Thursday, June 07, 2007

When Orkut results in Death

Thursday, June 07, 2007
We hear about it so often, yet unless it happens to us, we dont tend to take it seriously. Be it having unprotected sex, drinking water which isnt clean or meeting people after getting to know them from chatrooms/social networking sites.
Its hard to figure out a person's intentions when he is online because he can seem to appear anyone he wants to be.
You can state that your passions are Hiking, Bungee Jumping and Rocket Science and that you've got the perfect figure(despite any of that being true). But the power of an avatar or lack of face to face conversations can also help 'psycho's' hide their identity quite effectively.
Recently a girl and guy got to know each other through Orkut, became really close pals, wrote each other sweet testimonials and the works. The guy was already married. They fell in love and met...

Find out what happened next...

Its quite easy to blame all this on fate and take the easy way out, but come on! Be sensible.
This is the guys profile:
(You can still see the girls testimonial I think)

And this is the girl's:

A Tout le monde
Be careful on any social networking site or any of the chatrooms. I know it sounds like I am sermonising here, but its been happening to so many people and its so easy to fall in the trap.



wow! i had heard the story but hadnt checked the profiles.

but, just as if to reiterate how many assholes are there in this world, just check out the comments on the guys scrap!!!


what's more ironic is the girl's scrapbook....ppl have scrapped her asking if she was really dead....very disturbing....


okay....why the fuck is word verification needed to post comments on ur test our literacy???


sap: yeah i know

saurya: i know, they think its a hoax, and the word verifications prevents ppl from selling dildoes and viagras to me through my blog :)

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