnomer. I solve problems for 85% of the time and the rest is study theory( most of which is chemistry).
Anyways. I had my half yearly exam in another 11 hours. It was 9 PM. I had 8 chapters to go. 4 of which I was reading for the first time. These 4 were: elasticity, simple harmonic motion, rotational dynamics and centre of mass.
Anyways, I didn’t bother to read the first two kinematics and vectors,( I mean after doing irodov, all this was baby poop). So I started directly with newton’s laws It took me bout 50 minutes b4 I completed it. Then I took over to system of particles, collisions, linear momentum. that got over in bout one and a half hour minutes(man that chapter has too many reasoning questions). Then I went over to rotation dynamics I was reading it for the first time b4 my exam. I had no idea what the fuck moment of inertia was or radius of gyration. Anyways…it took me 20 minutes to jus grasp the concept and to try to relate the analogy of static and dynamics with rotation. By the time I reached the section on how to calculate MOI( using integeration), it was 1.30. I went to the kitchen to get some late night snack, and well sat down. Started to calculate MOI of the sphere..just then a weird idea struck me. The fridge in my room had one carton of orange juice left. I dunno why I did it but. I took it out. I went to my dad’s study. Took out a bottle of smirn off vodka. It was crystal clear as water. The colour duh! Poured some into a glass. Took the glass to the kitchen with the orange juice. Poured in the juice. Took ice cubes. Then a whole of the masalas. Black salt, pepper,chat masala, citric acid etc etc. then a dash of lemon. It looked weird. i actually thought that the vodka would keep me awake all night. I think I should’ve figured out early that vodka wasn’t in any way related to caffeine( I for the spelling). Anyways so I had a sip of it. Well whadya know it tasted jus gr8. I made one more class and put it in the fridge and took this glass into my room. Hmm..integral sinx..sip.sip mmmm….the body rolls without friction..sip sip…just like that 45 minutes swept away. I dunno why my eyes weren’t shutting down as they were supposed to. I still, jus splashed some water inot my eyes just in case. But yea..sip sip continued till the entire thing was over. My eyes were red. It was nearly 3.20 now. Another 2 and a half chapters to go. I decded to take a li’l break..knowing well that if I take a lil np now..i
,gonna screw my physics exam. But then I love physics…and didn’t wannna go to an exam without preparing9 to some extant lol), but all that vodka how would I retain all the info. How wud my brain work. Man! Turned on the music system..was listenin to staind. Man these guys are hypnotic. Felt sleepy. Stopped staind. Put in Iron Maiden. MUCH BETTER!!! Kept me awake all night. Naw I stopped vodka after that. Anyways time was 7.15. I quickly took my bath and by 7,50 I was in the car downstairs waitn for my dad to come. He dropped me at school at 7.59 sharp. Exam was at 8. he was lookin at me and askin, “ kaise chal rahi preparation” I kept quit. Didn’t want him to even guess what had happened bout 5 hours ago. Anyways my eyes were still red and I did look like the guy who didn’t sleep all night ( hmm so tell me somthin I don’t know duh!) people were staring at me all the time. I hate it when they do that. They were saying stuff like rishabh yaar you need sum sleep. Lol! you can say that again my friend. It was now that I was feelin a lil bit drowsy and wanted to just get over wth the paper and tryto get a good score . well I had only my self to blame for my pitiable condition. I was tryin to revise all the conditions necessary for rolling and the likes..and then I started burping..reminding me of the recent experience. I mean technically I did commit a crime didn’t I? I mean underage drinking is considerd offensive under some fuckin section 444.55 sumthin isn’t it? But then cud I say that I only took a sip( multiplied into 45 somethin). Or maybe I thought that vodka releases some sort of vibrations within you which give you super memory ( too filmi), or maybe,,,there was nothing else to drink( too dramatical)….i was horny( umm on the ev of physics exam? Snorts). Ok was just in the moment. I didn’t know why I drank it.b tu well its over now. So screw u r thoughts rishabh and prepare for the exam which is in 5 minutes. 4 minutes now!
Tring! The bell rang.
I came out of the hall. With sweat trickling down my neck. I was thrilled! I thought I’d fail in the beginning. Turned out that I managed to get a 57 out of 60 in the end. And the mistake I made was a fuckin lil blunder in vector addition. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAt?????? Neither cud i. It’s a outrage. But then I was happy with my marks, wasn’t greedy for more. I mean get 57 outts 60 for a drunk man is pretty good isnt it. but then i was lucky that the paper wasnt all that from the part which i revised AFTER drinkin vodka.So that’s that. Now I have my physics prefs in 4 days. Vodka is nearly over. What do I do? Hmmm. Tsk tsk tsk.
- rishabh

