Saturday, March 19, 2005

physics, mr vijay and wrong answers

Saturday, March 19, 2005
Yesterday was my physics exam. it was quite easy, i however made a little error. there was this bit about the limits of poissons ratio, tis -1 to.5, i wrote -1 to 500. well i desrve half the marks for getting half the limit right? look how cheap i've become . but then it was a 2 mark question. anyways. to make everything clear. i LOVE physics. my lovefor physics or shall i say the entire engineering and science stream began less than a year from now. after my tenth board exam, i decided to join a coaching academy. but i always knew my first love was writing. i just love writing, be it poetry, writing for a cause, humor, thrill, whatever. i just love it. i was like the horny dude it class always jumping when eva there was a literary contest of anysort. but then summer came, and i became science-mad. literally.
one person is to blame for all this. Mr. Vijay. this guy taught at that acdemy which i attended for a little over a month for a crash course. he used to teach maths( i believe he's left that place now), but would occasionly talk bout other brances of science as well. i used to love his quest to inculcate the habit of questioning amongst us. it was from his mouth that i first heard words such as, Fractors, Parallel universe, string theory, quantum theory-theory of relativity unification popularly called the Unified Theory. That summer i spent over 100 hours online searching and gathering info about all this extra terrestrial as well as terrestrial stuff. it turned me on as hell. the concept of oparallel universe is just amazing. they say there exists millions of other "identical" universes in space and that worm holes are the means to entering them9 ok these arent u r traditional "worm" holes...its to do with black holes and stuff). and in these universe there might be another you, another me, another geoge bush with nipples on his head or a jessica alba with three boobies. the possibilities are endless aren't they. but then the amound of controversy this theory has generated among the science community world-wide is phenomenal.
then there are other theories, one of them says a ripple caused in the air, by the flapping of wings of a butterfly in yorkshire, england can cause a hurricane in japan. but then going by that view, when eva i have a cold and i sneeze there should be an earth quake in shanghai. so yea you have stuff like that too.
then there are also the hystericals. like someone saying that the burmuda triangle being a black hole. black holes arent timepass material. the intense gravitatinal field that exists around it is sensational. the entire earth would collapse if one such black hole was actualy on earth. and besides it wouldn't be called a black holethen. haha. i laffed my ass out the day i heard that one.
coming back to physics. i feel that theory of realtivity should be included into the IIT-JEE syllabus. O k O k I KNOW. Yall will be cursing me saying JEE physics is a pain enuf, but then the theory is just awesome, it talks about the bending of the space graph, ok ok nevamind, read bout it urself on the net.
i had fun the other day on this forumcalled frost cloud. pretty entertaining, though not alarge site, its pretty alright.
now i have my last exam day after, chemistry. chemistry is ok. i love chemistry except for the extractions. i mean its not like they are tough or anything, just that getting sodium from castner's process or aluminium from serpecks process ins't really my cuppa tea. i prefer stereoisomerism and stoichiometry anyday.
also, day afetr after the exam, i am going to blore. yaaaaay. i have to post someting that relates to that. but thats another time.
- rishabh



Aaaaahhh!!! Get it right. It's fractals. There's nothing strange about parallel universes. In some theories causality is violated while in some it's not. Which one you follow is upto you. String theory has a lot of mathematical formalism and is not really a proved theory. Unless there is some indirect evidence to support it, it may be discarded also. And just for the record, String theory proposes a ten dimensional universe.

And that sneeze thing... that is an ideological example of Mach's principle. Wormholes are not feasible NOW as they require energies of the order of Planck Scale. And you have mixed up worm holes and black holes...


and rishabh, the existance of black holes has been recently been put up for debate.....its sorta everchanging, and the butterfly effect is quite a popular theory, as arcane crapper correctly points out. next time do some better research or stick to ritin, science jus aint ur forte...;)


Ah, physics!

You surely mean relativity when you say "Realtivity"?, and, going by my thodi bahut knowledge of physics, "A space-time" graph?

Seriously man, what is the spellcheck feature for anyway?


As I rightly said before!! this isnt the stuff u shud be writing here rishabh!!! I mean, what the hell are u tryin to prove??

3ngin33r this is what you guys tlk abt on here . hmm, interesting.


@akhil :well i didnt type this at my home, but at a comp in a cafe which has a screwed up computer. i m sure the typos can be forgiven.
@mia: well no, this is the first geeky stuff, obviously the response has ben overwhelming
@rohit: what can i say? thnks.
@shouvik, AC: agreed


you guys are such flops...what do you think...egoistical boozers...get lost!


hmmm...whats the relevance? n btw care to reveal u r self?

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