Thursday, December 29, 2005

cold hard bitch

Thursday, December 29, 2005 2
the weather's biting cold,
my nose is all clogged up,
yet, somehow i feel the heat,
and i sweat.

nature is a bitch...

Thursday, December 08, 2005


Thursday, December 08, 2005 3
something is happening to me. nah i still am very straight, not bout that. its about my schedule. after the "horrific" performance in the last AITS, i planned to do things much better this time. and for a while i was doing it, but now i duno whats happening. i have sort of lost the momentum. i now instead of studying in the night study partially in the day and partially in the night and partially in the lunch break in my college. i have started gorging on my friends tiffin boxes(poor guys dont complain much, sweet people they are also) in the middle of the classes, poor old teachers dont seem to notice, i feel like god. but thats not the point. or is it? naw not now anyways.
like i was saying, this new shift from existing lifestyle of the "lifeless and the currently non-outgoing" has been exhilirating. i have missing the first 3 classes of each day, namely inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry and maths. frankly speaking i dont mind that, i just wanna attend the physcial chem classes, since the teaching is so out of this world.
anyways coming back to my new lifestyle. i have started to eat fractionally less than before, but have been drinking more( keep guessing). i had a rough week, with constipation follwed by diarroea. man that literally the shit man. but now i "guess" its over, and we can rest in peace for the present. i have started renting more VCD's, listening to more metal rap, paying more attention to organic chemistry and maths, and letting my brother win more of the indoor cricket matches.
moving on to other areas, AIEEE pattern has changed. its almost like i predicted. the CBSE people are like puppets in the hands of the JEE commitee, trying to come into the limelight by changing their pattern too.
its like humko hi bali ka bakra bana diya hai. it happened to us in 10th( for the better i guess), when the social and maths and science portion was changed.
on a totally different topic, i am crazy about the music of kayne west!

Friday, December 02, 2005

aayan chakravorty

Friday, December 02, 2005 2
what a week. so many exams and stuff. but this way atleast i finally got to meet aayan chakravorty or simply "chucky", a very old and dear pal of mine. he was my partner when we represented our school in the ESPN school quiz olympiad, we made a great team. He too is preparing for the JEE, and i was writing my olympiad in a college next to his coaching centre. we aught up on stuff, discussed what was being taught where, discussed why the new pattern rocked/sucked, discussed but awkward he was feeling walking with a long haired dude as the innocent guys from his college "stared". he took me to this "mess" to eat lunch, and boy can 20 bucks buy u a lot of food, and tasty too! he's one of those guys whose is aware of all the naughty stuff that goes around him and one would get the impression that he is bhola bhala. its amazing, i've neve--er heard him use the F word voluntarily to abuse anyone, but boy duz he have a weird sense o humor, it gets you all cracked up. thanks aayan for bearing my shit all these years and letting me know that system of a down were from armenia, and for being a great listener, and talking rubbish sometimes, and for just being there, u r one of my best pals!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

bozo the clown

Saturday, November 26, 2005 2
as things start to happen frequently, they become more passe, ok maybe with the exception on sex, but then most things do. anyways, the same has happened to me. i am so used to people stare at me that i actually awkward when people start ignoring me. however, today the frequency of heads turning in my direction was unsually high. every tom dick and harry, every ram, rahim and randy, every venki, junkie and hankie were staering at me, and then giggling. i didnt know what that was all about. at first i thought it was the rugged beard, but then whats so funny bout and unkempt face. no not the beard, definetely the hair? but no the gaze was at my face, on on the stuff on top. this was weird. as i found out later, its coz i look like a clown quite literally. i have a little pimple-esque rash sorta thingy on my nose, which has given my nosey a pink appearace, a hue of pink which stands out with respect to my face's color. i truly now resemble bozo, so lets raise our goblets to honor the bozo. cheers.
peace out yall

Thursday, November 24, 2005

hmm well what do i say?

Thursday, November 24, 2005 3
Try filling this blank with YES or NO.

--------------- I dont have a Brain.

who said english was easy.

courtesy:caferati,hyderabad-google group.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Monday, November 21, 2005 2
the horror...the horror....

Sunday, November 20, 2005


Sunday, November 20, 2005 4
I have my FIITJEE part-1 AITS in another 8 hours. damn. i've not read the entire course. i've left out three chapters, solid state in chem, areas and diffrential equations in maths. solid state i can manage, tis only the maths thing thats scaring the shit outta me, will try to brush up with the basics now, and leave the rest to fate, though i know that's like crap, with the new model, things are gonna be different, you cant neglacted any thing now, coz if by chance ya get a paragraph or a write up on that topic, its like 15 marks or so down the drain . and as my maths prof rightly pointed out, ne paragraph can eliminate half a lakh students!
pray for me aiite?
peace out yall

Saturday, November 19, 2005

gettin words out of your mouth

Saturday, November 19, 2005 0
Being in a "corporate college" gets you exposed to the real world, something you dont really see that often in u r school. the financial divide is move evident here, the narrow mindedness of the people is again more visible, you take time to adjust but when you do, you make great pals, u make pals that actually help your academics, that is, salaam namaste being a sucky movie isnt the only thing ya discuss, but most of all its the teachers. their semi-english lecturs, ungrammitical sentences, really bring a smile to u r face. Here are some of them, as a token of my respect to them, i've changed their real ID's, coz as far as teaching is concerned, they're all god like.

"so just we started oxidation, just we completed it"
"Ok don't confuse, let them write, isn't it?"
"You have to add Leaving group, leaving group, leaving group, an see then, ah!"
(this one is just too funny)
"billion's of dollars, that is, millions of rupees, the silicone industry is huge"
"there is a difference between real and artificial diamond, ZrO4 is zirconia, they're artificial or american diamonds"
"so it could be because there is some strain, or also could also be some disturbance due to strain of molecule"
"P205 reacts with oxygen forming P205, okay, what did i just say?"
"your answer is correct but i will tell you where you went wrong."
"nitrogen forms nitrogen"
"molecular weight and BP are related to molecular weight"
"so those whose all got ethers are correct, and remaining you know"
"Between zero and one, step of x is step of x"
what he meant was step of x was equal to x, thats what he wrote on the board, but this was a slip of the tongue, and we were roaring with laffter.
"Ozone was discovered accidentally, ozo means i smell, I-S-M-E-L-L!"

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

the best comedy sit come eva....

Tuesday, November 15, 2005 7
Its a pity that so many people believe that FRIENDS is the funniset thing they eva saw on television. It's not true you know. It's just that they've got the hype, now that the crew is so popular and earning a million per episode. And plus FRIENDS aint all THAT funny either, its ok-ish. I'd rate Everybody luvs Raymond five notches above FRIENDS.
But thas not da point here. I believe that SEINFELD is the funniest show eva, and i mean THE funniest . I mean the tag-line should be enough to get you attracted to it."THE SHOW IS ABOUT NOTHING". The show began in the early 1990's, and jerry seinfeld and larry david's exquisite chemistry worked wonders. I dont even wanna go into the statistics and tell ya how many awards it got an stuff. Kramer, the fucking retard was jus amazing. Its funny how many people in India, i mean the ones who watch sitcoms arent aware of seinfeld. earlier it used to come on zee english(which apparently changed its name to zee cafe, in the words of maya sarabhai, so middleclass), now its being re-run on star world. i truly believe jerry's sense o humor is just brilliant, un paralleled yet. YET. The one on underwear, the one about jeering, the one where elaine speaks as a sexy whore into jerry's taperecorder, all those are just amazing. the episodes are actually so funny that you roll over laffing. the thing is that there are a lot of funny shows, but some how the general public doesnt want to appreciate them. take for example TITUS. not that was one seriously funny show, but it didnteven rum more than a year. it was freakishly different, its attitude, the recaps, zach. all were great. and to top it off, titus himself was marvellous, but the indian audiences didnt get him properly, they kicked his ass, seeti bajake.
what really pisses me off is that when people come up to me and say, hey didja watch full house, its so cute. CUTE? if you want cute, go to the nearby aunty's house, and watch her son for an hour drooling and crapping all over. agreed that full house is ok, but comparing it to the greats like seinfeld is just atrocious.
Ok i sound freaky and drugged now. dunno what came ova me. just had a row with a pal ova something similar. anyways, have a nice day yall

Monday, November 14, 2005

socks and machchar

Monday, November 14, 2005 0
my apartments has a great location. its in the heart of the city yet away from the main road and the heat of the traffic, quite unbelievable right, butt amazing isn't it? i know. so then, my room's balcony faces some ramakrishna tirth thingee, some devotional educational fusion builing, anyways what i mean is that my balcony has a lot of free space, and the air that i get is fresh and not suffocated, the real problem thought coz of this, comes in winter, when its soooo cold. I know my pals in North Amercia would be screaming "fuck you's" at me right now, since the cold here isnt anything like the ones in US, but then again, for my level its pretty harsh, so i've started wearing woolen socks in the house along with shorts, i dunt wanna wear trousers in the house, too crampy(try sitting with pants on for 8 hours on the chair in the house), but tis ok, cold i feel my toes and hands gettin cold only, surprisingly not the legs and face, weird eh? i know. so i went shopping the other day and got me self tons of socks and accessories. hope they last till the summer, since i plan to use them extensively.
also surprisingly there are no mosquitoes this season duno why, mebbe they all got AIDS, or got castrated, whateva, they're gone, xcept for the lone rangers that come once now or then. so yippe for that as well.
that's all fo now

Friday, November 11, 2005

the clash between two monsters

Friday, November 11, 2005 2
The IIT-JEE coaching has become a nessecity if one wants to get into the campus.Narayana and FIITJEE are the two biggest names in the coaching industry, amidst all the hating and controversies these two institutions are still the most popular(brilliant is dying guys). I am associated with both since i recently enrolled for the FIITJEE one yr AITS(All India Test Series). I knew that these two rivals has no love for each other, but coz of that we students are to suffer. The difference in portion is unbelievable. I am almost studying upto 15 chapters at once nowadays.
so its inorganic chemistry, ist year chemistry, equilibriums, nuclear, mechanics(full), modern physics, ray optics(both wave and geo), organic(everything except carbohydrates and amino acids),entire calculus,permutation and combination, the binomial theorem- and all thyis needs to be done b4 20.
these narayana guys are damn smart, they know students will opt for FIITJEE aits than for Narayana AITS(look it even sounds cheap), so they have changed the teaching pattern, so that students are forced to shun FIITJEE in the back seat. Lets wait and see how it goes.
The next week or so is quite hectic for me, with exams and olympiads and shit. damn!
nov13-Weekly AIEEE exam
nov20-Fiitjee AITS
nov24-MTG's NSO
nov27:NSEC/NSEP(Nat standard exam in chem/phy, both on same day)
nov 27:narayana open test(this one i'll prolly miss)

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

so this is how people come to my blog?