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Men's Underwear

Thursday, February 24, 2005 15
Bhavya’s recent post umm “inspired me”?, to post this li’l piece I had written when I was in my eight grade. Ofcourse this one is edited with the recent additions and all that.


For many days I wanted to write on something but didn’t find the right topic. I found my topic yesterday while seeing television- Men’s Underwear. I am quite surprised why it was never written about or been a topic for a debate, which would certainly be for only the messier gender because I personally feel that women can’t handle all that pressure and stink.
I mean really, it has been there since ages; as a matter of fact it was the first form of clothing ever to have been on this planet (back then it was made up of leaves, 100% eco- friendly!) As legend goes, Egyptian civilization underwear was made of linen and was something like the outer covering of the mummies! Indian’s used to wear langotas which are traditional underwear, they have to be tied using a string, and the French, well, it’s all they wear. But in modern times men’s underwear are well underwear, nothing official about it, they aren’t women underwear, which have fancy designs and are made of silk and satin. In other words there’s a lot of plagiarism going on in the underwear world, ‘cause almost all the underwear have the same design. But for ordinary men (or boys) like you and me underwear is a basic necessity like chips, computer games and jeans. I heard in one of the television shows that men really don’t care about their underwear. They abuse it by wearing the same one for a whole week and then use another (they don’t wash the previous one). They keep on using the underwear till every bit of it is battered, torn and farted upon. They keep on using it till the threads comes out and its solid mass cannot hold any other solid mass. I have never understood the concept of advertisement in the underwear industry. The companies make the craziest ads possible and present it to us. One says that it’ll help you fight demons and get the girls while the other says it’s the best thing to naked. And then you have this one where they show female lingerie fly half a mile and falls on a clothes string clinging next to a male counterpart. And then you also have the out of the box weird advertisements where they show your underwear breathing and saying its bacteria resistant. Damn! The media is cruel; they haven’t left anyone or anything.
Some how for some strange reason men’s underwear isn’t associated with sexyness ( I can’t really comment on that since I’m totally straight, I’ll have to confirm it with the ladies). I mean women look beautiful in almost anything. But then, with men its quite different isn’t it? They look good in Bermudas, in shorts, in suits but they look weird in underwear. Try looking at Jack Black( the guy from shallow hall) or even Hugh Grant in some of their movies. They all look repulsive.( ladies back me up on this one. lol).
Nowadays there is this recent trend. With the introduction of low rise jeans and the likes, people have a new fashion statement. Showing the brand of you’re underwear. It’s quite simple. All you do is wear a underwear, with the elastic thingummy (I don’t know what it’s called, jockey calls it a string bikini, some how male and bikini don’t go together) and pull you underwear up and your jeans low so that the brand name is visible (of the underwear of course not of the jeans (duh)) this trend was popularized by the Killer jeans advertisement too.(but then we all don’t have examiners as hot as the model in the ad do we?). Warning: try this only if you have a reputed underwear brand. I mean wearing a brand like “Pammi” sanitary needs of “hero underwear” you don’t really want to try this act. Gonna ruin your style. I wanted to write more about lingerie too but then check the title, ‘t says “men’s underwear”. So I’ll leave it to that. Good morning tyall!

-21stNovember, 2001. Edited on February 23 2005.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

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Monday, February 21, 2005

Have you heard this one?

