Friday, September 30, 2005


Friday, September 30, 2005 6
Every time you see a good movie, you get reminded of all the other good movies that you've seen.
Every time you hear a good song from a particular genre of music, you remember all the other good songs that u've heard from the same genre. The feelin lasts for a li'l while, and then,yeah, the wheels contitnue to tread the road of monotony for a while again.
The same old shit again and again!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

REDIFF kutte kamine!

Thursday, September 29, 2005 0
Yeah man, thats my feelings bout them.

I recently opened a blog on rediff jus fer the heck of it. And kept a link of it here, the link being
Now I click that and the damn blog doesn't come, jus a page with the message of u r blog wasn;t found and shit.
This continued for ova 3 weeks.
Its now that i realise that u are not supposed to write www. while adding rediff blogs to blogrollin, i dunno it was because of my foolishness, or because of rediff's shanpatti. Either ways, i dont wanna blame myself, so that leaves me little choice but....REDIFF kutte kamine.
The new link...look to the right
MY LATEST BLOG(in capitals) will now safely direct you to that site, and it doesn't, then i'm gonna send anthrax virus to all the rediff employees!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Tuesday, September 27, 2005 6
mY brother is addicted to ROCK.
My 8 year old sweet(yet nasty) bro is addicted to stuff i started liking when i was in the ninth grade.
It all started some time ago, 2 years infact. He for the first time hear the hugely popular, How u remind be bY Nickelback. I dunno whether it was the gruff voice of chad kroger, or what. but since then he loves rock. He prolly the only 8 yr old in HYderabad who listens to both KARADI TALES as well as OZZY.
This dude watches MTV as well as VH1 AND ON TOP OF THAT long hours of Hungama, et al.

My dad's amazed. Can't comment on whether thats a green or red signal tho.
Right now my bro's favorite songs are
I dunt wanna miss a thing-AEROSMITH
Be quick or be Dead-Iron Maiden
In the end-Linkin Park
Little by little-Oasis

I just hope he doesn;t like rap that much AT LEAST NOW. let him grow up a li'l bit, coz i wudn't want him to go like, "Go to sleep biyatch, die motha fukha die,Uh timez up biyatch, close ya eyez"
The other day I dunno which rock star he heard it from, he was askin me what, "screw" meant. I told him, it meant drilling.

HEY in a weird way i did tell him the truth didnt!


Monday, September 26, 2005


Monday, September 26, 2005 0
Hey guys guess what?
Chetan bhagat, yes the very same IIT/IIM alumni who wrote the hugely succesfull masterpiece Five Point Someone(FPS), is coming up with another book, titled One night @ the Call Centre. Agreed the name sounds a li'l bit hookerish(is that even a word?), but going by past record, i'm looking forward to it.
The book will be out by mid october this year.
To access the personal website of chetan bhagat, and to check out stuff about the new book..
click here

you'll need a password to access this site..
haha jes kidding
its 463

I dun;t wanna site here and give a lecture on the book, go check the site out.

Saturday, September 24, 2005


Saturday, September 24, 2005 5
I've been eating a lot and i can't stop.OMG thats like such a huge cliche. Yeah whatever. So I decided, might as well make the most of it. So i'm carrying out experiments, that is eating 2 totally different things, and seeing how it tastes. I know i know, tis sounds very nerdy, but me is going to do it.

The followin things will be taken in the order given below, over a span of 7 days.
#Grapes and Mouthwash
#chips with gajar ka halwa
#tea with bradman cookies
#cup noodles with pizza sauce
#Ladoo's with pineapple
#coke with orange juice
#hajmola with center fresh
#krack-jack with sambar

lets see if i live to tell the tale of how it went.results will be posted after a while.

Friday, September 23, 2005


Friday, September 23, 2005 0
Marty desrved to win.
In the words of Forrest Gump, "That's all that I've gotta say bout that"

Monday, September 19, 2005


Monday, September 19, 2005 4
How are you?
I'm FINE, we're all fine!

