Saturday, November 26, 2005

bozo the clown

Saturday, November 26, 2005 2
as things start to happen frequently, they become more passe, ok maybe with the exception on sex, but then most things do. anyways, the same has happened to me. i am so used to people stare at me that i actually awkward when people start ignoring me. however, today the frequency of heads turning in my direction was unsually high. every tom dick and harry, every ram, rahim and randy, every venki, junkie and hankie were staering at me, and then giggling. i didnt know what that was all about. at first i thought it was the rugged beard, but then whats so funny bout and unkempt face. no not the beard, definetely the hair? but no the gaze was at my face, on on the stuff on top. this was weird. as i found out later, its coz i look like a clown quite literally. i have a little pimple-esque rash sorta thingy on my nose, which has given my nosey a pink appearace, a hue of pink which stands out with respect to my face's color. i truly now resemble bozo, so lets raise our goblets to honor the bozo. cheers.
peace out yall

Thursday, November 24, 2005

hmm well what do i say?

Thursday, November 24, 2005 3
Try filling this blank with YES or NO.

--------------- I dont have a Brain.

who said english was easy.

courtesy:caferati,hyderabad-google group.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Monday, November 21, 2005 2
the horror...the horror....

Sunday, November 20, 2005


Sunday, November 20, 2005 4
I have my FIITJEE part-1 AITS in another 8 hours. damn. i've not read the entire course. i've left out three chapters, solid state in chem, areas and diffrential equations in maths. solid state i can manage, tis only the maths thing thats scaring the shit outta me, will try to brush up with the basics now, and leave the rest to fate, though i know that's like crap, with the new model, things are gonna be different, you cant neglacted any thing now, coz if by chance ya get a paragraph or a write up on that topic, its like 15 marks or so down the drain . and as my maths prof rightly pointed out, ne paragraph can eliminate half a lakh students!
pray for me aiite?
peace out yall

Saturday, November 19, 2005

gettin words out of your mouth

Saturday, November 19, 2005 0
Being in a "corporate college" gets you exposed to the real world, something you dont really see that often in u r school. the financial divide is move evident here, the narrow mindedness of the people is again more visible, you take time to adjust but when you do, you make great pals, u make pals that actually help your academics, that is, salaam namaste being a sucky movie isnt the only thing ya discuss, but most of all its the teachers. their semi-english lecturs, ungrammitical sentences, really bring a smile to u r face. Here are some of them, as a token of my respect to them, i've changed their real ID's, coz as far as teaching is concerned, they're all god like.

"so just we started oxidation, just we completed it"
"Ok don't confuse, let them write, isn't it?"
"You have to add Leaving group, leaving group, leaving group, an see then, ah!"
(this one is just too funny)
"billion's of dollars, that is, millions of rupees, the silicone industry is huge"
"there is a difference between real and artificial diamond, ZrO4 is zirconia, they're artificial or american diamonds"
"so it could be because there is some strain, or also could also be some disturbance due to strain of molecule"
"P205 reacts with oxygen forming P205, okay, what did i just say?"
"your answer is correct but i will tell you where you went wrong."
"nitrogen forms nitrogen"
"molecular weight and BP are related to molecular weight"
"so those whose all got ethers are correct, and remaining you know"
"Between zero and one, step of x is step of x"
what he meant was step of x was equal to x, thats what he wrote on the board, but this was a slip of the tongue, and we were roaring with laffter.
"Ozone was discovered accidentally, ozo means i smell, I-S-M-E-L-L!"

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

the best comedy sit come eva....