Monday, February 21, 2005 23
Ok my pal had come over for a nightcoz he desparately needed help in chemistry and since the boards are near i decided to help him out so after studyin making shit go into his head (he wasnt able to understand adsorption)..i decided to call it a day and we started to ya know do stuff. So first of all we spent like and hour online checkin out some sites( naw we outgrew porn in like the sixth grade) and then played some ceaser three, NFS and commandos et al. Later ordered some Pizza from Dominos( decided not to get from smoking joes based on the comments from IMHI)and well all was fine. He has got this CD ..compilation..called BIG courtesy Sony music. Well it was u r average mixture of rock pop hip hop ..included tracks from LP(numb), Maroon 5( this love), evanescence( duh!) and beyonce and stuff. I found three songs that were out of the box.

"Turn Me On"....KEVIN Lyttle/kevyn little ( what evea the fuck man). I had neva heard the entire song before this day had only heard the chorus. Well this day i heard the entire song and it simply as i can say: bizzarely weird. This guy is jus veryweird. He's not totally rap, neither hip hop, umm not totally popjust hangin loose somewhere on the street joints. I dunno. The song started pretty normally with the normal lyrics
"Girl caress my body
you drive me crazy,
turn me on, turn me on"
. fine. no probs. but then he starts to moan n jus blabber crap which is hardly audible. its like he was lickin somebody and trying to sing. Kinda weird when you are not the only guy in the room. Result? Me n mah pal broke down laffin with our hands on our stomachs. It was jus very.. weird , funny weird i mean. But yeah that song was jus too weird,you get the picture dont you.
I love Mandy by westlife. i Dunno. i just looove that song
But my most favorite song in that album was definely Dido's WHITE FLAG. she's magical jusss sooo amazing. I simply love her music( plus shez not all that bad looking wither is she eh DIDO?)
Just that her name would sound weird if we added a "L" somewhere in between. darn aussies!
Any ways.. the last song of the album...Tata Young ka " SEXY NAUGHTY BITCHY".. well we all know the song has nothin to look forward to except the hot chinese babe. I mean the lyrics are jus made. nothin grea except the words sexy naughty bitchy. But then the song hit big time so ho am i to comment? Well the song started normally.. ya know she with he OOOooo's and Aaahs' and then I realised something. It was REMIXED version of the song . And as the case is nowadays with the west. They are having all sorts of remixes..most of them with some punjabi tadka. ( remember Powerless by furtado)... well the punjabi in the song is supposed to make it more dance prone and more of a party song. what it did make it was a "Laugh my ass out" type of song. I mean after the main chorous there is this part where Miss Young goes like " sexy sexy sexy.. naughty naughty naughty, bitchty bitchy bitchy, sexy naughty bitchy me!" in a husky sexy kinda voice( i call it whorish..i know whorish isnt a word yet but it will be soon enough).. she says that ..but after everytime she syas a word.. a punjabi bloke repeats the same thing in his punjabi style. so young goes sexy sexy sexy( in a sexy whorish female seductive voice), follwed by a male repulsive voice sayin saaxy saaxy saaxy. Naughty..naughty naughty( whorish voice)... notty notty notty( male disaster)...and then she's like bitchy bitchy.. and the guy is like OYE! BITCHTY OYEE!! HAI HAI!!
WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!
what the hell is bitchy oye! I just couldnt stop laffing. i was drinkin sprite and spilt the entire thing over myself and my dear precious JD LEE (inorganic chemistry). Man that shit was funny. And that was not all. There was the occasional "haddipa!" and " PURRRRRR!" AND well it was jus too funny to describe. only those whihc have listened to the song before can understand what i'm trying to convey over here. do listen to it if you are lookin for a hearty laugh. damn man!
here's rishabh signing off!

