Friday, April 29, 2005

why why why????

Friday, April 29, 2005
why am i so weird?
its a question i have asked myself so many times. why do i do stuff that 90% of the public doesnt( no nutthin fetish).

why is it that i havnt cut my hair for the last 11 months despite the glares i get from the college authorities and the tormenting of me pals.

why is it that i eat at odd hours. dinner at 3 am, lunch at 6 pm and no breakfast, since i'm eatin all night long?

why is it that i don't sleep in the night( ok just for the record, i aint a gigolo) and instead sleep in during IPE classes.( ok thats an easy one)?

why is it that i put the AC at 17 degree when the outside weather is 34 degrees, and so when i go out i feel all humid and baked?

why is it that i eat so much of anzac cookies?(18 packs the last week), but then they are so good.

why is it that i am in a stable state of being fat. coz whether i eat tons, or nutting at all, my eyes see the same 2 digits on the weighin machine( i wont disclose it re)?

why is it that i wasted 5 months of my 11th on the fuckin irodov and didnt yield much while others were solvin the not-so-brilliant HC verma, and seriously, why is resnick and halliday such a BORE!!!!!!!

why do i like the ginger chutney more than the coconut one when eatin vadas, idli, dosas? and on that note why do i prefer sambar as the fluid instead of that weird kurma wid my puris?

why is life such a bitch?( ok that was copied from murphy's laws)

why do i wanna get into aeronautical engineering so bad, even though i know i much more brilliant at my chemistry than at physics? and why the hell duz india not have good aeronautical engineering branch, which btw limits itself to defence.

why is nuttin else matters my favorite rock song after sweet child o mine, even tho it isnt exactly totally rock.

why do i prefer AC/DC over pink floyd?

why do i feel rady jack is a crazy ass nigga who doesnt deserve to be on AI, and frankly speakin i'd prefer stevie wonder?

why would i give "friends" a 7 on 10 where as raymond and titus would receive a 10 on 10.?

why do i feel totally grossed out by hieros gamos even tho its supposed be taken in a spiritual way n all tht?

why do i hate bikes and comp games ?


well i guess the truth is out there eh?



There is one simple answer to all these questions, And I know it. If you wanna know it too, all you have to do is ask.


nah i prefer to live in mere oblivion. by the way i was makin a statement.


You're unique man and thank god for that .


Yeah, You're unique.

Just like everyone else.


@rina: oh when r ya leaving for mit?


Well well.
Some things(ALOT of things, actually), are very common between you and me!(for example, I am also a complete nocturnal, and have my food cycles similar to yours!).
Not really worth pointing out every single thing here, so Yay!, Join the Weirdo Club!!!!
[---- --------]


It is very simple Rishabh. See your url. You are cool. Get it? Lol hope that made you feel better.


look there is a strange or wierd part in every one's lives.
it can either be a strange trait in us or a stranger than friction ...well anything.
but the point is some things better be left as they r .
HELLO!!! am i sounding too philosophical???


Rishabh ...that'll be in end-August.


Akhil , isn't that uniqueness thought copied from a t-shirt from the brand "Tantra"?


tut-tut.for an MIT freshwoman, that sounded very naive indeed.

That, young lady, was an Anonymous quote. It's been around for bloody ages. Really.

Oh, and for the record, I first saw it in the graffiti thingy in TOI Sunday Magazine about 6 years ago.

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