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Disclaimer: This post is with reference to people of my age group or somewhere close, so if you're 4 years old or 35 years, the thoughts might not apply to you. But then again, I'm not preaching. So sure, go ahead read.

Holidays. Now it is a relative term is'nt it? The word "plan" is almost synonomous with holidays. The moment we declare to someone that we have our holidays going on, they just HAVE to ask "So, what are your plans". They just HAVE to know.
Something is always expected to be done. Free time, is meant to be utilised meaningfully and efficiently. Why? Because otherwise its wasting time.Why? Because this time will not come again.
So everytime we(or atleast me) get a long break, we make up a list in our head, as to what to do this time. We feel that now, since we have holidays, we can do so many things, because we're FREE(do you see whats happening?). You feel you are free, because you have holidays, as though the rest of the time you were religiously doing your work like a Subba Rao.
Subba Rao is defined as the every day office going sincere guy, now this classic definition was given by my friends on Orkut

Ok! So now you have this list of a thousand(am I exaggerating? Really?) things in your head, that need to be DONE. Things like shedding the extra fat. Watching "tons" of movies, visiting places,reading.

Now lets face it. How many of us actually end up doing this? Yeah, some of you feel we make excellent use of our time. Congrats you are one amongst a very very, trust me on this one, VERY small community(hey when I said "feel", I hope you actually mean, otherwise I sleep whole day and say that I made excellent use of my day). Its virtually impossible to make "excellent" use of one's time. Its just not done. Yeah, we often hear things such as, "focus", "dedication", "commitment". Most of the time we arent that focussed. We're focussed to some extent, but not to our full potential. Now we shouldnt be surprised at this. The science students, who have studied basic physics, know that the "ideal" scenario doesnt exist. There IS no perfect machine, there IS no perfect fuel, there IS no perfect presidential candidate(obviously in INDIA, the president can't do much, so he should just wear a name tag saying "hello, I love peanuts"). Hence, we can safely assume that there is no perfect brain, which can utilise all the time it has got. Hence perfection is a relative term used to signify who is the least dumbest, or who is the least wrong, or who is the least boring amongst a group of people.

Coming back to time management, the strange thing is that when we dont have holidays, most of us are actually more focussed than when we have holidays. Now this is simple enough right? So what does it tell us? WHEN YOUR ASS IS ON FIRE, YOUR GOD DAMN EFFICIENCY INCREASES. Obviously according to the second law of thermodynamics, the efficiency will not be cent per cent, but oh well.

Its because we're so excited to do so many things, we actually forget the essence of it. We read a novel, because we feel its something interesting, not becase we have to just read it. We have to lose weight because we want to get back in shape because it gives us confidence, so quit imagining yourself getting laid by Tera Patrick. So one reason is because the whole aim of getting a job done is lost.
Another reason why things seldom get done is becase we dont have proper guidance. Trying to teach ones self the computer language C
from a book takes time. You're much likely to complete the course(leave alone being fairly decent in it), if you learn it from some institute under proper guidance. You're definetely much more likely to shed those extra pounds if you enroll yourself in a proper gym with guys to train you there, rather than just go to the gym and pretty much fool around with the machines there and ending up seriously messing up that fragile body of yours.
Another addition to the list of distraction and probably the one that is potentially the most perilious of them all is the Internet. Yes, the internet is an ocean of knowledge, a treasure house and atmosphere of intellect, Ok now for the reality: How many of you log on to the net with the intention, "Today I am going to learn something new and useful, because the internet is a powerful advantage that I possess and must use it wisely."??
My point exactly.
Yahoo messenger, Orkut, Hi5, You tube. Damn!
I wanted to read so many books this summer, managed to read a few: The Fountainhead, Freakonomics, works of Khushwanth Singh and few other disappointing starts.
After watching Tom Dick and Harry, I had vowed not to watch the rubbish being made in bollywood for the rest of my holidays, and will dedicate myself towards experiencing classics(indian and western).
As of now I've seen Fanaa, Gangster, Krrish, Superman Returns and The Angrez(The Angrez has to be one of the FUNNIEST movies ever made).
Classics: zilch
I wanted to travel, visit pune, bangalore and whole lot of other places. Finally all saw was Jammu and Delhi, the hottest places to be in summer. Ok the jammu trip was more of a compulsion but every bit worth it. Getting to meet cousins is a good compensation for getting your ass burnt at 44 degrees.
A lot of time was spent Orkutting, Instant Messaging, hanging out with friends, driving lessons(ok not much just an hour a day), talking on the phone.

The guilt of not doing much in the holidays was overshadowed by the joy I got in spending time with my near ones. In the end, what matters is how you look at things.

