Monday, March 14, 2005

nothing excaptional

Monday, March 14, 2005
OK. I'm sure i can handle this...but its sooooo fuckin weird. Ok i have my boards going on..for the ones who arent familiar with the AP boards..we have boards even in the 11th why wud i leave my precious CBSE n screw with ap board..well thats to do with IIT and all that shit. i dunt feeli like tellin. u dunt feel like listening. so its settled.
Anyways. today was Maths-I A...thats the paper one. it was shit easy...ok not boastin here..but it was. so i started speedilty screwin the paper i got it( yah that wud've felt weird huh)... and well this guy on the other end of the benh is starin at my paper. i ignore his activity and cover my answer book. he jus calls me out and says " dekho yaaro, mereku kuchch nahi atha hai, dikha na bhe'
now these words were quite powerful, tho colloquial.
this is why.
generally. class tests aside. i've never taken part in copyin during an exam. its ethically wrong( where did that come from)... and besides if u r caught u r banned for 4 years and well u know how it goes. and secondly because i'd never seen any person so unprepared for the exam , and i mean it because this lad knew nothin. he copies every single full stop i kept. he looked quite strong so i didnt want to mess with him. so i was like do what you want. i dunt give a fuck. he told me to remove mt hand from my answerscript. i did so. he was my answers. he copied my ten 2 marks answers. i gave this bastard a cheque of 20 marks.
but this guy was a pro. i didnt need to do any effort for him copying my answers( isn't that an irony) and well he was copyin real fast. but then i made up my mind. the lil sucker didnt know anything. i as much as helped hm to clear the exam. no way was the punk ass biyach gonna get full 75 coz of me. sweet times r ove brothah. so i covered my entire paper and well he understood.
but he still had by that time obtained neraly 35 marks of the 75 mark paper.
now the deep thinking side of me got to work. i was wondering..we all are talking bout the heavy competition and the IIT, eamcet, eee's AND ALL THIS..AND THEN YOU HAVE THESE GUYS. i mean it was not like he was dub..ok a i'l..but had he put in the requisite amound of effort he wudnt have to find himself in that situation. i feel like he owes me big time for me not reporting his name to the examinar. or duz he? maybe i shud've told him and maybe that wud've taught this dude a lesson..but then he'd be exempted from attempting the paper for 4 years..that wud ruin his yah. but during the next exam if he tries sumthin fucky 'll snap his nuts off his body. enough is enough
anyways..the paper went good...expecting somewhere round 73 somethin...for once i was neat. yaay. now have maths 1 B day after. chilling right now
i noticed that its during the exam time that we gain excess weight. CORRECTION: I gain excess weight. while othrs are losin g weith thru tension and exam blues. this is coz i study in the night. i sit on the chair, i start studyin by 10. and well generaly eat a lot. chips, fizzy drinks, noodles, butter popcorn, idli wada, chicken, biscuits, juice, nachos, chocolate, corn flakes, power bars, subs, sanwiches and whatnots. all have fat and none have nutrition ( well not the enough amound)..resultin in me lookin like a 16 yr old pregnant dude.
oh man life is such a biyach.



True.....the bloke couldve aced the paper if he had worked hard.The only time I consented to my paper being copied from was when a friend had studied for chemistry instead of physics in one of the terminal exams last year but if people do it regularly its really sad and i pity the guy coz he's not learnt the importance of being tested.Damn sad!


Ummm... Main Kyaa bolooo miyaaan?


Duuuude!! You dint have to help a telugu medium history person pass didja?
Especially not during a Maths B exam you were screwing up yourself didja?
Did all his map for him I did..

Heh. Enjoyed myself though.. he was asking me history maps..


well i dunt reallu\y know from which medium he was..all i kno is dat in da last 5 exams i have so far taken about 26 additionals..and he has taken 2.
the bloke doesnt come prepared for ane exam. may god bless him or sumthin on those lines.

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