Wednesday, November 09, 2005 9
these are the keywords typed at various search engines which provided a link to my blog, in the past 3-5 days
1. fiitjee
2. how do u have an orgasm?
3. integral of sinx
4. books for jee
5. whatever things
6. rishabh kaul
7. alabama state
8. inorganic chemistry by o.p.tandon
9. boobs - monica belluci
11. solved questions on 11th standard cbse
12. Trigonometry by SL Loney
13. naughty and fun sexy things
14. solved examples on progression
15. kutte kamine
16. to open mathematics for iit-jee R.D.Sharma book
17. \"Organic chemistry\" questions by Bruice
18. sexy things to do with your ex

the ones that i found highly queer are number 2,9,10,13,15,16,18
tha's all for now

Sunday, October 30, 2005

magazines and stuff

Sunday, October 30, 2005 0
two of my close pals are releasing their magazines. one here in hyd and the other in b'lore. so while my blore pal was in the city quite recently, we arrived at this topic. so i told her bout the other mag, whose name is HUE. i was telling him how it was going to be names FYI b4, but that idea was dropped. well thats pretty obvious isn't it, half the people wudn't know what it meant, something like ROTFL or LOL!
so we were discussing bout other names that magazines could have....i told him how bout WTF. we just cracked up laffing at each other's faces. then we came up with this convo that one would have with the guy in a shop asking for this mag. so one would go like, "hey man give me this, mag?"
"which one sir"
"what the fuck man"
"excuse me sir?"
"what the fuck man, give it to me"
"sir i suggest you cool it"
"huh, what did i do?"
or if there was some sort of an awards ceremony, the compere would go like, "and now for the best new comer of the year award, and the winner is, hmm, what the fuck".

Sunday, October 23, 2005

pity, movies and cable

Sunday, October 23, 2005 5
i think pity sucks. i know of people who try to hurt themselves so that people will pity them. Or they try to say stuff that'd make the other person feel really speechless and awkward. why do people do this. whats the big deal about pity. why is it such a big deal. and then there are the ones, who scream at others who pity them but innerly they WANT others to pity them. now thats just quite bizzare isn't it?
one a different note, i was watching the movie lakeer the other day, twas coming on star one. the problem with commercial films is that they hype a lot bout the starting portion of the film, but by the time the first half and hour isover, you feel like puking. Man i hate movies with too many songs. something we forgot to learn while copying the hollywood. And this one film is peculiar for the reason that the first half of the film is like this huge medley with song after song every 2 minutes, its almost simple harmonic, And the second part, erm..well yes. you get the picture. The thing about John Abraham is that he just looks extremely scare, nevermind what role he's playing.I dont think that he could any other role except for driving really fast bikes, beating up really ugly men, and nailing really hot women( well mostly). but thats just for now, who knows, maybe in the future he do much better, coz thats whats expected from him.Anyways the movie director should be castrated and thats all about that.
moving on,i have decided to remove the cable connection of my tv for the next 5 months. I realise i am one distracted kid. so thats gotta stop if i have to do well in competitive exams, whose portion is just got me pretty screwd.
thought of the day:pick up lines like, "hey dya spit or swallow" ain't gonna getcha any.
and on that thought

Sunday, October 16, 2005

aint this cheap?

Sunday, October 16, 2005 2
"*250MB inbox available only in the 50 United States, District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. Eligible Hotmail users will first receive 25MB at sign-up. Please allow at least 30 days for activation of your 250MB storage to verify your e-mail account and help prevent abuse. Microsoft Corporation reserves the right to provide 250MB inbox to free Hotmail accounts at its discretion."

this is written on the bottom left side of the sign-in page. has any one of you checked it out? when you have rediff, gmail, yahoo offering you more than a GB worth of space, msn comes up with this shit. 250 mb? that you u have to be an american, other wise 25 mb? jeez man. i mean you could given thema fake addy saying you are in US. but still u'd still get only 250 mb. with cool sites like gmail, i doubt if ppl will still use MSN. even their messenger aint that great.

Monday, October 10, 2005

i dont know ok?

Monday, October 10, 2005 5
my computer got screwd(aakhir computer kiska hai??), so i have to do all my blogging, emailing, browsing, from the tacky cafe thats bout 100 yards from my home. I go to this place like one in 4-5 days. As it is in most cases, internet parlours(too much respect by calling this place that) and phone booths are synonomous. So as i am typing this entry now, i am also listening to a girl talk on the fone to someone.
ok since, i can only hear one voice, it'd be stupid to be like girl:blah blah blah
girl:blah blah blah, so taken fer granted that the girl is doing all the talking. here goes:

arre! baba nahi nahi.
chalo gopi ko phone do. do na! gopi ko phone do na.
aare dimaag mat khao plz, gopi ko phone do.
(i assume gopi is someone whom she has the hots for)
gopi, mein tumse bahut naraaz hoon.
arey, kya matlab kyu?
kfnkf(some other gal, can't make out who) ne kaha tum usse pyar karte ho.
maine suna tha
dekho acting shacting mere saath math karo pleaz
nahi re, mein tujhse abhi bhi naraaz hoon.
mujhe bahut dukh deta hai tu.
(i realise i had to make a phone call too, as i have to tell my maid, i'd be returning after a while, so as i went over to the other booth, i got a glimpse of this mystery woman from the dark glass cubicle she was yapping in. aaaaaaaaaaah!, i dn't think anything more needs to be said)

for some strange reason, her conversation seems insipid, devoid of the myterious fog it once possesed( which was like 2 mins ago). ok we should not look at people from the dark cubicles from where they make secret phone calls to guys who cheat on them. man its so depressing. or maybe it was just the dark glass, that made her look the way she looks. but then it isnt my fault is it? is it? i didnt know what was in store for me, god damn her and her sexy misty voice.
anyways times up guys.
buh bye!

Saturday, October 08, 2005


Saturday, October 08, 2005 4
We have our organic chemistry classes at 7 AM sharp.

Todays class was interesting, alcohols and revision of back log syllabus. Our teacher gave us a problem involving multiple reactions and the final product was an ether.
Yours truly was amongst the very first to answer in the class, because he so loves organic chemistry, however thats not the point. After i shot my answer at him, and he slyly nodded. he said

"Ok, to the question, those whose all got ethers, this is correct, and remaining all, you know'.

now that statement has about 50 meanings depending on which word you stress on and what you make of it. i was laffing at it for like 20 mins. but finally when you listen to the statement, it doesnt make any sense at all.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

A Fucking hard thing to do

Saturday, October 01, 2005 7
A list of the 13 really sexy women , according to me.
Get the word right, SEXY, not pretty, not beau, not down to earth, plain sexy and maaaaaay be a li'l cute too, wad da heck man!
In no Particular order

Jessica Alba

Anna Kournikova

Keira Knightly

Angelina Jolie

Charlize Theron


Estella Warren

Cameron Diaz

Tara Reid

Carmen Electra

Liv Tyler

Monica Belluci

Maria Sharapova

Other notable mentions who would've made it earlier but not now:
Yasmeen bleeth, had she not been such a hard core druggie

Christina Aguilera, see being dirty was cool, being slutty was not.

Bipasha Basu, I dunno, shez just such a turn off now that shez not gettin any good roles.

Pamela Anderson: Oh the reasons keep on flooding, dumb enuf to ruin her life by gettin the fucked up disease of her mad ex ex ex hubbie lol, Hey lady do sumthin so that u r boobs would stop growing, they're twice your ass bitch, and she ain't much of a looker either now is she?

Jennifer Aniston:Every passing day, shez looking more like a man, coz of that really weird V shaped jaw that she has.

Katie Holmes: Shez sooo cute, you cud neva eva call her sexy

If ya like themand would like to add sme more, go on share a comment, if ya don't
then you have no business here, go to


Friday, September 30, 2005


Friday, September 30, 2005 6
Every time you see a good movie, you get reminded of all the other good movies that you've seen.
Every time you hear a good song from a particular genre of music, you remember all the other good songs that u've heard from the same genre. The feelin lasts for a li'l while, and then,yeah, the wheels contitnue to tread the road of monotony for a while again.
The same old shit again and again!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

REDIFF kutte kamine!

Thursday, September 29, 2005 0
Yeah man, thats my feelings bout them.

I recently opened a blog on rediff jus fer the heck of it. And kept a link of it here, the link being
Now I click that and the damn blog doesn't come, jus a page with the message of u r blog wasn;t found and shit.
This continued for ova 3 weeks.
Its now that i realise that u are not supposed to write www. while adding rediff blogs to blogrollin, i dunno it was because of my foolishness, or because of rediff's shanpatti. Either ways, i dont wanna blame myself, so that leaves me little choice but....REDIFF kutte kamine.
The new link...look to the right
MY LATEST BLOG(in capitals) will now safely direct you to that site, and it doesn't, then i'm gonna send anthrax virus to all the rediff employees!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Tuesday, September 27, 2005 6
mY brother is addicted to ROCK.
My 8 year old sweet(yet nasty) bro is addicted to stuff i started liking when i was in the ninth grade.
It all started some time ago, 2 years infact. He for the first time hear the hugely popular, How u remind be bY Nickelback. I dunno whether it was the gruff voice of chad kroger, or what. but since then he loves rock. He prolly the only 8 yr old in HYderabad who listens to both KARADI TALES as well as OZZY.
This dude watches MTV as well as VH1 AND ON TOP OF THAT long hours of Hungama, et al.

My dad's amazed. Can't comment on whether thats a green or red signal tho.
Right now my bro's favorite songs are
I dunt wanna miss a thing-AEROSMITH
Be quick or be Dead-Iron Maiden
In the end-Linkin Park
Little by little-Oasis

I just hope he doesn;t like rap that much AT LEAST NOW. let him grow up a li'l bit, coz i wudn't want him to go like, "Go to sleep biyatch, die motha fukha die,Uh timez up biyatch, close ya eyez"
The other day I dunno which rock star he heard it from, he was askin me what, "screw" meant. I told him, it meant drilling.

HEY in a weird way i did tell him the truth didnt!