Saturday, February 19, 2005

AI all the way

Saturday, February 19, 2005 0
Amidst the tension involvng the boards, one'd expect rishabh to sit in front of his chemistry text book and be mugging up reactions of group III elements. He does that. But apart from doing tht..he's doing one more thing...wasting a lot of time on the net, TV,eating, sleepin, bunking school(check below), blah blah blah. Anyways one of my favorite shows on TV is AI aka American Idol..or is it the other way round. whatever.
the show just rocks. i mean how cud one not love AI. everything from the gorgeous paula to the satanic simon is cool about the show. and yeah ryan seacrest is bearable too. however i am not too sure bout randy jackson, i'd have liked snoop dogg better..but then he'd not be a potential candidate to judge pop music wud he( damn groupie)..but then all randy duz is sit there on his fat lazy ass sayin , " yo mah man, u've got it all goin on mah brothah" or "yo, gal, 'u've got da moves"..but then he comes with the package so..erm whatever... screw him.
I watched the recent twosome episode this tuesday/ wednesday. It was amazing. The 150 something group was down to the finaL 24..12 of each species. Well can't say the judgement passed was upto mah expectations...there were some serious disappointments you know. First of all this cute gal..really cute gal called jacqlyn( damn american cuties cant spell u r shitty name).. she always cried..( she said that herself)..but gawd she hada good voice..she didnt deserve to be kicked out so soon. and fcourse when she got kicked out..she erm was so sad coz in the end there were these 2 gals one of which was her..and only one cud go the judges called them both together and told jacky that will you participate again next year..she said yes..the other one told she cant handle she got selected ( poor dear jacky) thats bout that bout her.
But all was not sad. mah favorite males ova t the cometition got selected. This guy called CONSTANTINE is jus soooooooooooooo cool! ( I AM PERFECTLY STRAIGHT THANK YOU!!!) .He's a rocker..his band's name is Pray for the soul of betty..and guess what the guy has acted on BROADWAY in a series called RENT..and even toured with tem with his band. So he got in . He had sung an aerosmith song in the prelims..which i thought was amongst the best that day..jus spellbindin. with him there was another rocker-long haired- someone called BO sumthin got in too. yea whatever.
And then the usual ppl..a cutie smartie called Mikilah got thru, so did the farm psycho guy sumthin ..and the John Ziza guy( the twin guy) didnt make it. so didnt david sumthin..who had done a james brown song in the city auditions and had miracuolously made it to hollywood ( due to the magic of PAULA) bad luck to him. there's also this 16 year old kid..i dont remember his name. he had some shit going on when he was a kid and the doc told him he cudnt speak..and now the bloke's in the top 24 of AI...JUS AMAZING..HE'S JUS 16!!!! my age..@@!!! ok ok enuf of the envy.
and yeah thats how it was..pretty good 4 hours this week. a waiting for tuesday.

i noticed somthin..theres an indian in the TNA wrestling aired on STAR WORLD..the funny thing is his name is sonjay( hahaha) ...what the fuck was wrong with sanjay..sonjay sounds like a fucking GI Joe who lost his head in a battle.

And one more thing....nah will write bout it in the next post. gnite yall.

Friday, February 18, 2005

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Thursday, February 17, 2005

say it isn't so...

Thursday, February 17, 2005 4
well this academic year started out pretty nicely with the IITJEE and the normal school( called IPE) going well. then obviously the JEE took over and i kinda started negelcting the school stuff( i mean the stuff that wasnt common to both)... now its one month from the exams( here in AP there is boards for the 11th class dudes as well).. and i thought.. fuck ..i'll finish the whole portion in a month( revising i mean0..and cver those 2-3 chapters that we'rent taught in the JEE class in the rest of the days. so obviously i had take days off fromskool. ER!!! thats the shit. the prblem i mean. our school doesnt believe all that much in self study.. i know crappy place. so they want me to attend all their revision classes and write their everyday tests. i am sooooo pissed off bout that. i mean how can i writea test in a topic which i am reading for the first time right now..i need bout 2-3 days to finish all the back log syllabus..for which the time..they dunt wanna give me. so i've been bunking school for the past 9 days( hey its all for a good cause). generally if you miss school one day they call up u r place and ask all sorts of crap. now they've given up. the only excuse they sport it if u dut come fast we'll tear u r hall ticket....i just feel like going to the guys face and saying.." FUCK OFF"!!
but yea..cant do that. so all i o is bunk.
now this is the scenario.
i get up at 2.30 PM eat. watch TV. play comp. blog etc etc. till its 6.30^ 6 o clock par simpsons hai) to 10.30 serious padhai..with no serious planning...just tryin to finish the syllabus. then break from 10.30 to 1 AM. then off to the books from 1 to 4.30 an then off to bed. the only thing that keeps me up so long is my U2 album "HOW TO DISMANTLE AND ATOMIC BOMB" and the appy apple juice. but i love late night studying. helluva fun. but will write on that sumtime later.

so anyways. this is a poem i had written in my 7th grade. for some reason i just felt like posting it ova here. of the many poems i've written..this one remains one of the closest to my heart..coz this one expresses the dillema of a 12 yr old who just wants to convey his thoughts. he duznt needta worry bout poetic expressions of what ppl will think of him.

