Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Strike

Wednesday, August 31, 2005
Today i had no intention of going to college, for i had heard 2 days before that today there would be a strike by the oh so popular and notorious student organisation ABVP.I thought that, why the hell should i go when i'm gonna come bak in an hour anyways. But then due to the changed schedule, according to which we have organic chem in the first period i.e at 8 Am sharp, i made my way to the college. Man u really do need a teacher for organic chem.And besides, i presumed that by the time the class would be over, the protesters would've come.


they didnt come.


we heard some screaming and some chanting
"Bharat Mata Ki Jai"

rrright, as though we were doing sum sort of anti national activities. but then what the hell, they were gonna get us out of the college, so we arent complaining.


i see students leaving the campus. but we're still in the class surely they didnt forget our class. i mean were on the first floor!

Break time.

After our enquiring the JL's(junior lecturer's, who are actually nothing more than the guys who correct our weekly papers and say "shhhhh dont talk), we got to know that it was their fucking loyalty that cost us the day off. They locked the door of our class from the outside, thus giving the ABVP guys the impressions that we had already left.


we are being told to revise the poem "A Little Black Boy". Its bout a lil nigger who is discriminated and is praying to god and is hoping that in the other world, he will be treated fairly.
The Irony of it all.


asd asd

haaha damn funny..


hmm, yea now ya come to think of it. it is, isn't it.

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