Monday, September 26, 2005


Monday, September 26, 2005 0
Hey guys guess what?
Chetan bhagat, yes the very same IIT/IIM alumni who wrote the hugely succesfull masterpiece Five Point Someone(FPS), is coming up with another book, titled One night @ the Call Centre. Agreed the name sounds a li'l bit hookerish(is that even a word?), but going by past record, i'm looking forward to it.
The book will be out by mid october this year.
To access the personal website of chetan bhagat, and to check out stuff about the new book..
click here

you'll need a password to access this site..
haha jes kidding
its 463

I dun;t wanna site here and give a lecture on the book, go check the site out.

Saturday, September 24, 2005


Saturday, September 24, 2005 5
I've been eating a lot and i can't stop.OMG thats like such a huge cliche. Yeah whatever. So I decided, might as well make the most of it. So i'm carrying out experiments, that is eating 2 totally different things, and seeing how it tastes. I know i know, tis sounds very nerdy, but me is going to do it.

The followin things will be taken in the order given below, over a span of 7 days.
#Grapes and Mouthwash
#chips with gajar ka halwa
#tea with bradman cookies
#cup noodles with pizza sauce
#Ladoo's with pineapple
#coke with orange juice
#hajmola with center fresh
#krack-jack with sambar

lets see if i live to tell the tale of how it went.results will be posted after a while.

Friday, September 23, 2005


Friday, September 23, 2005 0
Marty desrved to win.
In the words of Forrest Gump, "That's all that I've gotta say bout that"

Monday, September 19, 2005


Monday, September 19, 2005 4
How are you?
I'm FINE, we're all fine!

Arent ya just fuckin pissed when ya hear that. I mean its not even a question anymore.The person askin the question don't even bother what the reply is coz he/she already know. So its more like
Kaise ho, theek ho na?(how're ya, fine?).MAN!
Why do ppl ask it.It has become like this mandatory statement, something like sayin hello while picking up the fone.
Ya know, imagine u call some and somepicks up, and instead of sayin helloooo politely, they ask ya
AIITE SO WHO THE FUCK DYA WANNA TALK TO BUSTER? Now that'll make ya all charged up wunnit, but it'd be a hell lotta cooler, than helooooo innit?
Something similar is with this "fine " thingee.
My masu, as in the husband of me masi(lol) had this long argument, and came to the conclusion that wheneva someone asks us, kya haal hai, i e how are ya- we're gonna say"FATTI HUI HAI" as in we're totally screwd. But thats how it always is isnt it. Life for one second dunt cease to be a hardcore bitch. And trust me everyone single person feels that way dunt they, no one remains happy for a long time, and guess what , no one can stand the other guy being happy for a long while either, so i guess "Fatti hui hai" really sums up the entire life in two words, ya dunt need to read huge books by deepak chopra, osho, sri sri sai sai yadda yadda . And on that note, plz excuse me, i have to crap, so buh bye!
And by the way i didnt have a sudden attack of paranoia, i am perfectly normal, but i just wanted to write this. so long

Friday, September 16, 2005

NaOH vs HCl

Friday, September 16, 2005 2
Right! So today was our second practical class. We started with voulmetric analysis. Yesterday was the first. Our firt experiment was to determine the concentration of sodium hydroxide with Hcl being the standard solution i.e whose conc. is known.
The thing was, we had the pippet through which we had to suck NaOH upto a certain level indicated on the pippet itself( 20 ml). Yesterday we were practicing using water, since this was our first lab class. I was like jeez man, wtf is this crap.
Anyways, today was the real thing. We were using dil Hcl ofcourse. So me pal n me started doing the experiment. Every thing was going fine, we were getting marginal accurate readings, we had a nice spot by the window, the pyramids of the record books acted as decent chairs. We were taking turns sucking the pippet. While one would do that, the other would do stuff like washing the apparatus, handling the burrete etc.
"Reading no. 4" I jotted down on my observation book.
Everything was smooth, and then suddenly
"Aaargh!, pppha! phew," I had sucked a little too much, and it went all the way into me mouth. I was like , "Rishabh what the fuck is u r problem man, u've just taken in caustic soda, the stuff that squishes u r proteins and makes u r skin to pulp". I spat the shit. It tasted not all that bitter, it was just weird. Tasted a little like flour, but then the taste was the last thing on my mind wasnt it, it ws my tongue that i was worried bout!!!
I screamed, "PANI!!!!". My pals , who possesed a little bit of smartness, got me a glass of water, or shall i say a flask of water, or shall i say a flask of water from the same tap under which we wash the apparatus. But this was not a time to think bout all that crap. For a split second i thought what if the water+NaOH mixture explodes in my mouth, but the idea evaporated the second i thought of it, the absurdity of the moment stooped me to this level of thinking!
So i drank the water, gargled and spat at the sink. People started staring at me. Some puzzled, some smirking, some just staring. T'was weird, weird i tell ya. But this isnt the worst of it all. The after affect. My tongue started to get this burning sensation. It was as if a lil kid with large claws was scratching my tongues surface again and again mercilessly. It was awful. And it didnt stop. It is STILL fucking burning, though the intensity has decreased exponentially. My friend gladly agreed to do the remaining of the suckin of the pippet, thank god for him. I am content with writing readings and filling up flasks, for atleast another 2 classes.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


Thursday, September 15, 2005 4
Yep this sunday was surely that.
I came back from the college by about 12.30, after by weekly IIT test, which i had done OK-ish, compared to my much much better performance the previous week when i'd got the AIR-7 in the All AP test, but then we're not here to brag about me , or are we, not now anyways. I had made plans with my mum to go shoppin for trousers.
My mama( as in the bro of me mum), tagged along. In the car we had a pretty interesting discussion. I dunno how it started, but somehow we drifted to the topic of bathing. I was told that Western people didnt take bath everyday. I was shocked. I was like, "No kidding, how come mum?" She was like didnt you know that. I told her, surely no. I mean it was kinda hard to imjagine that. Then went into the history that to begin with Uk didnt have enuf water, and then their lifestyle is such that they dont require regular bath, coz they dunt accumulate so much dust as we do, coz most of the time either they're in their air conditionered car, or their hoe or their office, hence they dont get all that dirty, but here the situation is different, I mean you go to the local mart and u come back soaked with dust and dirt and all that. My mamu reacted sayin that, "Ah now i remember, while i was staying at this one Mr. Andrews residence for a few days in canada, once his wife confronted me while i was going to the bathroom, and asked where i was going, and i told her i was going to take a bath, she looked all puzzled up and asked me 'But you just had a bath yesterday didnt you?' I didnt really understand what the hell THAT was all about, now i get it."
So i asked my mom, "so duz this mean that julia roberts baths once in like 4 days". the reply i received was , "maybe who knows". "Hmmmm."
This isnt over you know.
How could it be possible, perhap mom is mistaken, ciuld she?What if she isnt? I mean she has trotted half the globe. No wonder there is so much demand of Deo in the world today.Its got me to thinking.
Dad came back from singapore today. I asked him. He told me its all rubbish and that all people take bath everyday. HMMMMM!!! Now whats this? How can there be a contradiction here.
I still dunt know whom to believe.

Friday, September 02, 2005

collision course

Friday, September 02, 2005 3
i wanted to post something bout this album.

so having heard the encore/numb- about 2 months ago which i loved the moment i heard it, i wanted to get my hands on the album. but then it wasnt availible in india, and i would receive a really weird expression from the guy who works at planet m ( and who supposedly has a very good knowledge bout rock), for he would think i am a dick, for generally rappers such as jay z dont sing along with bands linkin park. i placed an order 4 times at planet m and twice at music world. i was reminded of the times when i would go to the stores and place an order for highway to hell by AC/DC, the spellbinding album with the spectacular title song, which by the way is the most requested song on the radio in the radio. i never did get highway to hell in hyderabad. i had to ask my dad to get it from london when he went there fer a conf.
so aneways, days passed, and suddenly, as though the message was godsent, i saw an advertisement of the album(i didnt know the name ofcourse). It was called Jay Z and LP collision course.
15 hours later i was at the music store. very excited i grabbed a copy of the album. though i must admit i was sort of disappointed. ONLY 6 FUCKIN SONGS! Not done, not fair. And yes charged a full 400 bucks for the CD, i bought the cassete instead.

So as far as the album goes, i'd give it a 8 outta ten. but dont go by that marking scheme, coz i have my own standards. britney gets a 2(but then thats what she deserves). so the album is pretty rocking . the numb/encore is by far the best. i mean the beat is jus awesome and Jay Z is great. then there is the points of authority one which is pretty good too. the first song of the cassette lying from you/dirt off your shoulder is paralled with numb/encore. its got one of the best startings i've eva heard( reminded me of the daredevil OST by Fuel, another awesome band)
but then yea, the album is pretty good, and then there's the little thing bout linkin park: YOU CAN NEVA GET BORED WITH THEM! though i must agree, there are some stains on the moon. one of the song H to the Izzo/In the end was below par. You see, the goes like this, each song is actually a fusion of two songs, one from each artist. Although the lyrics are fused, the music is only from one o the songs. so the ones with the LP music are just heavenyl, but i'd like to raise my eyebrows fro the ones of Jay Z, for they arent that good as those of LP, but then rap fanatics would prolly disagee. For e.g in the case of the above mentioned song, you'd expect something really rocking since the song is IN the End, but then the music of the complementary Jay z song is just the opposite, its like a 70's dicso theme, quite pissin off really. but other wise, the album is pretty darn ok. atleast it works for me


Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Strike

Wednesday, August 31, 2005 2
Today i had no intention of going to college, for i had heard 2 days before that today there would be a strike by the oh so popular and notorious student organisation ABVP.I thought that, why the hell should i go when i'm gonna come bak in an hour anyways. But then due to the changed schedule, according to which we have organic chem in the first period i.e at 8 Am sharp, i made my way to the college. Man u really do need a teacher for organic chem.And besides, i presumed that by the time the class would be over, the protesters would've come.


they didnt come.


we heard some screaming and some chanting
"Bharat Mata Ki Jai"

rrright, as though we were doing sum sort of anti national activities. but then what the hell, they were gonna get us out of the college, so we arent complaining.


i see students leaving the campus. but we're still in the class surely they didnt forget our class. i mean were on the first floor!

Break time.

After our enquiring the JL's(junior lecturer's, who are actually nothing more than the guys who correct our weekly papers and say "shhhhh dont talk), we got to know that it was their fucking loyalty that cost us the day off. They locked the door of our class from the outside, thus giving the ABVP guys the impressions that we had already left.


we are being told to revise the poem "A Little Black Boy". Its bout a lil nigger who is discriminated and is praying to god and is hoping that in the other world, he will be treated fairly.
The Irony of it all.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Tuesday, August 09, 2005 6
OKAY. this site is one of the funniest sites i've eva seen. but hasnt been updated for quite some time now. this article on their site, simply titled drugs is one of the funniest they've got. its a riot


A Quick Overview
(newly updated - July 2001)

NOTE: Drugs can be fun, but if you base your life around this stuff you becoming a depressing person to be around. If done as an occasional way to have fun, drugs aren't a problem. If and when you start to need the stuff (really need it) - then you are officially fucked up - it's time to stop.