Arent ya just fuckin pissed when ya hear that. I mean its not even a question anymore.The person askin the question don't even bother what the reply is coz he/she already know. So its more like
Kaise ho, theek ho na?(how're ya, fine?).MAN!
Why do ppl ask it.It has become like this mandatory statement, something like sayin hello while picking up the fone.
Ya know, imagine u call some and somepicks up, and instead of sayin helloooo politely, they ask ya
AIITE SO WHO THE FUCK DYA WANNA TALK TO BUSTER? Now that'll make ya all charged up wunnit, but it'd be a hell lotta cooler, than helooooo innit?
Something similar is with this "fine " thingee.
My masu, as in the husband of me masi(lol) had this long argument, and came to the conclusion that wheneva someone asks us, kya haal hai, i e how are ya- we're gonna say"FATTI HUI HAI" as in we're totally screwd. But thats how it always is isnt it. Life for one second dunt cease to be a hardcore bitch. And trust me everyone single person feels that way dunt they, no one remains happy for a long time, and guess what , no one can stand the other guy being happy for a long while either, so i guess "Fatti hui hai" really sums up the entire life in two words, ya dunt need to read huge books by deepak chopra, osho, sri sri sai sai yadda yadda . And on that note, plz excuse me, i have to crap, so buh bye!
And by the way i didnt have a sudden attack of paranoia, i am perfectly normal, but i just wanted to write this. so long

Friday, September 16, 2005

NaOH vs HCl

Friday, September 16, 2005 2
Right! So today was our second practical class. We started with voulmetric analysis. Yesterday was the first. Our firt experiment was to determine the concentration of sodium hydroxide with Hcl being the standard solution i.e whose conc. is known.
The thing was, we had the pippet through which we had to suck NaOH upto a certain level indicated on the pippet itself( 20 ml). Yesterday we were practicing using water, since this was our first lab class. I was like jeez man, wtf is this crap.
Anyways, today was the real thing. We were using dil Hcl ofcourse. So me pal n me started doing the experiment. Every thing was going fine, we were getting marginal accurate readings, we had a nice spot by the window, the pyramids of the record books acted as decent chairs. We were taking turns sucking the pippet. While one would do that, the other would do stuff like washing the apparatus, handling the burrete etc.
"Reading no. 4" I jotted down on my observation book.
Everything was smooth, and then suddenly
"Aaargh!, pppha! phew," I had sucked a little too much, and it went all the way into me mouth. I was like , "Rishabh what the fuck is u r problem man, u've just taken in caustic soda, the stuff that squishes u r proteins and makes u r skin to pulp". I spat the shit. It tasted not all that bitter, it was just weird. Tasted a little like flour, but then the taste was the last thing on my mind wasnt it, it ws my tongue that i was worried bout!!!
I screamed, "PANI!!!!". My pals , who possesed a little bit of smartness, got me a glass of water, or shall i say a flask of water, or shall i say a flask of water from the same tap under which we wash the apparatus. But this was not a time to think bout all that crap. For a split second i thought what if the water+NaOH mixture explodes in my mouth, but the idea evaporated the second i thought of it, the absurdity of the moment stooped me to this level of thinking!
So i drank the water, gargled and spat at the sink. People started staring at me. Some puzzled, some smirking, some just staring. T'was weird, weird i tell ya. But this isnt the worst of it all. The after affect. My tongue started to get this burning sensation. It was as if a lil kid with large claws was scratching my tongues surface again and again mercilessly. It was awful. And it didnt stop. It is STILL fucking burning, though the intensity has decreased exponentially. My friend gladly agreed to do the remaining of the suckin of the pippet, thank god for him. I am content with writing readings and filling up flasks, for atleast another 2 classes.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


