Friday, December 31, 2004

yippee in shit

Friday, December 31, 2004
well yea..todays the big day nu year..everyones all happy..and sad yea too..the tsunami its so weird..coz the night it struck BBC sed tht bout 10000 had died next day i see in the papar the toll is to 15000 n the followin day tis 100000... one god damn lakh!
n by another 2 days it'll be more..its jus soo awful..andaman n nicbar to poora ka poora screwed up hogaya..i dunt feel like celebratin nu year...i mean under thse circumstances..but i feel that i f ya r not celebratin nu yearz day then send that money ta those victims thru relief aids...but dunt be like i dunt wanna celebrate nu year coz i feel bad fer them or fer my swadesi bhaiyon.. mujhe afsos ho raha hai! yeah thought sittin on u r bottoms is gonna help to ppl on the coastal areas..its betta ta be dynamic n do sumthin ta help them
i had couple of pals frm my tneth grade in chennai..thanks god they r fine n fit rite now...god bless them

k k enuf of gham..

college was fun today....physics kicks ass aneways...n well chem IIT was cool sunday to atomic structure ka test hai..i looooooove that chapter....QUANTUM THEORY RULES!!!!!!!!!!!
so our sir..VJ (VJ rao..he aint no jockey) did sum objective on tht chapeter or as he's rather call it,)conceptual bridging..whtevrr.....n well maths was fun too...our sir gopi ( gopal krishnan actually) man he's brilliant...too good..saala ek din mein 3 problem karta hain lekin concept bloody brain mein atak jata hai..gr8 guy...aneways he wasnt able ta solve one trigno i did it n tht made me feel like a HERO..hahahahaha..aneways yea bad one i know..aneways stacy is comin ova today to my pace..stacy is btw a guy whose real name is shashank n he aint to transvitite ..hahah..n well so am gettin ready plannin out what we gonna do...i'll calll ova other pals too tday n work summat out..aneways......m signin off fer the time being!!!! HAPPY NU YEAR TYALL!!!!!!



People are liking Physics and Chemistry classes..
No wonder earth is seeing so many bad days..

Happy new year!!

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