Thursday, April 10, 2008

Gone only...

Thursday, April 10, 2008
Remember the chatter about the OBC/SC/ST quota last year. The row which made Arjun Singh into an instant villan and increased the number of hits belonging to his name by a crore-fold. Well, there have been some updates to the whole issue. And they're pretty SHOCKING. The supreme court today gave a nod to the 27% of seats to be given away as charity to the OBC's.
According to Rediff News:

A five-judge Constitution bench cleared the Central Educational Institutions (Reservation in Admission) Act, 2006 providing for the quota, by a unanimous verdict...The verdict came on a bunch of petitions by anti-quota activists challenging the Act. They vehemently opposed government's move saying caste cannot be the starting point for identifying backward classes. The inclusion of creamy layer in the reservation policy was also questioned by the anti-quota petitioners.

Well seriously speaking for all the brouhaha about how the nation's population majorly falls into the above mentioned categories, its tough to accept the fact that most of the people giving the JEE belong to the backward classes. Its also tough to accept the fact that when you go to write the JEE, one of the most competitive exams our country has to offer ( though it has become relatively easier), you're basically fighting for just half the seats, which to begin with aren't a substantial amount.

This decision is going to be implemented from the 2008-2009 academic year across the IIT's, IIM's and other government colleges.

The IIM's are going to be the ones losing the most. Seriously the top management institute in Asia cannot have half the seats( which are around a thousand to begin with) going away by reservations. But from what I know, the reservation factor in IIM's comes only once the candidate has cleared CAT, which makes it a somewhat better process as compared to the "easy" way that seems to be case in the JEE.

I guess now the best thing to do would be to switch on the TV. Every channel will be showing the protests and there will be panel discussions and probably some hunger strikes I suppose as well. This will be followed by satires, editorials and what not. The government is really going to get it this time.

Also, I can almost count the number of seconds before I see every person on my gtalk list change his status message to "Proud to be a BITSian". As proud as I am about my institution, I feel this is a concern for all Indians.



darn you.....for beating me to the post on reservations....yet...applause for the awesome post....and truly said, although I am safe and secure ( as are other BITSians ) is a concern for all Indians....what is really disturbing is that i feel that most of the protestors today are simply doing so because their personal gains/benefits are at stake...once you have escaped those clutches, not many people think much about it...and we shouldn't let this happen....shouldnt let this happen...(dramatic end)


The Supreme court is still to deliver its judgement on OBC reservations in private institutes like BITS... so let's wait for some more time before we change our status msg!

More Reservation @


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binit: I am just thinking of the plight of those 12th graders who are giving JEE in a day.

Sriram: shameless advertising

bill:thanks a ton

Rajat Tibrewal

ref: my post! :)
Your blog looks good. Though you might consider changing the car! The "Wordpressy" feel is cool. Just look out for colour combinations though. The red doesn't match the pic very well.

And congrats on being the "Blog of the Day!"

Reservations: I agree with binit. I dont think we can just sit back just because we are not affected.

Atin Bhattacharya

I'm sure we've already talked about your static pages enthu. Still, cool page!

Let's clutch our balls and see if the government has the balls to implement reservations in private colleges and firms.

Atin Bhattacharya

And yeah, congrats for the award!


Haha.. but more importantly, wanted to point out that we need to look beyond agitations (or the feeling of being agitated!).. let's move on and find other ways to tackle the problem...


@rajat: ah feels nice to have a technical discussion where i am not feeling like a dick.

@atin: love

@ram: Yes, thrs true, though I get a feeling that after a point of time, people will just move on. This will surely affect the plcements :P


hey nice template. i personally hacked this one and used it for a long time and loved it. But you know human nature-always loves change. Hence, my hospital look alike template now :)

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