Thursday, July 21, 2005


Thursday, July 21, 2005 6
Yup datz me response to the latest potter book. it is by far the worst book so far.
this one is about 200 pages short the last one, and bout 150 bucks more, but then i dont care bout all that, its the content that matters.
the books is ok=ish, i mean u dont really learn much from the book apart from the fact that voldemort's mom wasn't much of a great looker and was a huge horny bore, or that ron smooches lavender brown the instant he sees her in order to jealousyfy hermione, but later gets sick of her(brown), or that this nu dude called slughorn is a weird character.,
aneways, this this bit bout horcruxes, that is its an object in which ya keep part o u r soul so that u cant die until the horcruxes are destryoed( remember sumthin bout undertaker from wwe?) anyways, the book is a drag. yawn! yea snape is the half blood prince, i.e his surname is prince and hes a half blood, malfoy is a death eater (draco), and well yea dumbledore dies.killed by snape
other tit bits include: the french hottie fleur delacour eez marryin bill weasley, snape finally gets ta teach defence agnt the dark arts, ginny hooks up with harry and then later is dumped by him( oik thats a strong word in this context), the twins are this tycoons now, earnin like hell, also tonks has the hots for lupin despite their massive age difference, a la padmalaksmi and rushdie, ok that was a cruel comparision.
and well not oone page inj the book featurin DA DARK LORD!!!!!
i'd give this book a 6 outta 10.
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