Bunk to Flunk

It’s every child’s dream
To miss a boring physics class or a maths one,
And that playing instead in the ground
Would be so much more fun.
Who’d want to know how plants breathe?
Or for that matter how Akbar ruled?
Who’d want to know about land and sea breeze?
Or why the litmus paper turns blue?
Instead we could be in the playground
Happily playing football,
Or eat in the canteen
And stroll through the school halls.
“No teacher! I am not wasting my time.
Look, I study two hours a day,
But somehow even thought I try real hard
Nothing goes into my head.”
Suddenly, all the fun thoughts are replaced by a gripping fear
Now that the exams are lurking near,
No use asking advice from seers
Or trying to show off or act cool in front of your peers.
It’s now that I realize
That no matter how boring may be the teacher’s speeches,
We have to give her a chance
And try to learn as she teaches
So here is my mantra, my dear old pals
The secret not to flunk, is to never miss your classes
At least not the important ones,
And quit the habit to bunk

Monday, February 14, 2005

Monday, February 14, 2005 5

Ok . this is just the ultimate rock buff's dream album. 40 of the loudest's most coolest songs by the great contemporary rocker. includes cradle of filth, korn, slipknot, megadeth,fear factory, drowning pool. just awesome. and guess what? the 2 cassettes come for a cool 150 only!!!!( and yes this is the original). this is a must buy for yall roc buffs. jus amazing cant put it down. havent heard the first volume yet. my pal says it has staind and the likes. sounds neat. but this one has a thubs up from my side. just amazing! Posted by Hello

Friday, February 11, 2005

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Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Wednesday, February 09, 2005 3
well this is more of bragging n informing than bloggin.
i am very very very happy today. various reasons are responsible for this outcome.

a) in the final IIT test of the narayana IIT series for 11th graders,,,i managed to come 2nd in my class of 120 students..i always used to be stuck between the fifth and the sixth spot..havnt seen the AIR's yet.

b) it officially been 9 ( yeah generally nine months is associated with sumthin else isnt it? dunt worry i dunt like "junior" myself) months since i cut my hair, hasnt been a pretty journey...i had to battle lice, dandruff, my teachers, family members( thanks mum for standing by my side), pals and the social stigmas associated with boys growin their hair..thankfully each and everyone of that problem has been taken care happy nine months to me.

c)i have officially fallen in love with MTV HEAD BANGER'S BALL vol.2 TIS GOT EVERYTHIN , EVERYTHIN I TELL YA.
the thing has 2 cassetes with 50 of the loudest most coolest alternative modern rock songs. slipknot, korn(one of my favs), cradle of filth, jus ruddy awesome..on a lighter note i like my staind ( 14 shades of gray) very much too.

d) i'll prolly go to sania mirza's next match and try to look at her tennis skills for once.

this isnt one of the cause for my heart's elation but we do need a d option here goes...
d) i have made a resolution to call my best pals more often and not make them feel as though as though i was taking them for granted.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