Drugs are a way to feel something new and unique by taking a pill or using some other means of getting chemicals into your body. Your body is a chemistry set - a much more advanced one than we should be allowed to have. We have some basic warnings. Once you start screwing with the chemistry of your mind you may cause other problems (especially if you are already psychologically unbalanced). If you don't do drugs and can manage to enjoy life without them -consider yourself lucky. For the rest of us, this guide may help to avoid utterly wiping out your life, your mind and your bank account!


1. Know what you are taking. Drug Dealers are not Church Pastors, they are also not Doctors or Pharmacists! Generally they are fucked up addicts who need money for drugs. More often than not they are greedy, desperate scumbags (who wouldn't shed a tear if you died). Don't trust 'em - they don't trust you!

2. Always take less of something until you find out what the stuff does to you.

3. Avoid 'graduating' to other more fucked up, severe drugs. One day of wandering through a junkie inhabited area will cure most anyone of the need for hard-core drugs. We know those who have gone that way, only about 10% live - 90% of the people we 'knew ' - who got truly addicted, are now rotting in coffins six feet under.

Okay, now that we have done our proper buzzkill - let's get on with the facts!

THE DRUGS (listed in no particular order)

POT (barely addictive)
Okay. We like pot. Do pot and only pot, and you will most likely be fine (unless you are chemically unusual from most of the population). Although lately the stuff is getting damn potent,so a little can cause you go into a utter mindless stupor. If you haven't guessed already we're pro smoking pot. I mean, who have you ever heard of who's died smoking pot? Alcohol can kill you but who has heard of someone dying from too much pot (unless you get some Vancouver thunderfuck hydro) some of that stuff is at the level of LSD! Yikes!

Anyway, the worst pot does to you is make you a bit dopey - and you eat a lot of twinkies. Also you won't want to work, or do much of anything. You'll be broke, but you won't be dead - which says a lot.

This stuff is still illegal for some truly stupid reason, and because of that, if you get hauled in by the cops don't tell them that 'the blur of insanity' people said it was okay to smoke dope. Even if that is ultimately what we are actually saying. We don't want any blame - for anything.

ALCOHOL (addictive in some cases - ask any drunk!)
Alcohol is fine but can cause horrendous hangovers and much barfing. There is also alcohol poisoning, etc. You probably aren't listening to this, and, well - neither are we.

Also alcohol kills tons of people either from liver damage or car crashes. Alcohol burns out your gut. Gets you into fights. Etc. Blah, blah, blah....

That doesn't mean we are against drinking - obviously we aren't. In fact we used to do boilermakers (a shot of whiskey dropped in a beer mug) almost every night of the week and survived it somehow. Moderation is the key, at least that is what we heard somewhere, plus it is important to have good hangover cures! Which, of course, we do.

Note: As you get older the hangovers get worse and worse. Just so you know.

LSD (not addictive - unless you are insane)
This stuff is amazingly powerful. It will absolutely blow your head off in small doses. You better make sure you are mentally stable before trying this. Cause if you aren't - you are in for one frightening ride!

We stopped doing this a while ago because we have real jobs now, and actually there would never be updates if we still took it. In fact we probably would be living in a tent in the Bahamas dressed in palm fronds if we still took it.


Okay, here are the facts. First - take as little of this as you can. Severe trips are VERY HARD TO GET OUT OF! It takes a minimum of an hour and a half to gauge how messed up you are. DO NOT listen to idiots who tell you that it only takes half and hour to tell if it's hitting you. They're wrong - and we know this from experience!

The best place to spend the trip is outside (unless it's too cold or too hot). Wandering through woods and fields can be pretty entertaining - actually staring at a dirt will be fascinating! Also, stay away from claustrophobic situations and people who aren't tripping. When you're fully 'yipping' your brains out you'll find you have nothing to say to straight people. Plus you'll probably get paranoid that they can tell you're fucked up (actually they can't tell at all - that is, unless you tell them - which you will - then they'll act weird towards you, and that will suck). Also we suggest strongly that you avoid tripping alone unless you really know what you are doing. It's much more fun to be with people who are also tripping and understand you. A weird thing that we noticed is that when you're tripping you can usually tell who else is tripping, and who isn't. Sort of like L.S.D.E.S.P. Odd but true.

PEYOTE (not addictive - as far as we could tell)
Tastes gross and you have to puke to get off properly. We didn't know that - a big mistake. Also you may need to clean out the strychnine (a powerful poison) that can be on the peyote bud. Provides a pretty weird trip. We've heard stories of people giving away all their money at a hot dog stand because they no longer believed in the concept of money.

Actually that was us.

'SHROOMS (not addictive)
Not as severe as acid but still in the 'handle with care' area. Usually a much calmer trip. Rik's tip: By altering your breathing rate you can control the visuals.

Light patterns look great. Start small with this and you can have a good time. Also not good for those with psychological issues.

COKE (addictive after time)
In our opinion a big waste of money. High is too short lived, and for some people it is very addictive. You want more and more, and more, and more and more and more. Also turns you into a dick with stupid ideas. You will think you're a genius while your friends will think you're an asshole. Usually you end up alone in a bathroom stall talking a mile a minute, pompously excluding people from doing it with you.

Can make skiing lots of fun. Unless, of course, your heart explodes and you die on the slopes.

CRACK / FREEBASE (extremely addictive - avoid)
Coke times ten! Freebase is similar, but doing freebase/crack makes you into a hard core, scary drug person. The people who do this a lot are frightening. It smells like you are smoking burnt plastic. And preparing freebase gives you a very depressing 'hard-core' 'I'm a drug addict' loser feeling. It's pathetic.

The best example is from a friend who gave up all coke based substances after trying it. His words are as follows. "It was an incredible coke rush that lasted about five minutes. The thing that scared me was that right after doing crack, all I wanted in the world - was to do more crack!"

We think that says it all.

QAT/KHAT [pronounced cot] (addictive)
This is a fairly new one. It's a lot like meth, in that it's usually cooked by someone in their basement from household chemicals. It comes in smokeable crystal form, or snortable powder form. It's a strange homemade version of coke. It is usually made from ephedrine (or pseudoephedrine) and other chemicals. It burns like a bastard if you snort it, and it doesn't do as much as coke or speed. Our opinion- there are better drugs out there for your money. Also, the unknown aspect of this is a little frightening, we like to know what's in anything we put in our bodies.

The plant that this is derived from (of the same name) is from the middle east. It's the stuff that they pack into their cheeks like chewing tobacco. When chewed, it gives a mild stimulant effect, like chewing coca leaves. This is not easy to get in the US, as it has to be fairly fresh to have any of the stimulant properties that it's known for. It's possible to find this in major cities in shops and restaurants that cater to middle-eastern clients.

SPEED/Crystal Meth/Methamphetamine (for some - extremely addictive)
Make sure you're healthy before trying this. Not for the faint of heart. This is a wild ride and your friends will think you're nuts while on this. You will 'up' be up at least eighteen hours - followed by a pretty hard crash & burn. We used to paint murals on our dorm room walls while on this, and we always felt we'd lost five years of our lives after we came down. Some people don't accept only eighteen hours of this feeling - but go for days, babbling like a chimp. Occasionally fun, unless you are the 'staying up for days and days' type of person. And it can be scary. You will start hallucinating demons and bats after day three (or maybe they aren't hallucinations!). Eventually you cannot function without it. And then, you are fucked.

SPECIAL! Also in this category: STUDY DRUGS
These are prescription speed for hyperactive kids, such as Ritalin and Adderall. They are great for getting work done last minute if you need to stay up all night studying. They keep you focused and awake for as long as you want. However, people who rely on study aids too much can find it impossible to do anything without them. Exercise caution no to become too reliant on them.

ECSTASY or 'X' or MDMA (can become addictive)
This is interesting stuff. You like (or love) everyone. This one is associated with Raves. Note: drink a lot of water. There are about 3 different versions of this - most of the time what you get isn't X at all. The real thing gets you up in a calm way. Also makes your vision weird, it can feel like your eyes are wobbling around in their sockets. Many will say how safe this is. It is if you only take it once in a while. If you use it a lot it screws up the seratonin levels in your brain and can mess up any emotional stability you might have had. Those who do it a lot find they can't stop because they don't feel normal without it. Again. Moderation is key!

We hear a lot of crap about liver damage though. Not sure if this is true or false.

INHALANTS (brain damaging- loser maker)
Huffing is the intoxication of choice for 14 year old boneheads who don't know how to get real drugs. Anyone who thinks that breathing Pledge out of a paper bag or sniffing superglue is a good idea is obviously running low on brain cells in the first place. Huffing shit will not help this. If you want to become a vegetable, this is a good way to do it.

There is only one reason that anyone would have this stuff, and that's to knock out and take advantage of some Jr. High girl. We do NOT condone any rape drug (even for personal use). If you want to kill a lot of brain cells and lose large chunks of time, go for it, but there are easier and better ways to do it. If you want to drug and rape someone, you should be hung.

The penalty for possession of these drugs is (in most states) severe.

NITROUS (addictive)
This stuff is commonly referred to as Hippy Crack. You can usually buy balloons of nitrous at shows or hippy parties. It screws you up intensely for about 30 seconds, most of which you'll probably spend giggling. Then, you'll try to get more. Although the side effects aren't permanent or drastic from one or two balloons, if you do several (5 or more) in a night, you might not remember your phone number, or where you parked your car the next day - or your name. It makes you very flakey and fragmented. OK for occasional light use, but nothing more.

OPIUM (addictive when used often)
This is a good drug for occasional use. It's good to put a little Opium in the bowl with some weed, for when you want to get extra high. However, it's not really a good idea to smoke it by itself a lot. It is an opiate, and is addictive.

There are a lot of different kinds of opium. There are synthetics (such as white opium, redrocks and soapium) which pretty much suck. They taste kind of like opium, but they're not, and they don't really get you high. The good stuff is black tar. It's black or dark brown and gooey. It's harder to find than the fake stuff, but worth it when you can get it. A warning: This is not a good drug if you want to be social. It's very relaxing, and it will turn you into furniture.

