Friday, December 02, 2005

aayan chakravorty

Friday, December 02, 2005
what a week. so many exams and stuff. but this way atleast i finally got to meet aayan chakravorty or simply "chucky", a very old and dear pal of mine. he was my partner when we represented our school in the ESPN school quiz olympiad, we made a great team. He too is preparing for the JEE, and i was writing my olympiad in a college next to his coaching centre. we aught up on stuff, discussed what was being taught where, discussed why the new pattern rocked/sucked, discussed but awkward he was feeling walking with a long haired dude as the innocent guys from his college "stared". he took me to this "mess" to eat lunch, and boy can 20 bucks buy u a lot of food, and tasty too! he's one of those guys whose is aware of all the naughty stuff that goes around him and one would get the impression that he is bhola bhala. its amazing, i've neve--er heard him use the F word voluntarily to abuse anyone, but boy duz he have a weird sense o humor, it gets you all cracked up. thanks aayan for bearing my shit all these years and letting me know that system of a down were from armenia, and for being a great listener, and talking rubbish sometimes, and for just being there, u r one of my best pals!


Anonymous can be really chweet sometimes..


well no one's perfect,. lol, so care to reveal u r self?

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