Monday, July 17, 2006

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I love sales. Especially when it has to do with branded stuff. Especially shoes!
I had to get a pair of sneakers because the other one despite serving me almost 2 years, was in a pitiful condition. Plus it was part of the college shopping list, SHOES. One pair formal, another informal. The latter remained unticked in the list.
So, shoes is one department where I always prefer branded stuff because of the durability.
So we set off for the ADIDAS store, there is some sort of sale going on there. I spend nearly an hour there, making the poor guy there bring nearly 7-8 pairs, always finding some problem or the other. Too white, too expensive, too many features, too fucked up....finally I liked one, that too quite reluctantly. I decided I would visit the Reebok store just 40 yards away, and if I didnt find anything there, I'd come back here and buy this pair.
Went to the reebok, didnt see any sale offers put up. Went in anyways. Now Reebok store made the adidas one look like crap. These guy had a huge shoe collection, and I mean huge! Generally the shoes are placed on a small stand on the wall, we see them, select them tell the guy we like it, he goes into the store room, gets the shoe of our size, and thats how it goes. This shoe stand is generally as high as a normal person (5'7) can reach by stretching his hand. Reebok's wall had shoes on it upto a 2 storied building. I am NOT kidding. This is the store next to the Loft shop in panjagutta(Non hyderababis, dont even bother).
I was staring at all of them like a puppy with his tongue hanging out of his mouth.
I put on some pairs and finally selected one I liked. The model of the shoe is called "Tempo Runner"

another angle

Now as I get up, the guy there tells me that there IS an offer going on. With every purchase of 2490 and above, you get a Reebok shoe worth 2490 free. And the free one is pretty good too, as generally one wouldnt expect it, during sales like these. Its awesome I tell ya!!!

acha this is the free one, its called 3D Runner LP, here's another pic of it

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Saturday, July 15, 2006 7

This is going to be my home for the coming 5 years (if things go as planned). I've got admission into the Msc(hons) Economics course of BITS, Pilani. For the ones who arent acquainted with the Msc(hons) programme of BITS, its a dual degree, which means I get to do Bachelors(BE) in Engineering as well as a subject of my choice(I chose economics). The engineering degree depends on your first year CGPA
As far as I know, BITS is the only college in INDIA which offers such flexibility. So, Woohoo!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Latest Johar Flick

Friday, July 14, 2006 0
Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna
Yeah this is the latest movie from the Johar house of films. Karan Johar is gay agreed, but his movies arent as gay as him.
I quite liked Kal Ho na Ho.
Right, so the cast is also a typical KJ cast filled with all his buddies, Big B, Abhishek Bachchan, SRK, Rani Mukherjee and Priety Zinta. It apparently has cameos by Riteish(WTF is wrong with ritesh) Deshmukh and Arjun Rampal.
Story is supposed to be that SRK is married to Priety where as Rani is married to Bachchan Jr. Now things would be chilling as long as each couple minds their own business, but by chance or fate or whatever you call it, SRK and Rani meet, and become buddies, and then probably something more?? Wait for the movie. Yes, Big B is supposed to be this flamboyant(a la Vijay Mallya) daddy of Bachchan Jr.(How original) I think Karan is addicted to NYC. Because this one is NYC based too.
Here's the trailer of the movie,

The music of the movie was released in mid june(according to wikipedia), and the movie is scheduled to release in India on August 11. Awww, I will either be near a beach or in the middle of a desert by then.

There is this one song called MITWA in the OST. And Oh My God, its awesome! It really is, I just heard it once on TV during one of these promotional shows and fell in love with it instantly. You know we often come across these songs, whose punch line sounds oh so wonderful, but when you listen to the entire song, You sigh in despair and disappointment. But for once you wont be disappointed with this one. MITWA is really good, I've been listening to it all night today(or tonight whatever). Here's the link to the song as well.

P.S: Please Please Please, for the love of god(or satan), call the movie by its full name instead of KANK, KANK has to be the worst short form of any movie ever made!

Friday, July 07, 2006

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While talking to my friends, we occasionally use the word RnM i.e Raped and Murdered, to strike a comparision. For example: "Hey dude staying in his class is worse than getting RnM." And we have a good laugh, because the context here isnt a serious one. But what when someone is getting RnM? And what if everyone knew the accused was guilty(even the judge)? And what if after all evidences(such as DNA sampling), the accused still roamed free?

Justice, in any form, shouldnt be denied. Delaying it for a 10 year span is as good as slapping the victim on the face and telling them to get lost.

Priyadarshini was a third-year law student at Delhi University, when she was found strangled in her uncle’s Vasant Kunj residence. She had been raped, injured 14 times and then strangled with a wire

The main accused Santosh Kumar Singh was her senior in college.On the morning of January 23, Santosh was seen knocking for entrance into Priyadarshini's uncle's house, where she was living, in the Vasant Kunj area of Delhi.

On january 23rd, she was found dead in her apartment. Evidences point to the fact that she was raped, before being strangled to death by an electric wire and her face battered by a motorcycle helmet, beyond recognition.

Delivering the judgement, the Additional Sessions Judge. J.P. Thareja said of Santosh, that though he knew that "He is the man who committed the crime," he was forced to acquit him, giving him the benefit of doubt.Further adding,"The CBI in the matter of DNA evidence has not acted fairly. It tampered with the evidence of clothes of the deceased and also the blood sample of the accused."

I guess that says it all.

Following a public outcry, the CBI then appealed the district court's verdict in Delhi High Court in April 2000. But there have been no presentation of evidence or hearings in the Delhi High Court well into early 2006.

Meanwhile, according to his lawyer, Santosh Singh got married in 2004, and as of February 2006, was leading a happy family life and practising law in Delhi.

Sunday, 23rd July is her birthday. A war cry for justice in the heart of Delhi, a protest that shakes the pillars of the Govt. and one demand - Let justice be delivered immediately.

Are you ready to give her justice?

Join us :

Time: 4:30 p.m.
Date: 23rd July, 2006

To sign the Petition for retrial in Priyadarshini Mattoo Case click here:


Here is the CNN-IBN Video on the topic.

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