KETAMINE (somewhat addictive - avoid!)
Watching someone do this stuff makes us want to stay away from it. This is a disassociative drug, which means it pulls your mind out of your body. This means that you get to watch yourself walk like a drunk and fall down the stairs - breaking every bone in your body - and think it's very, very funny. The fact that this was designed as an anesthetic for cats also makes us suspicious.

It's most usually snorted, but people also shoot it (see heroin for how we feel about needles).

HEROIN (extremely addictive - avoid - life destroyer)
Frankly we are not into the idea of sticking needles in ourselves to have fun. Although you can snort it, if it feels as good as people have told us then you'll probably be able to eventually rationalize why it's really okay to stick a needle in your arm. Also if you look at junkies you realize this stuff does not enhance your lifestyle. Junkies are, without a doubt - fucked! Any drug that feels light-years better than your normal life is a bad drug. No one is in dispute about how addictive it is. It is a fact. Avoid! Do not use it - ever! Like crack we don't want to find out that there's something so good we can't live without it. The problem is, you will eventually be without it, because you can't find a dealer, because you don't have money, or worse, because you are in jail - and then your life will be a complete and total hell beyond anything you are aware of. Withdrawal sucks, really, really bad too. This is a life destroyer.

Don't get addicted! We never got addicted. So why should you?

Why didn't we? Who knows! We just didn't! Also we avoided most stuff like heroin, crack, etc. And we found we didn't get much of an effect from coke (a lucky quirk of personal chemistry that saved us thousands of dollars!)

If you are still young, it will seem that most drug addicts lead 'exciting' lives. But with time (we aren't kids in case you haven't figured that out yet), you will find that this exciting life is short lived. We have watched drug addicted friends (including a girlfriend) over a ten year period. And the fact is, unless they can somehow quit (and most can't once they get a taste for it) they actually do end up sad, pathetic losers. You end up avoiding them on the street - it's pretty awful.

So even though someone you know seems very cool and fascinating now, rest assured, in a few years that cool coke/meth/heroin freak you know will be changing your oil and living in a sad, tiny apartment, eating cat food!

Our Final Recommendation: crack open a beer, spark up a blunt, eat some twinkies, get fat, and have a happy life.

Thursday, July 21, 2005


Thursday, July 21, 2005 6
Yup datz me response to the latest potter book. it is by far the worst book so far.
this one is about 200 pages short the last one, and bout 150 bucks more, but then i dont care bout all that, its the content that matters.
the books is ok=ish, i mean u dont really learn much from the book apart from the fact that voldemort's mom wasn't much of a great looker and was a huge horny bore, or that ron smooches lavender brown the instant he sees her in order to jealousyfy hermione, but later gets sick of her(brown), or that this nu dude called slughorn is a weird character.,
aneways, this this bit bout horcruxes, that is its an object in which ya keep part o u r soul so that u cant die until the horcruxes are destryoed( remember sumthin bout undertaker from wwe?) anyways, the book is a drag. yawn! yea snape is the half blood prince, i.e his surname is prince and hes a half blood, malfoy is a death eater (draco), and well yea dumbledore dies.killed by snape
other tit bits include: the french hottie fleur delacour eez marryin bill weasley, snape finally gets ta teach defence agnt the dark arts, ginny hooks up with harry and then later is dumped by him( oik thats a strong word in this context), the twins are this tycoons now, earnin like hell, also tonks has the hots for lupin despite their massive age difference, a la padmalaksmi and rushdie, ok that was a cruel comparision.
and well not oone page inj the book featurin DA DARK LORD!!!!!
i'd give this book a 6 outta 10.

Sunday, May 29, 2005


Sunday, May 29, 2005 8
Ok. so since yall want more info on the books to buy for your quest to reach the most prestigeous insti in India in the field of technology and engi- da IIT

well nowadays 95% of the ppl that get selected in those 4000 sumthin ( which will soon become 5000 something) have formal training fromm the many "coaching centres" whose ad's fill more than 70% of mathematics today magazine. and most of these places supply their own material, which in fact is made by plagiarism. anyways thats not the aim here, the aim is just to let yall know what all books are well...good enough for the jee.

well let me go subject wise.
TMH is good for solved examples, though this book doesnt have enough exercises, but then if ya cover the solution, a solved example is but a problem. each chapter has about 100 solved examples. and plz plz buy the latest edition. this might be around 450 bucks
This bloke's book hasdecent set o problems too. but ya knw in maths there is a lotta herapheri, you'll see that most of the question are solved in TMH.

plz plz plz dont buy ML Khanna or RD sharma and the likes. These are just huge bums with lot of " i mean" lot of shit. i mean do you really want 40 examples each subtopic. and from what i've heard, ML khannna has only solved examples. anyways i dont have it, so shouldn't you.

do get DIFFERENTIAL CALCULUS AND INTEGRAL CALCULUS by Amit Agarwal by ARIHANTH, each RS 200. these are gr8 books the level of problems is good and so is the collection. you wont find much of these problems in other books

also for theory on calculus do get Thomas and Finney by Pearson Education ABOUT Rs 500, though bargaining will modify that.
This is a gr8 book and should be renamed " calculus for dummies". it has lot of good examples, exercises, in depth theory, formulas, diagrams etc. and dont forget the CD.

then there's the usual SL Loney, Shanti Narayan, Piskunov for vector,trigonometry and all that and calculus.

also must must must is " play with graphs" by amit agarwal.... arihanth publications.
its superb. help you transform graphs and shit. very useful for mains and screening.

for other topics such as progression, inequalities, probability, school stuff along with solved examples should do.

also dont forget MCQ by bharati bhawan publications. and KD JOSHI should be read after completion of the chapter since its more of a revision book and not for a first timer. also KD has only JEE AND OLYMPIAD PROBLEMS .

if ya have cash left as well as the time, then get 3000 SOLVED PROBLEMS IN MATHS BY SCHAUM SERIES, by TMH.


for mechanics: un doubdtedly DC PANDEY IS THE BEST!!!!!!! but forst refer to the theory by resnick and h c verma.
also, for chapters like rotational mechanics
a book called interactive physics by MTG( RS 120) is excellent, because its the only book of its kind in the market, you'll see why.

for thermodynamics resnick halliday and krane is the best, though you can refer to h c verma for theory and DC PANDEY for problems

electricity,magnetism etc again DC pandey and Resnick and school stuff must do(we havnt done it yet so i wudnt know)

solve irodov, problems in physics iff u have time

atkins is pretty good. the basics include OP AGARWAL, OP TANDON. problems from bahadur, this has all the problems in the world but little theory. the solved examples are betta than the actual exercise.

JD LEE is god book, also your school text book, op agarwal tandon and arihanth for problems will do.

morrison and boyd is the god book.
solomons and fryhle is darn good too. besides this essesntial is peter sykes : reaction mechanism. schaum series for last minute practice. tandon is ok for beginners. and arihanth for problems: beware it has many wrong answers.

apart from this you can also get stuff by brilliant, apex, FIITJEE
must: subscription to PCM TODAY and PCM refresher. trust me the facts are consie and the selection of problems is gr8.
and also if you have access to net do enrol for the free course by apex knowledge city. it sends you free question every thats like 100 question every month per subject. and whats more that give you free notes on mechanics and calculus.

do refer to the tips on FIITJEE.COM and their solved examples and solve the previous JEE papers during last hours.



Saturday, May 21, 2005

books and stuff

Saturday, May 21, 2005 2
so yeah, we're finally gettin a week's hols. i know the pathetic condition we narayanaians are in. well most corporate colleges didnt get any at all. so i am gonna shut up bout that.
one of my favorite timepass activities after my college finishes is to go to the book shop adjacent to the campus nd stare at all the books. often i come out buyin one of them, but not before troubling the ppl there till they are dehydrated and resemble corpses.
i generally start out by browsing all the newer editions of the usual titles( the ones that i already posessbut an older version), ya know like the latest "concepts of Physics", or the TMH for Maths et al.
then i start browsing the Arihanth publications. This particular shop has a wonderful collection of them. they have devoted an entire rack to Arihanth prakashan.
The thing about arihanth books is that they are very JEE oriented. This is good as well as bad.
good because it was all ready made formulas, as in it tells you about each specification, like its prolly one of the very few books that derives for you the formulas for motion on inclined plane for projectile, or conditions for collision of projectiles, or how to solve rotational mech sums using the KE ratiomethod and etc etc etc. i must admit it saves a lot of paperwork
bad because, it gives ya everything on a silver platter and limits u r thinking beacuse u dunt work for anythin on u r own. while this approach may help you in u r AIEEE's and u r CET's, i really am not sure how this would fare in u r mains (JEE).
now we come to the problems bit. by far arihanth problems are the toughest, since most of them are collected from IRODOV, resnick, krotov,zemansky, previous jee etc etc. the last problem of HC verma, is given as the practice problem in arihanth physics ( WPE) by dc pandey. so there ya go.
but it still its worth a buy. but i recommend only physics, not maths
one more arihanth book that i am fond of is their ORGANIC chemistry. now thats a beauty as far as problems are concerned, varieties of examples and problems are given here under every subtopic, besides the main exercise at the end of the chapter. but then again they are a level higer than jee since they assume you already know most of the topics at the beginning of the book.

after browsing through the arihanth books, i start lookin at the foreign publications. here you have all u r pearson education, John Wiley and sons, princeton review, CBS et al
i particularly like the ones on organic chemistry, notably Morrison and boyd, solomon and fryhle, paula bruice and the most important: reaction mechanism by Peter sykes. ofcourse i have them all save bruice, which i've borrowed from me sir. the book is amazing i tell you.
its here that i found the solution key of morrison and boyd and resnick which let me tell you is very hard to get, atleast in hyderabad.

theres one more book that i found here while my regular browsing, which i must say is a great one. its JEE EDUCATIVE MATHEMATICS by K D joshi. now this is a must buy for any IIT aspirant. its just spell binding. its like thyis guy is liteally talkin tya F2F. and it contains only JEE questions and nothin else,save some RMO, IMO, INMO problems. and at the beginning of each chapter, he dicsusses one mains problem and tells us related topicsand all tht. one good this is the book is divided into two parts, one pre calculus, and one involving it.

and ofcourse this shop also has previous years study materials of all the correspondence giants such as careerpoint, FIITJEE, brilliant, apex etc. i go there to have a ook at the YG files, and the GMP which too form a fairly good problems package.

the other day i had go this book reaction rearrangement and reactants, a book by sum dude called SN Sanyal, its by bharati bhawan publishers, the samer guys who publish HC verma, dasgupta et al.
i liked it because of its simplicity and it style. all the reactions are named alphabetically asnd important uses and stuff bout themm has been noted. its a good doubt clearance book, and well its cheaply priced too.

btw yaay hols are from day after!

