Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Eve of an examination

Tuesday, September 30, 2008
College time is really interesting. Being exposed to the diverse crowd, their ideas and lifestyle does fascinate and at times intimidate you.

In a college where the library isn't open all night long (and it wouldn't matter even if it were), the eve of an examination can be a testing time for any undergraduate. Every room shares its walls with three other rooms. And yes, the walls aren't sound proofed. Hence with crude accusations of you copulating with your family members flying left right and centre, in languages which originated in the south, the north and the west, you really get to experience what a melting pot college really is. And it's viral. One usage of "bhenchod" only invites the same from the other end and this is really the domino effect that we're talking about. It comes to a point where you have to seriously make an effort to listen closely to what is being said and really dig through the surface of the conversation which primarily consists of bhenchods and the occasional one with yo mother. But since your eyes are on a powerpoint presentation teaching you how to manage a database and rules of normalization, you pretty much just hear the cuss words.

Music and intoxicants only add to the brew. As the odour of fermentation sets in and the smoke settles, as the loud punjab meets norway mashed up playlist starts blaring right into your ear and as the bitching starts, you realise that the world isn't flat after all. 


Atin Bhattacharya

Great post!


"crude accusations of you copulating with your family members flying left right and centre" - Took some time for the tube light to glow, good shit.

Rishabh Kaul

atin: *bows*

sastry: now that you've gotten it. *bows*

Rahul Aggarwal

really nice post...put a wide smile on my face after going through it..keep it up!

Rishabh Kaul

glad you enjoyed it

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