Thursday, December 30, 2004


Thursday, December 30, 2004
thats what it yea..weird...i mean it started off pretty badly n yea shit duz happen..s herez how it was
i go to coll..10 mins late ofcourse..aneways i enter the class everyones starin at me, i mean yea i know i'm the coolest dude round there n am amonst the bright lads too but that wasnt quite it was was a different kinda stare n within a second it turned ta lafter..everyone were laffin at i aint used ta that..i'm supposed ta be laffin at one n all..aneways the reason fer this was that i relised what they were laffin fly was open!!!!!! eeeeks!!!!! i mean it was soooooo humialiting..but then i can get outta ane at that split second i got a crazy shit idea that just mite worked..i quickly scurried of ta me desk n took off a book tryin ta act all padhaku n stuff like tht..took out my D C PANDEY,, n started goin thru itas tho i was solvin sum Fermat's last problem kinda thngeee..well what dya know it sorta worked..i mean yea ppl talked bout it but within an hour the event was forgotten hahahaha!! of the way wasnt anethin fun either....cudnt solve anethin in physics IIT period.....chem was funny..our 60 yr old professor or "fhrofesser's" throat was all messed up//he came in squeakin a while n then brayin..twas kinda funny..but the poor guy is a snr. citizen so i forced meself not ta make fun f the poor bloke despite the aatempts of me benchmates...
n well mths was fun...i am good at calculus hahaha!!!!
n yea well lunch break bhi theek hi tha..nuttin official bout that..and well the afternoon we had a test..i convinced all ppl tht i'd learnt the chapter of english n wud help them out but i hadnt infact i wasnt even aware of da portion so ya cud imagine who had ta run all the way bak home secretively..but i didnt get my ass kicked so i guess i had the last laugh..aneways...came bak home started solvin PROBLEMS PLUT IN IIT MATHS n a lil bit of irodovnamaha! the deadliest book on this planet fer physics!!!!!
n well then did a lil bit of isomerism too...aneways gotta go ta bed now matez..tis 3 am now folks..buh byeeee


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