- rishabh

Friday, April 29, 2005

why why why????

Friday, April 29, 2005 11
why am i so weird?
its a question i have asked myself so many times. why do i do stuff that 90% of the public doesnt( no nutthin fetish).

why is it that i havnt cut my hair for the last 11 months despite the glares i get from the college authorities and the tormenting of me pals.

why is it that i eat at odd hours. dinner at 3 am, lunch at 6 pm and no breakfast, since i'm eatin all night long?

why is it that i don't sleep in the night( ok just for the record, i aint a gigolo) and instead sleep in during IPE classes.( ok thats an easy one)?

why is it that i put the AC at 17 degree when the outside weather is 34 degrees, and so when i go out i feel all humid and baked?

why is it that i eat so much of anzac cookies?(18 packs the last week), but then they are so good.

why is it that i am in a stable state of being fat. coz whether i eat tons, or nutting at all, my eyes see the same 2 digits on the weighin machine( i wont disclose it re)?

why is it that i wasted 5 months of my 11th on the fuckin irodov and didnt yield much while others were solvin the not-so-brilliant HC verma, and seriously, why is resnick and halliday such a BORE!!!!!!!

why do i like the ginger chutney more than the coconut one when eatin vadas, idli, dosas? and on that note why do i prefer sambar as the fluid instead of that weird kurma wid my puris?

why is life such a bitch?( ok that was copied from murphy's laws)

why do i wanna get into aeronautical engineering so bad, even though i know i much more brilliant at my chemistry than at physics? and why the hell duz india not have good aeronautical engineering branch, which btw limits itself to defence.

why is nuttin else matters my favorite rock song after sweet child o mine, even tho it isnt exactly totally rock.

why do i prefer AC/DC over pink floyd?

why do i feel rady jack is a crazy ass nigga who doesnt deserve to be on AI, and frankly speakin i'd prefer stevie wonder?

why would i give "friends" a 7 on 10 where as raymond and titus would receive a 10 on 10.?

why do i feel totally grossed out by hieros gamos even tho its supposed be taken in a spiritual way n all tht?

why do i hate bikes and comp games ?


well i guess the truth is out there eh?

Saturday, April 09, 2005

this and that

Saturday, April 09, 2005 2
we have 3 hour classes for JEE going on.

The Sanghi's are a huge industrial family in hyderabad. their empire includes two of the most popular hindi and telugu dailies - vaartha, a polester industries, mills and what nots. They are so rich that they have bought lots of land next to the famed ramoji film city, the area is called sanghi nagar. its just toooo huge. Mr Girish Sanghi is a MP in rajya sabha. he promised the kashmiri samiti of hyderabad that they could hold all their functions and meetings at his farm house. I was unaware of all this, frankly i dont give a damn. not that i hate my community, its that it doesnt matter where the meeting is held, i mean, its a meeting after all. quite dull, boring. people laughing out loud, clearly indicating they didnt follow a word of the joke that was just told to them. Eating the same food, they call it preserving our heritage.
Today was one of those days

frankly speaking i had no intention or interest to go to sanghi nagar, i have ne'er been there b4.
today was navreh. the southies here call it ugadi. whatever. my mom woke me up at 6 am. as i opened me eyes i saw a thali in front of me, with raw rice, a pen on top, some one rupee coins, some kheer and other stuff. it took me a while to understand what the hell was going on.
"chalo rishabh, pray to god for knowledge and yea touch the thali while doing so, and read this mantra"
what the fuck. its six fuckin am in da morn
though my mom isnt all that religious, she just likes to get done with all the formalities of the festivals.
9 am
"rishabh wake up, we're leaving"
what the fuck. its nine fucking am.
twas my dad.
"if yall going, y are u waking me up, btw where are you going"

"we're going to sanghi nagar, and u're coming with us"

"what way man. i'm sleepy..sleepy..sleepy"

" i dont know all this, put on something and come fast"

"kya? abhi to maine nahaya bhi nahi"

"phir jaldi nahao"

"do i have to?"

"rishu, i myself dont want to go there, but u know u r mom is very enthu bout all this, so we have to go"

"man the thinge we do for her"

anyways we left the home at 10. there was a bus waiting. no one had come.

"mama what the hell? where are all the other families."

"they'll come beta. patience"

"mom i have a test day after, i need ta study"

"rishabh it'll only be couple of hours"

"the place is like 40 kms from here mama"

"bas rishabh, now dont complain. be mature"


people started coming at their own time and leisure.

may all of them go to the place in between heaven and hell.
the only compromise was that amla, a kashmiri gal i've known for 10 years had come. she was the only one of my age in the bus. many others decided to reach sanghi nagar at their own time in their vehicles later.

"amla, why did you come today?"

"parent pressure"

ah, we two are so alike .

so we were talkin bout general stuff college, life, hols.

"chalo sab log, antakshari khelenge" i heard some one say.
aw man!
the thing about playin antakshari with elders is you can't sing western songs, coz theu dunt get it, and also coz it includes a ot of swears if ya start singin rap.
so i sang few new numbers. it wasnt all that bad, but it wasnt as interesting as solving TMH either.

after some time i realised we were movin in circles, coz the whole area was so maze like. anyways, we went to all corners of sanghi nagar, finally after an hour of askin people and navigating thro forests, we found, sanghi parkand guesthouses and farmhouse.
man was it fuckin hot. and boy were there so many mosquitoes and flies. i quickly went into the guesthouse. ah there was an AC there. Ah, there was a TV too. i switched it on. a dark blue screen flashed, i chenged the channel, same result, again, again and again.
" rishabh, take a hint"
"umm yeah, i know, screwed up TV"
"there's no cable wire man"

went out of the room.

my bro had got his bat and ball with him. good thing . i wasnt bored.bad thing. the ball was plastic. i was playin more of baseball, by jus hookin and pulling the ball, tryin to break the glass of the house. damn u plastic bal. it was so light that the loo (the air not the toilet) was drifting it away from the target.

lunch time. not bad stuf. there was the usual. and the damn mosquitoes. the elders had their usual discussion,

"and the muzzaffarabad bus will also be goin via......"

" when you put som much salt, doesnt the entire dish just......"

".....and look at that lady, she has a son in the US earning ........ rupees or dollars is it. i dont remember..."

" the match.."
ah yes the match
INDIA: struggling at 80/6, and chasing 320. deep shit man
fortunately there was another tv that had dd1, though blurred, and the room had a workin ac, and comparatively less mosquitoes. it was floddedwith people instead. as wicketsfell,, people went out. i was faithful. i stayed. or maybe, i just cudnt satnd the heat. never realised how time flew. amla and the other gals were at the terrace..chattin. they came in to check the final score. we lost. boo hoo.
now to make matters worse, my mom was like, ok now we're goin to sanghi temple.
i'm leavin i told her., why she asked.
i gave her a look that said it all. she was symphathetic. she was like ok, u an leave with khar uncle, he doesnt like temples anyway. hooray for khar uncle. he droped me off at sec bad. took and auto and came back. awwww my precious glasstone and JD LEE, I missed yall sooooo much.


Saturday, March 19, 2005

physics, mr vijay and wrong answers

Saturday, March 19, 2005 8
Yesterday was my physics exam. it was quite easy, i however made a little error. there was this bit about the limits of poissons ratio, tis -1 to.5, i wrote -1 to 500. well i desrve half the marks for getting half the limit right? look how cheap i've become . but then it was a 2 mark question. anyways. to make everything clear. i LOVE physics. my lovefor physics or shall i say the entire engineering and science stream began less than a year from now. after my tenth board exam, i decided to join a coaching academy. but i always knew my first love was writing. i just love writing, be it poetry, writing for a cause, humor, thrill, whatever. i just love it. i was like the horny dude it class always jumping when eva there was a literary contest of anysort. but then summer came, and i became science-mad. literally.
one person is to blame for all this. Mr. Vijay. this guy taught at that acdemy which i attended for a little over a month for a crash course. he used to teach maths( i believe he's left that place now), but would occasionly talk bout other brances of science as well. i used to love his quest to inculcate the habit of questioning amongst us. it was from his mouth that i first heard words such as, Fractors, Parallel universe, string theory, quantum theory-theory of relativity unification popularly called the Unified Theory. That summer i spent over 100 hours online searching and gathering info about all this extra terrestrial as well as terrestrial stuff. it turned me on as hell. the concept of oparallel universe is just amazing. they say there exists millions of other "identical" universes in space and that worm holes are the means to entering them9 ok these arent u r traditional "worm" holes...its to do with black holes and stuff). and in these universe there might be another you, another me, another geoge bush with nipples on his head or a jessica alba with three boobies. the possibilities are endless aren't they. but then the amound of controversy this theory has generated among the science community world-wide is phenomenal.
then there are other theories, one of them says a ripple caused in the air, by the flapping of wings of a butterfly in yorkshire, england can cause a hurricane in japan. but then going by that view, when eva i have a cold and i sneeze there should be an earth quake in shanghai. so yea you have stuff like that too.
then there are also the hystericals. like someone saying that the burmuda triangle being a black hole. black holes arent timepass material. the intense gravitatinal field that exists around it is sensational. the entire earth would collapse if one such black hole was actualy on earth. and besides it wouldn't be called a black holethen. haha. i laffed my ass out the day i heard that one.
coming back to physics. i feel that theory of realtivity should be included into the IIT-JEE syllabus. O k O k I KNOW. Yall will be cursing me saying JEE physics is a pain enuf, but then the theory is just awesome, it talks about the bending of the space graph, ok ok nevamind, read bout it urself on the net.
i had fun the other day on this forumcalled frost cloud. pretty entertaining, though not alarge site, its pretty alright.
now i have my last exam day after, chemistry. chemistry is ok. i love chemistry except for the extractions. i mean its not like they are tough or anything, just that getting sodium from castner's process or aluminium from serpecks process ins't really my cuppa tea. i prefer stereoisomerism and stoichiometry anyday.
also, day afetr after the exam, i am going to blore. yaaaaay. i have to post someting that relates to that. but thats another time.
- rishabh