err i dunn

Sunday, February 06, 2005 4
well i have made up my mind....
its official..i'm going to try to stop using the auto rickshaw almoist completely and try to use the city bus and the inter-city train as much as possible...its quite funny actually, becoz i used to travel a lot by the bus..this was in my 7,8,9,10 grades..when i used to attend cricket coachin which was next to my school, which btw was 9 kilometres from my place and ofcourse cricket practice would start by dawn coz in the morning we'd have the i had to be at the ground by 5.oo...yea nothin cud be mom'd drop me off then..but then after the) and then go back home in the bus was fun..great fun. i always had this notion that going in the city bus wud be fun only if one had company...because that really makes city bus travelling worth after tenth boards..i had joined this crash course for all these instituions which would provide me with JEE coaching for the next 2 years of my life. so my best pal and i went to the same crash course..unfortunately we are in different coachin centres now. n while coming back we'd have great fun.i was the wacky one where as , it was his job to tell me " rishabh behave u asshole. ur in public", my standard reply being a simple " screw you." people would stare at us....think we're psychos..but what the fuck we had fun.( btw these are two totally straight female loving dudes...incase u r eye brows were being raised)
but then after that i didnt really use the bus much often...part of the reason being my present school being close to my place so i can afford to go in an auto daily...but then something happened my cricketing days were over ( the legend had died) playground became my kit became my TMH's and my Morrison and boyd's and well i bacame fat. and it was really weird. because my hair was growin (its been 10 months since i cut the) and so was my tummy..then i started walkin back to my place for a while...that didnt work out since i got really tired by the time i reached home and was unable to study for long hours and this afffected my weekly all india ranks at the screening and AIEEE then health issues were screwd and i started taking the autos again.
anyways..this was just the prologue.
hhmph! recently i had to visit this place to write an entrance test, i mean i already am in a pretty good IIT coachin institute..i just wanted to appear in this test and later tell them that i dunt wnana join u r course..dunt ask after finishing off the test which was at their centre about 20 kms away from ym house i had three options...either go by auto which wud cost me bout a hundred bucks...take the bus half way and the train the charge bout 15 bucks...or the totasl journey by bus..costing hardly a tenner. i thought i could take the bus journey and spend the rest on my favorite pastime: EATING ( now aint that a cliche)
so as they say...journey is much more exciting than the destination itself. got into the bus. it was fucking hot..or maybe i felt it that way because my hair were covering my well as my ears..anyways i am implying to the fact that i was sweating. and i had no company.
so sat at the last row. guy sitting on my right: old farmer type dude. very dark..unshven wearin dhoti..shirt, unrecognisable.
on my left: man. bald. mid 50-s, short. pink long kurta . all around me were people diffent from one another..and amidst them all me, wearing a LINKIN PARK tee..with my axl rose wannabe hairstyle: being one of them. i felt great. you might think that what kind of a self centered bastard am i? but then when ever i was in a bus.sure i looked at the people around me, made fun of them( thats another story, will recite later, and btw i still make fu of them), but i never looked at them...right there in my 5 metre radius i saw the entire economic status of the country...there were people with laptops, people with walking staicks..there was a sikh, many telugu dudes, some behari-UP mix etc, and me, a kashmiri...india: in its true color. i dunno why suddenly i was seeing all this..or shall i say noticing all this. it was a kind of instantaneous feeling that i wanted to do something about it. but then thats our human nature.
when we see misery we feel like immediately shaking the world and tryin to long as one is in that sitution..once one gets out of the place..the feelings pass and once again the person is involved in his own world . it happened to me so many when ever i see a chicken getting slaughtered...i feel that how can i relish the taste of that chicken which was alive a while ago..i will become veggie..but then after i pass the butcher shop i go up to a bakery and eat a chicken burger
so there i was in the bus. then these 3 people entered. they started doin sum shit wid their hands...for a while i thought they were showing each other the middle fingers..but then more action took place..this continued for a while bout 10 mins..the weird thing was that they didnt then struck me that these were three people who couldnt speak and were communicating with each other thru sign language i noticed their every move..untill i wasnt the only one..these people had ceome the centre;s own circus. why couldnt the people let them be? why wer the kids in front laughing at them? why was the bus cinductor smirking? why were these people not embarresed by the fact that the whole bus was acting uncooperative with their sincere attempt to communicate? and why was i still jus sitting there watchin the whole experiece? life's unanswered questions.
i woke up after 20 mins.i had dozed off , the three people had long gone. ym station had come. i got down. took another bus which wud take me rght to my home.
tis one wasnt the "life's alive" type-of-bus. jus another ordinary bus with people.quite normal. i had become accustomed to bus travel in 15 minutes. but then i always have been and always was...just because i didnt travel by one for a whole year doesnt mean that i had forgotten of all the adventures one gets to have in this mode of public transport. got back home in bout an hour, slept.

i dunno what made me write this entry..but then i like it this way
here's rishabh signing off.
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