Sunday, October 30, 2005

magazines and stuff

Sunday, October 30, 2005 0
two of my close pals are releasing their magazines. one here in hyd and the other in b'lore. so while my blore pal was in the city quite recently, we arrived at this topic. so i told her bout the other mag, whose name is HUE. i was telling him how it was going to be names FYI b4, but that idea was dropped. well thats pretty obvious isn't it, half the people wudn't know what it meant, something like ROTFL or LOL!
so we were discussing bout other names that magazines could have....i told him how bout WTF. we just cracked up laffing at each other's faces. then we came up with this convo that one would have with the guy in a shop asking for this mag. so one would go like, "hey man give me this, mag?"
"which one sir"
"what the fuck man"
"excuse me sir?"
"what the fuck man, give it to me"
"sir i suggest you cool it"
"huh, what did i do?"
or if there was some sort of an awards ceremony, the compere would go like, "and now for the best new comer of the year award, and the winner is, hmm, what the fuck".

Sunday, October 23, 2005

pity, movies and cable

Sunday, October 23, 2005 5
i think pity sucks. i know of people who try to hurt themselves so that people will pity them. Or they try to say stuff that'd make the other person feel really speechless and awkward. why do people do this. whats the big deal about pity. why is it such a big deal. and then there are the ones, who scream at others who pity them but innerly they WANT others to pity them. now thats just quite bizzare isn't it?
one a different note, i was watching the movie lakeer the other day, twas coming on star one. the problem with commercial films is that they hype a lot bout the starting portion of the film, but by the time the first half and hour isover, you feel like puking. Man i hate movies with too many songs. something we forgot to learn while copying the hollywood. And this one film is peculiar for the reason that the first half of the film is like this huge medley with song after song every 2 minutes, its almost simple harmonic, And the second part, erm..well yes. you get the picture. The thing about John Abraham is that he just looks extremely scare, nevermind what role he's playing.I dont think that he could any other role except for driving really fast bikes, beating up really ugly men, and nailing really hot women( well mostly). but thats just for now, who knows, maybe in the future he do much better, coz thats whats expected from him.Anyways the movie director should be castrated and thats all about that.
moving on,i have decided to remove the cable connection of my tv for the next 5 months. I realise i am one distracted kid. so thats gotta stop if i have to do well in competitive exams, whose portion is just got me pretty screwd.
thought of the day:pick up lines like, "hey dya spit or swallow" ain't gonna getcha any.
and on that thought

Sunday, October 16, 2005

aint this cheap?

Sunday, October 16, 2005 2
"*250MB inbox available only in the 50 United States, District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. Eligible Hotmail users will first receive 25MB at sign-up. Please allow at least 30 days for activation of your 250MB storage to verify your e-mail account and help prevent abuse. Microsoft Corporation reserves the right to provide 250MB inbox to free Hotmail accounts at its discretion."

this is written on the bottom left side of the sign-in page. has any one of you checked it out? when you have rediff, gmail, yahoo offering you more than a GB worth of space, msn comes up with this shit. 250 mb? that you u have to be an american, other wise 25 mb? jeez man. i mean you could given thema fake addy saying you are in US. but still u'd still get only 250 mb. with cool sites like gmail, i doubt if ppl will still use MSN. even their messenger aint that great.

Monday, October 10, 2005

i dont know ok?

Monday, October 10, 2005 5
my computer got screwd(aakhir computer kiska hai??), so i have to do all my blogging, emailing, browsing, from the tacky cafe thats bout 100 yards from my home. I go to this place like one in 4-5 days. As it is in most cases, internet parlours(too much respect by calling this place that) and phone booths are synonomous. So as i am typing this entry now, i am also listening to a girl talk on the fone to someone.
ok since, i can only hear one voice, it'd be stupid to be like girl:blah blah blah
girl:blah blah blah, so taken fer granted that the girl is doing all the talking. here goes:

arre! baba nahi nahi.
chalo gopi ko phone do. do na! gopi ko phone do na.
aare dimaag mat khao plz, gopi ko phone do.
(i assume gopi is someone whom she has the hots for)
gopi, mein tumse bahut naraaz hoon.
arey, kya matlab kyu?
kfnkf(some other gal, can't make out who) ne kaha tum usse pyar karte ho.
maine suna tha
dekho acting shacting mere saath math karo pleaz
nahi re, mein tujhse abhi bhi naraaz hoon.
mujhe bahut dukh deta hai tu.
(i realise i had to make a phone call too, as i have to tell my maid, i'd be returning after a while, so as i went over to the other booth, i got a glimpse of this mystery woman from the dark glass cubicle she was yapping in. aaaaaaaaaaah!, i dn't think anything more needs to be said)

for some strange reason, her conversation seems insipid, devoid of the myterious fog it once possesed( which was like 2 mins ago). ok we should not look at people from the dark cubicles from where they make secret phone calls to guys who cheat on them. man its so depressing. or maybe it was just the dark glass, that made her look the way she looks. but then it isnt my fault is it? is it? i didnt know what was in store for me, god damn her and her sexy misty voice.
anyways times up guys.
buh bye!

Saturday, October 08, 2005


Saturday, October 08, 2005 4
We have our organic chemistry classes at 7 AM sharp.

Todays class was interesting, alcohols and revision of back log syllabus. Our teacher gave us a problem involving multiple reactions and the final product was an ether.
Yours truly was amongst the very first to answer in the class, because he so loves organic chemistry, however thats not the point. After i shot my answer at him, and he slyly nodded. he said

"Ok, to the question, those whose all got ethers, this is correct, and remaining all, you know'.

now that statement has about 50 meanings depending on which word you stress on and what you make of it. i was laffing at it for like 20 mins. but finally when you listen to the statement, it doesnt make any sense at all.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

A Fucking hard thing to do

Saturday, October 01, 2005 7
A list of the 13 really sexy women , according to me.
Get the word right, SEXY, not pretty, not beau, not down to earth, plain sexy and maaaaaay be a li'l cute too, wad da heck man!
In no Particular order

Jessica Alba

Anna Kournikova

Keira Knightly

Angelina Jolie

Charlize Theron


Estella Warren

Cameron Diaz

Tara Reid

Carmen Electra

Liv Tyler

Monica Belluci

Maria Sharapova

Other notable mentions who would've made it earlier but not now:
Yasmeen bleeth, had she not been such a hard core druggie

Christina Aguilera, see being dirty was cool, being slutty was not.

Bipasha Basu, I dunno, shez just such a turn off now that shez not gettin any good roles.

Pamela Anderson: Oh the reasons keep on flooding, dumb enuf to ruin her life by gettin the fucked up disease of her mad ex ex ex hubbie lol, Hey lady do sumthin so that u r boobs would stop growing, they're twice your ass bitch, and she ain't much of a looker either now is she?

Jennifer Aniston:Every passing day, shez looking more like a man, coz of that really weird V shaped jaw that she has.

Katie Holmes: Shez sooo cute, you cud neva eva call her sexy

If ya like themand would like to add sme more, go on share a comment, if ya don't
then you have no business here, go to

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