Monday, March 14, 2005

nothing excaptional

Monday, March 14, 2005 4
OK. I'm sure i can handle this...but its sooooo fuckin weird. Ok i have my boards going on..for the ones who arent familiar with the AP boards..we have boards even in the 11th why wud i leave my precious CBSE n screw with ap board..well thats to do with IIT and all that shit. i dunt feeli like tellin. u dunt feel like listening. so its settled.
Anyways. today was Maths-I A...thats the paper one. it was shit easy...ok not boastin here..but it was. so i started speedilty screwin the paper i got it( yah that wud've felt weird huh)... and well this guy on the other end of the benh is starin at my paper. i ignore his activity and cover my answer book. he jus calls me out and says " dekho yaaro, mereku kuchch nahi atha hai, dikha na bhe'
now these words were quite powerful, tho colloquial.
this is why.
generally. class tests aside. i've never taken part in copyin during an exam. its ethically wrong( where did that come from)... and besides if u r caught u r banned for 4 years and well u know how it goes. and secondly because i'd never seen any person so unprepared for the exam , and i mean it because this lad knew nothin. he copies every single full stop i kept. he looked quite strong so i didnt want to mess with him. so i was like do what you want. i dunt give a fuck. he told me to remove mt hand from my answerscript. i did so. he was my answers. he copied my ten 2 marks answers. i gave this bastard a cheque of 20 marks.
but this guy was a pro. i didnt need to do any effort for him copying my answers( isn't that an irony) and well he was copyin real fast. but then i made up my mind. the lil sucker didnt know anything. i as much as helped hm to clear the exam. no way was the punk ass biyach gonna get full 75 coz of me. sweet times r ove brothah. so i covered my entire paper and well he understood.
but he still had by that time obtained neraly 35 marks of the 75 mark paper.
now the deep thinking side of me got to work. i was wondering..we all are talking bout the heavy competition and the IIT, eamcet, eee's AND ALL THIS..AND THEN YOU HAVE THESE GUYS. i mean it was not like he was dub..ok a i'l..but had he put in the requisite amound of effort he wudnt have to find himself in that situation. i feel like he owes me big time for me not reporting his name to the examinar. or duz he? maybe i shud've told him and maybe that wud've taught this dude a lesson..but then he'd be exempted from attempting the paper for 4 years..that wud ruin his yah. but during the next exam if he tries sumthin fucky 'll snap his nuts off his body. enough is enough
anyways..the paper went good...expecting somewhere round 73 somethin...for once i was neat. yaay. now have maths 1 B day after. chilling right now
i noticed that its during the exam time that we gain excess weight. CORRECTION: I gain excess weight. while othrs are losin g weith thru tension and exam blues. this is coz i study in the night. i sit on the chair, i start studyin by 10. and well generaly eat a lot. chips, fizzy drinks, noodles, butter popcorn, idli wada, chicken, biscuits, juice, nachos, chocolate, corn flakes, power bars, subs, sanwiches and whatnots. all have fat and none have nutrition ( well not the enough amound)..resultin in me lookin like a 16 yr old pregnant dude.
oh man life is such a biyach.

Monday, February 28, 2005


Monday, February 28, 2005 14
Da morn

The last month or so…as I’ve confessed I’ve been bunking school. Also, as I’ve confessed haven’t been doing the most important thing one is supposed to do in the night. I WAS TALKING ABOUT SLEEPING! Keep your dirty thoughts to your self. I’ve been studying in the nights and have been sleeping in the day. I’ve realized that‘ve been sleeping more during the exams than I’ve ever slept before. I’m sleeping on an average of 12 hours a day. Yes quite the luxury. My entire current life is in the vicinity of 5 metres radius. TV, Comp, Net, Music system, Junk food. My room is scattered with books all around me. TMH JEE Maths guide, next to which is Morrison and Boyd organic chemistry. In a corner, next to my pillow is “The IITians” by deb, on the desk to the right is the Da vinci code. Above which is Time magazine above which are some text books. On the floor there are few cassettes, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Pop, even stuff of Mohd. Rafi and RD Burman. The waste bin, is filled with empty sachets of Wrigley’s and Munch. And the ACT II popcorn, boxes of cup noodles and few packets of Lays.
Life is great.
It doesn’t feel that I have my board exams in less than ten days. But then gone are the days of tension, when the word exam spurred tension and every time one mentioned the dates, I would be compelled to pay a visit to the loo. No sir. We are very cool now. We dunt Tensionofy over these exams. Have been giving sooooo many of them over the past 6 months that am now bored of them. But that doesn’t mean I don’t take them seriously, just that the tension factor has been eradicated.
After takin frequesnt breaks and finishd part of the syllabus, I realize its 5.36 AM. 5.36 AM in my digital clock, meaning 5.50 in the actual HST, HST my dears is Hyderabad standard time. The stuff that you would get to see on the railway station. Don’t ask why. I like to be ahead of the time. Well at least I like t feel that way. Anyways. I yawn passively, open the door of my balcony and step outside. Its quite cold, but then I’m in my shorts and a tee. I look down from my second floor balcony. Look down at a man walking. Its 5.38 AM. He must be about 60 years or so. Has a walking stick. Walking briskly. Over the compound wall is a small Ramakrishna Ashram kinda thingee. However I get the view of the building’s ass. I, however get a clear view of the caretaker or who ever he is, cottage. Hardly a cottage. Just one room. which is the house belonging to him, his three daughters and his wife. I see the door opening. Its still dark mind you. Quite dark. The owner of the house comes out. Very dark man. Must be about 35-36, in this dhoti. Stretches his hands, yawns, scratches his balls and the adjoining areas, picks his nose and starts to smoke a beedi. I look sideways and I see the old man in his second round of the complex. Tightly clutching to his stick and marching as a soldier. 5.41 AM. I watch the these two side of the coin for a while and notice many things which I don’t want to disclose here time is 5.55 in my clock. I leave my balcony door open. Go inside. Turn on my music system, with Rolling Stones inside. I had bought the cassette 3 days ago and am already in love with it. Man these guys are the shit. They rock totally. I never knew they were soooo good. Plus it’s a live gig of theirs. 2 cassette set. While listening to them for about 20 minutes and also brushing my teeth, I put my sneakers on. I wake up my mom, put the milk inside the house, and also the newspapers and go out. It’s not all that cold now. Time 6.17. the sky is now pink. Birds are chirping and screwing around. Every two seconds I hear a doorbell being rung somewhere, indicating the doodh walla is on time. I start to get out of the complez. Cross the railway tracks. I look down at the tracks while walking instead of looking front. The reason is obvious. There’s a small basti on the other end. It’s the morning. And I love my sneakers a lot.
I reach the other end. Called the necklace. This are has become a new haven for joggers, walkers, motorcyclists going on threesomes, foursomes what nots. The road, not exactly in the same league as the Marina drive, but somewhat of a resembelance to it, was laid about 5 years ago. It’s about 4 kilometres or so I think. I run, walk whatever for one and a half kilometer and then return back, that makes it 3 Kms. That’s enough for me. I am not all that of a fitness freak. While walking I see that the number of hot babes has decreased. They come in the early morning. By 6.30 they are all gone. I had a glimpse of several of them the other day. Wearing loose tees and shorts. But then I had left my house early. So today I had to look at the aunties and the uncles who were nearly 65 and listening to songs through the earphones of their MP3 player and jogging. But this is India, you have to learn to love everyone. Despite their bad breath, dirty toenails, age, intellectual capacity, bust size and gender. It was nearly 6.50 now. I was starting to sweat. People were staring at me for some reason I didn’t realize at the beginning. It then struck me. My hair. And the hair band I was wearing.
The road runs parallel to the railway track. Every 3 minutes or so, the intercity train would come and go in a whisker. The road also circumscribes the Hussain Sagar. And well hussain sagar is good, but not divine. It has mosquitoes swarming its shores. Unfortunately that’s where life got me. These motha fockers jus covered my face till I ran away from them. Anyway, it’s my space so we won’t talk more bout them. So I just walked the rest of the course. Looking at the occasional cars that pass by. The last kilomatre I jog. So I jogged , ad jogged, and for a change jogged somemore. Got tired. Stopped. Panted. Walked. Now I had to cross the tracks. I had to cross three parallel tracks. I was on the third one, there was a train on the first one. It was less than 100 metres from me. I raced it, and then crossed the tracks. And then stood there. Watching the trains cross. Saw all waved to all the people in it. T’was the AP express. Turned away and went back home, again. Reached home. Turned on the TV. The Oscars were playing. But that’s another story…


Sunday, February 27, 2005

Sunday, February 27, 2005 9

so you were wondering how i stay up all night to study? these are my bitches. and also i sleep thru the Posted by Hello

