Monday, June 02, 2008

Archer's blogging blunder

Monday, June 02, 2008
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I guess not much needs to be said about celebrity blogging. Everyday as I read my feeds, I find another name from popular culture entering the blogosphere. Recently I had heard somewhere that Jeffrey Archer had his own simple blog which he was updating quite regularly. It was quite well maintained. With running commentary about his recent visit to India and tryst with Indian cricketers amongst others, the blog got me pretty hooked. And this was only the beginning. It was really this post that got me sitting up straight.

971 emails were awaiting me when I arrived back in the UK- the vast majority of them from India, and I must say that having been teased about calling Mumbai, Bombay, could someone please explain to me why they've changed the name of that city? And indeed Madras to Chennai? But it seems that Calcutta is still to be Calcutta - which I am much looking forward to visiting next year when I shall be opening Landmark's new bookstore.

Clearly not many people seem to be reading his blog for only four kind souls decided to retort saying that Mumbai and Chennai were the original names. It was only once HRM invaded our land that the names were changed. I will not even come to the Calcutta bit, but then this is where I start thinking. Is it Mr Archer’s lack of awareness of global changes showcased here or the global trend? As in, does the world really care whether Bombay became Mumbai again? Besides that, I’m pretty sure a lot of Indians still consider the IT hub of India to be called Bangalore.

Jeffrey, always a gentleman, readily accepted his blunder and apologised in the comments section.



I didn't know Jeffrey Archer had a blog as well so thanks for bringing it to notice.

I'm not so surprised about his confusion. I know there are still Indians who haven't learnt of the difference. I've asked for 'the Chennai flight' at airports and been greeted with stony stares and a much-delayed response of "Madraaski flight wahan pe".

And yes, I doubt that the outsourcing-jokes will carry the same punch if they are modified to 'being Bengalooru-ed'! :-)


And yes, I doubt that the outsourcing-jokes will carry the same punch if they are modified to 'being Bengalooru-ed'! :-)

More than that all south indians will forever be madraasi for a delhi guy :P and not a chennai-ite

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