Thursday, September 15, 2005 4
Yep this sunday was surely that.
I came back from the college by about 12.30, after by weekly IIT test, which i had done OK-ish, compared to my much much better performance the previous week when i'd got the AIR-7 in the All AP test, but then we're not here to brag about me , or are we, not now anyways. I had made plans with my mum to go shoppin for trousers.
My mama( as in the bro of me mum), tagged along. In the car we had a pretty interesting discussion. I dunno how it started, but somehow we drifted to the topic of bathing. I was told that Western people didnt take bath everyday. I was shocked. I was like, "No kidding, how come mum?" She was like didnt you know that. I told her, surely no. I mean it was kinda hard to imjagine that. Then went into the history that to begin with Uk didnt have enuf water, and then their lifestyle is such that they dont require regular bath, coz they dunt accumulate so much dust as we do, coz most of the time either they're in their air conditionered car, or their hoe or their office, hence they dont get all that dirty, but here the situation is different, I mean you go to the local mart and u come back soaked with dust and dirt and all that. My mamu reacted sayin that, "Ah now i remember, while i was staying at this one Mr. Andrews residence for a few days in canada, once his wife confronted me while i was going to the bathroom, and asked where i was going, and i told her i was going to take a bath, she looked all puzzled up and asked me 'But you just had a bath yesterday didnt you?' I didnt really understand what the hell THAT was all about, now i get it."
So i asked my mom, "so duz this mean that julia roberts baths once in like 4 days". the reply i received was , "maybe who knows". "Hmmmm."
This isnt over you know.
How could it be possible, perhap mom is mistaken, ciuld she?What if she isnt? I mean she has trotted half the globe. No wonder there is so much demand of Deo in the world today.Its got me to thinking.
Dad came back from singapore today. I asked him. He told me its all rubbish and that all people take bath everyday. HMMMMM!!! Now whats this? How can there be a contradiction here.
I still dunt know whom to believe.

Friday, September 02, 2005

collision course

Friday, September 02, 2005 3
i wanted to post something bout this album.

so having heard the encore/numb- about 2 months ago which i loved the moment i heard it, i wanted to get my hands on the album. but then it wasnt availible in india, and i would receive a really weird expression from the guy who works at planet m ( and who supposedly has a very good knowledge bout rock), for he would think i am a dick, for generally rappers such as jay z dont sing along with bands linkin park. i placed an order 4 times at planet m and twice at music world. i was reminded of the times when i would go to the stores and place an order for highway to hell by AC/DC, the spellbinding album with the spectacular title song, which by the way is the most requested song on the radio in the radio. i never did get highway to hell in hyderabad. i had to ask my dad to get it from london when he went there fer a conf.
so aneways, days passed, and suddenly, as though the message was godsent, i saw an advertisement of the album(i didnt know the name ofcourse). It was called Jay Z and LP collision course.
15 hours later i was at the music store. very excited i grabbed a copy of the album. though i must admit i was sort of disappointed. ONLY 6 FUCKIN SONGS! Not done, not fair. And yes charged a full 400 bucks for the CD, i bought the cassete instead.

So as far as the album goes, i'd give it a 8 outta ten. but dont go by that marking scheme, coz i have my own standards. britney gets a 2(but then thats what she deserves). so the album is pretty rocking . the numb/encore is by far the best. i mean the beat is jus awesome and Jay Z is great. then there is the points of authority one which is pretty good too. the first song of the cassette lying from you/dirt off your shoulder is paralled with numb/encore. its got one of the best startings i've eva heard( reminded me of the daredevil OST by Fuel, another awesome band)
but then yea, the album is pretty good, and then there's the little thing bout linkin park: YOU CAN NEVA GET BORED WITH THEM! though i must agree, there are some stains on the moon. one of the song H to the Izzo/In the end was below par. You see, the goes like this, each song is actually a fusion of two songs, one from each artist. Although the lyrics are fused, the music is only from one o the songs. so the ones with the LP music are just heavenyl, but i'd like to raise my eyebrows fro the ones of Jay Z, for they arent that good as those of LP, but then rap fanatics would prolly disagee. For e.g in the case of the above mentioned song, you'd expect something really rocking since the song is IN the End, but then the music of the complementary Jay z song is just the opposite, its like a 70's dicso theme, quite pissin off really. but other wise, the album is pretty darn ok. atleast it works for me

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