Saturday, April 11, 2009

Great Success! List of BITSians to get admission into IIMs

Saturday, April 11, 2009
Here's the basic list of guys I know personally, I'm sure there are a hell more, so do keep updating the list through the comments section

2005 Batch
Aravind Vijayasarathy A,B,C,I,K
Ashwin Iyer B,C,L,I,K
Aditya Radhakrishnan I
Abhishek Humbad B,C,L,K
Ishan Bhanu C
Tushar A,B
Manavpreet Singh B,C,K
N Anerudh C
Karan Dhall B
Salil A
Astha Modi K
Ritesh Agrawal A

2004 Batch
R Vijay A,B

2003 Batch
Sriharsha Majety B,C

Navin Madhavan (B Wait listed)
Ayshwarya Vikram (A waitlisted 6)
Anil Kumar K (B waitlisted 17)

Thanks to Tapan, Sushant, Garima Dhingra, Ajay Srinath for inputs


Sushant Chandak

Ritesh Agarwal A 2005


Ayshwarya Vikram, 2005 (A wailtlisted 6)


what about
any idea?


Hi Rishabh saw this link . just want to add some updates . Ishan Bhanu was put On hold @ C but got through B , Navin and Ayshwarya got through B , Uve left out Murali krishnan Nair who made ABCL , Bhuwan Dubey I , Abhishek Sharma L , Gaurav Luniya K , Mayank agarwal L Anant Shrivastav C , Sudipt Agarwal C (all 2k5 batch .... 2k4 dualite Vageesh got C

Aviral Utkarsh

Hello ! sorry to post comment on the wrong post.

Here TOI has reported that ACYUT has been developed by BITS Pilani Goa Campus students and Samay kohli's name has been written as Sanjay Kohli.

I would request you to include this one as well on your Mani Ratnam post.Oops! Mani Shankar !

I am also a BITSian (MSc Eco + Mech) !

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