Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wednesday, November 28, 2007 0
Cyberoam is the latest tamasha at college these days.
The authorities have recently come up with this new method to piss students off. All the sites have been classified under various genres and at any given time only some of those genres are active( and at some time none are active). This resulted in some awkward moments for the institute where they were confronted by students who complained that they couldn't open the college website. Snapshots of the webpage were circulated through the LAN.
The situation right now has "improved". The hidden sarcasm because well, though cyberoam has marginally reduced, the pages take forever to load. Each page needs to be refreshed i( i>15) times. I suppose this is part of some holy programme to impart the virtue of patience amongst students. Though the consequences of this may be the loss of the F5 key in all computers before the end of semester and an induced case of Tourettes Syndrome.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Thursday, November 22, 2007 1
So I start posting after nearly a 3 month hiatus.

The semester has been quite a testing time for me. More courses but lesser to study, lots of free time and hence lots of time to think.

The blogging will resume nowonwards.

BTW, Keep Guessing i.e the BitsQuizLog i.e the Bitys Pilani quizzing forum(open to all) is active and kickin'

The link to it is in the sidebar. Do have a look, some really good questions are put up there. Most of them work outable.

Cheers everyone!

‘…didn’t realize that. Anyways, so the hip-hop wars continued. There would be frequent Mexican stand offs, perhaps even shoot outs in certain hoods. The pandemonium caused by the east-coast west-coast rivalry was reflected in the music. Almost every song was reminiscent of gangsters and bitter relations.’

‘Tupac died and many others followed’

‘Tupic was a dude! He could do anything he wanted!’

‘Oh, you mean like Jesus?’

‘Yea, but then this bloke could sing and had chicks all around him’

‘So did Jesus, it’s just that they were in the barn, with the other animals!’

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