Friday, February 25, 2005

bad timing

Friday, February 25, 2005 12
Well since I have nothing new to write about, since my exams (prefinals) have started I’ve just dig up the dusty past and tell you some thing that will tell you ‘bout my weird nature. I am in an institution which has an integrated programme which takes care of my schooling as well as IIT coaching. Heard of narayana? Well these guys are pretty darn strict. But then early on I found out the key to their heart. MARKS!! Consistency! They don’t as much as lay a finger on students who continue to perform well. I knew that if I had to remain alive I had to perform well. ‘Coz then I’d be let off early from school, I could come late to college prolly take a day off, teachers wud spend extra time with me, and I could do pretty much whatever I wanted.( I havn’t cut my hair for the past 9 months, they have questioned me but have never forced me to cut it, why? Guess?).
So the relevance?
. Anyways , what this narayana does for the JEE students is that it finishes the quaterly and the half yearly by October and then has the prefinals in early feb. so all the time in between goes to JEE. Well…the period we’re talking bout here is October. The eve of my physics exam. I have this habit of studying in the night and sleeping in the day. I come home from school by about 6. eat sumthin. Sleep . get up at about 12.30. start studying from 1.45 till 7 in the morning ( with the umpteen breaks ofcourse). Well , da term studying is a misnomer. I solve problems for 85% of the time and the rest is study theory( most of which is chemistry).
Anyways. I had my half yearly exam in another 11 hours. It was 9 PM. I had 8 chapters to go. 4 of which I was reading for the first time. These 4 were: elasticity, simple harmonic motion, rotational dynamics and centre of mass.
Anyways, I didn’t bother to read the first two kinematics and vectors,( I mean after doing irodov, all this was baby poop). So I started directly with newton’s laws It took me bout 50 minutes b4 I completed it. Then I took over to system of particles, collisions, linear momentum. that got over in bout one and a half hour minutes(man that chapter has too many reasoning questions). Then I went over to rotation dynamics I was reading it for the first time b4 my exam. I had no idea what the fuck moment of inertia was or radius of gyration. Anyways…it took me 20 minutes to jus grasp the concept and to try to relate the analogy of static and dynamics with rotation. By the time I reached the section on how to calculate MOI( using integeration), it was 1.30. I went to the kitchen to get some late night snack, and well sat down. Started to calculate MOI of the sphere..just then a weird idea struck me. The fridge in my room had one carton of orange juice left. I dunno why I did it but. I took it out. I went to my dad’s study. Took out a bottle of smirn off vodka. It was crystal clear as water. The colour duh! Poured some into a glass. Took the glass to the kitchen with the orange juice. Poured in the juice. Took ice cubes. Then a whole of the masalas. Black salt, pepper,chat masala, citric acid etc etc. then a dash of lemon. It looked weird. i actually thought that the vodka would keep me awake all night. I think I should’ve figured out early that vodka wasn’t in any way related to caffeine( I for the spelling). Anyways so I had a sip of it. Well whadya know it tasted jus gr8. I made one more class and put it in the fridge and took this glass into my room. Hmm..integral sinx..sip.sip mmmm….the body rolls without friction..sip sip…just like that 45 minutes swept away. I dunno why my eyes weren’t shutting down as they were supposed to. I still, jus splashed some water inot my eyes just in case. But yea..sip sip continued till the entire thing was over. My eyes were red. It was nearly 3.20 now. Another 2 and a half chapters to go. I decded to take a li’l break..knowing well that if I take a lil np now..i
,gonna screw my physics exam. But then I love physics…and didn’t wannna go to an exam without preparing9 to some extant lol), but all that vodka how would I retain all the info. How wud my brain work. Man! Turned on the music system..was listenin to staind. Man these guys are hypnotic. Felt sleepy. Stopped staind. Put in Iron Maiden. MUCH BETTER!!! Kept me awake all night. Naw I stopped vodka after that. Anyways time was 7.15. I quickly took my bath and by 7,50 I was in the car downstairs waitn for my dad to come. He dropped me at school at 7.59 sharp. Exam was at 8. he was lookin at me and askin, “ kaise chal rahi preparation” I kept quit. Didn’t want him to even guess what had happened bout 5 hours ago. Anyways my eyes were still red and I did look like the guy who didn’t sleep all night ( hmm so tell me somthin I don’t know duh!) people were staring at me all the time. I hate it when they do that. They were saying stuff like rishabh yaar you need sum sleep. Lol! you can say that again my friend. It was now that I was feelin a lil bit drowsy and wanted to just get over wth the paper and tryto get a good score . well I had only my self to blame for my pitiable condition. I was tryin to revise all the conditions necessary for rolling and the likes..and then I started burping..reminding me of the recent experience. I mean technically I did commit a crime didn’t I? I mean underage drinking is considerd offensive under some fuckin section 444.55 sumthin isn’t it? But then cud I say that I only took a sip( multiplied into 45 somethin). Or maybe I thought that vodka releases some sort of vibrations within you which give you super memory ( too filmi), or maybe,,,there was nothing else to drink( too dramatical)….i was horny( umm on the ev of physics exam? Snorts). Ok was just in the moment. I didn’t know why I drank it.b tu well its over now. So screw u r thoughts rishabh and prepare for the exam which is in 5 minutes. 4 minutes now!
Tring! The bell rang.
I came out of the hall. With sweat trickling down my neck. I was thrilled! I thought I’d fail in the beginning. Turned out that I managed to get a 57 out of 60 in the end. And the mistake I made was a fuckin lil blunder in vector addition. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAt?????? Neither cud i. It’s a outrage. But then I was happy with my marks, wasn’t greedy for more. I mean get 57 outts 60 for a drunk man is pretty good isnt it. but then i was lucky that the paper wasnt all that from the part which i revised AFTER drinkin vodka.So that’s that. Now I have my physics prefs in 4 days. Vodka is nearly over. What do I do? Hmmm. Tsk tsk tsk.
- rishabh

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Men's Underwear

Thursday, February 24, 2005 15
Bhavya’s recent post umm “inspired me”?, to post this li’l piece I had written when I was in my eight grade. Ofcourse this one is edited with the recent additions and all that.


For many days I wanted to write on something but didn’t find the right topic. I found my topic yesterday while seeing television- Men’s Underwear. I am quite surprised why it was never written about or been a topic for a debate, which would certainly be for only the messier gender because I personally feel that women can’t handle all that pressure and stink.
I mean really, it has been there since ages; as a matter of fact it was the first form of clothing ever to have been on this planet (back then it was made up of leaves, 100% eco- friendly!) As legend goes, Egyptian civilization underwear was made of linen and was something like the outer covering of the mummies! Indian’s used to wear langotas which are traditional underwear, they have to be tied using a string, and the French, well, it’s all they wear. But in modern times men’s underwear are well underwear, nothing official about it, they aren’t women underwear, which have fancy designs and are made of silk and satin. In other words there’s a lot of plagiarism going on in the underwear world, ‘cause almost all the underwear have the same design. But for ordinary men (or boys) like you and me underwear is a basic necessity like chips, computer games and jeans. I heard in one of the television shows that men really don’t care about their underwear. They abuse it by wearing the same one for a whole week and then use another (they don’t wash the previous one). They keep on using the underwear till every bit of it is battered, torn and farted upon. They keep on using it till the threads comes out and its solid mass cannot hold any other solid mass. I have never understood the concept of advertisement in the underwear industry. The companies make the craziest ads possible and present it to us. One says that it’ll help you fight demons and get the girls while the other says it’s the best thing to naked. And then you have this one where they show female lingerie fly half a mile and falls on a clothes string clinging next to a male counterpart. And then you also have the out of the box weird advertisements where they show your underwear breathing and saying its bacteria resistant. Damn! The media is cruel; they haven’t left anyone or anything.
Some how for some strange reason men’s underwear isn’t associated with sexyness ( I can’t really comment on that since I’m totally straight, I’ll have to confirm it with the ladies). I mean women look beautiful in almost anything. But then, with men its quite different isn’t it? They look good in Bermudas, in shorts, in suits but they look weird in underwear. Try looking at Jack Black( the guy from shallow hall) or even Hugh Grant in some of their movies. They all look repulsive.( ladies back me up on this one. lol).
Nowadays there is this recent trend. With the introduction of low rise jeans and the likes, people have a new fashion statement. Showing the brand of you’re underwear. It’s quite simple. All you do is wear a underwear, with the elastic thingummy (I don’t know what it’s called, jockey calls it a string bikini, some how male and bikini don’t go together) and pull you underwear up and your jeans low so that the brand name is visible (of the underwear of course not of the jeans (duh)) this trend was popularized by the Killer jeans advertisement too.(but then we all don’t have examiners as hot as the model in the ad do we?). Warning: try this only if you have a reputed underwear brand. I mean wearing a brand like “Pammi” sanitary needs of “hero underwear” you don’t really want to try this act. Gonna ruin your style. I wanted to write more about lingerie too but then check the title, ‘t says “men’s underwear”. So I’ll leave it to that. Good morning tyall!

-21stNovember, 2001. Edited on February 23 2005.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

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Monday, February 21, 2005

Have you heard this one?

Monday, February 21, 2005 23
Ok my pal had come over for a nightcoz he desparately needed help in chemistry and since the boards are near i decided to help him out so after studyin making shit go into his head (he wasnt able to understand adsorption)..i decided to call it a day and we started to ya know do stuff. So first of all we spent like and hour online checkin out some sites( naw we outgrew porn in like the sixth grade) and then played some ceaser three, NFS and commandos et al. Later ordered some Pizza from Dominos( decided not to get from smoking joes based on the comments from IMHI)and well all was fine. He has got this CD ..compilation..called BIG courtesy Sony music. Well it was u r average mixture of rock pop hip hop ..included tracks from LP(numb), Maroon 5( this love), evanescence( duh!) and beyonce and stuff. I found three songs that were out of the box.

"Turn Me On"....KEVIN Lyttle/kevyn little ( what evea the fuck man). I had neva heard the entire song before this day had only heard the chorus. Well this day i heard the entire song and it simply as i can say: bizzarely weird. This guy is jus veryweird. He's not totally rap, neither hip hop, umm not totally popjust hangin loose somewhere on the street joints. I dunno. The song started pretty normally with the normal lyrics
"Girl caress my body
you drive me crazy,
turn me on, turn me on"
. fine. no probs. but then he starts to moan n jus blabber crap which is hardly audible. its like he was lickin somebody and trying to sing. Kinda weird when you are not the only guy in the room. Result? Me n mah pal broke down laffin with our hands on our stomachs. It was jus very.. weird , funny weird i mean. But yeah that song was jus too weird,you get the picture dont you.
I love Mandy by westlife. i Dunno. i just looove that song
But my most favorite song in that album was definely Dido's WHITE FLAG. she's magical jusss sooo amazing. I simply love her music( plus shez not all that bad looking wither is she eh DIDO?)
Just that her name would sound weird if we added a "L" somewhere in between. darn aussies!
Any ways.. the last song of the album...Tata Young ka " SEXY NAUGHTY BITCHY".. well we all know the song has nothin to look forward to except the hot chinese babe. I mean the lyrics are jus made. nothin grea except the words sexy naughty bitchy. But then the song hit big time so ho am i to comment? Well the song started normally.. ya know she with he OOOooo's and Aaahs' and then I realised something. It was REMIXED version of the song . And as the case is nowadays with the west. They are having all sorts of remixes..most of them with some punjabi tadka. ( remember Powerless by furtado)... well the punjabi in the song is supposed to make it more dance prone and more of a party song. what it did make it was a "Laugh my ass out" type of song. I mean after the main chorous there is this part where Miss Young goes like " sexy sexy sexy.. naughty naughty naughty, bitchty bitchy bitchy, sexy naughty bitchy me!" in a husky sexy kinda voice( i call it whorish..i know whorish isnt a word yet but it will be soon enough).. she says that ..but after everytime she syas a word.. a punjabi bloke repeats the same thing in his punjabi style. so young goes sexy sexy sexy( in a sexy whorish female seductive voice), follwed by a male repulsive voice sayin saaxy saaxy saaxy. Naughty..naughty naughty( whorish voice)... notty notty notty( male disaster)...and then she's like bitchy bitchy.. and the guy is like OYE! BITCHTY OYEE!! HAI HAI!!
WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!
what the hell is bitchy oye! I just couldnt stop laffing. i was drinkin sprite and spilt the entire thing over myself and my dear precious JD LEE (inorganic chemistry). Man that shit was funny. And that was not all. There was the occasional "haddipa!" and " PURRRRRR!" AND well it was jus too funny to describe. only those whihc have listened to the song before can understand what i'm trying to convey over here. do listen to it if you are lookin for a hearty laugh. damn man!
here's rishabh signing off!
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