Tuesday, November 15, 2005 7
Its a pity that so many people believe that FRIENDS is the funniset thing they eva saw on television. It's not true you know. It's just that they've got the hype, now that the crew is so popular and earning a million per episode. And plus FRIENDS aint all THAT funny either, its ok-ish. I'd rate Everybody luvs Raymond five notches above FRIENDS.
But thas not da point here. I believe that SEINFELD is the funniest show eva, and i mean THE funniest . I mean the tag-line should be enough to get you attracted to it."THE SHOW IS ABOUT NOTHING". The show began in the early 1990's, and jerry seinfeld and larry david's exquisite chemistry worked wonders. I dont even wanna go into the statistics and tell ya how many awards it got an stuff. Kramer, the fucking retard was jus amazing. Its funny how many people in India, i mean the ones who watch sitcoms arent aware of seinfeld. earlier it used to come on zee english(which apparently changed its name to zee cafe, in the words of maya sarabhai, so middleclass), now its being re-run on star world. i truly believe jerry's sense o humor is just brilliant, un paralleled yet. YET. The one on underwear, the one about jeering, the one where elaine speaks as a sexy whore into jerry's taperecorder, all those are just amazing. the episodes are actually so funny that you roll over laffing. the thing is that there are a lot of funny shows, but some how the general public doesnt want to appreciate them. take for example TITUS. not that was one seriously funny show, but it didnteven rum more than a year. it was freakishly different, its attitude, the recaps, zach. all were great. and to top it off, titus himself was marvellous, but the indian audiences didnt get him properly, they kicked his ass, seeti bajake.
what really pisses me off is that when people come up to me and say, hey didja watch full house, its so cute. CUTE? if you want cute, go to the nearby aunty's house, and watch her son for an hour drooling and crapping all over. agreed that full house is ok, but comparing it to the greats like seinfeld is just atrocious.
Ok i sound freaky and drugged now. dunno what came ova me. just had a row with a pal ova something similar. anyways, have a nice day yall

Monday, November 14, 2005

socks and machchar

Monday, November 14, 2005 0
my apartments has a great location. its in the heart of the city yet away from the main road and the heat of the traffic, quite unbelievable right, butt amazing isn't it? i know. so then, my room's balcony faces some ramakrishna tirth thingee, some devotional educational fusion builing, anyways what i mean is that my balcony has a lot of free space, and the air that i get is fresh and not suffocated, the real problem thought coz of this, comes in winter, when its soooo cold. I know my pals in North Amercia would be screaming "fuck you's" at me right now, since the cold here isnt anything like the ones in US, but then again, for my level its pretty harsh, so i've started wearing woolen socks in the house along with shorts, i dunt wanna wear trousers in the house, too crampy(try sitting with pants on for 8 hours on the chair in the house), but tis ok, cold i feel my toes and hands gettin cold only, surprisingly not the legs and face, weird eh? i know. so i went shopping the other day and got me self tons of socks and accessories. hope they last till the summer, since i plan to use them extensively.
also surprisingly there are no mosquitoes this season duno why, mebbe they all got AIDS, or got castrated, whateva, they're gone, xcept for the lone rangers that come once now or then. so yippe for that as well.
that's all fo now

Friday, November 11, 2005

the clash between two monsters

Friday, November 11, 2005 2
The IIT-JEE coaching has become a nessecity if one wants to get into the campus.Narayana and FIITJEE are the two biggest names in the coaching industry, amidst all the hating and controversies these two institutions are still the most popular(brilliant is dying guys). I am associated with both since i recently enrolled for the FIITJEE one yr AITS(All India Test Series). I knew that these two rivals has no love for each other, but coz of that we students are to suffer. The difference in portion is unbelievable. I am almost studying upto 15 chapters at once nowadays.
so its inorganic chemistry, ist year chemistry, equilibriums, nuclear, mechanics(full), modern physics, ray optics(both wave and geo), organic(everything except carbohydrates and amino acids),entire calculus,permutation and combination, the binomial theorem- and all thyis needs to be done b4 20.
these narayana guys are damn smart, they know students will opt for FIITJEE aits than for Narayana AITS(look it even sounds cheap), so they have changed the teaching pattern, so that students are forced to shun FIITJEE in the back seat. Lets wait and see how it goes.
The next week or so is quite hectic for me, with exams and olympiads and shit. damn!
nov13-Weekly AIEEE exam
nov20-Fiitjee AITS
nov24-MTG's NSO
nov27:NSEC/NSEP(Nat standard exam in chem/phy, both on same day)
nov 27:narayana open test(this one i'll prolly miss)

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

so this is how people come to my blog?

Wednesday, November 09, 2005 9
these are the keywords typed at various search engines which provided a link to my blog, in the past 3-5 days
1. fiitjee
2. how do u have an orgasm?
3. integral of sinx
4. books for jee
5. whatever things
6. rishabh kaul
7. alabama state
8. inorganic chemistry by o.p.tandon
9. boobs - monica belluci
11. solved questions on 11th standard cbse
12. Trigonometry by SL Loney
13. naughty and fun sexy things
14. solved examples on progression
15. kutte kamine
16. to open mathematics for iit-jee R.D.Sharma book
17. \"Organic chemistry\" questions by Bruice
18. sexy things to do with your ex

the ones that i found highly queer are number 2,9,10,13,15,16,18
tha's all for now
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