Thursday, December 08, 2005


Thursday, December 08, 2005
something is happening to me. nah i still am very straight, not bout that. its about my schedule. after the "horrific" performance in the last AITS, i planned to do things much better this time. and for a while i was doing it, but now i duno whats happening. i have sort of lost the momentum. i now instead of studying in the night study partially in the day and partially in the night and partially in the lunch break in my college. i have started gorging on my friends tiffin boxes(poor guys dont complain much, sweet people they are also) in the middle of the classes, poor old teachers dont seem to notice, i feel like god. but thats not the point. or is it? naw not now anyways.
like i was saying, this new shift from existing lifestyle of the "lifeless and the currently non-outgoing" has been exhilirating. i have missing the first 3 classes of each day, namely inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry and maths. frankly speaking i dont mind that, i just wanna attend the physcial chem classes, since the teaching is so out of this world.
anyways coming back to my new lifestyle. i have started to eat fractionally less than before, but have been drinking more( keep guessing). i had a rough week, with constipation follwed by diarroea. man that literally the shit man. but now i "guess" its over, and we can rest in peace for the present. i have started renting more VCD's, listening to more metal rap, paying more attention to organic chemistry and maths, and letting my brother win more of the indoor cricket matches.
moving on to other areas, AIEEE pattern has changed. its almost like i predicted. the CBSE people are like puppets in the hands of the JEE commitee, trying to come into the limelight by changing their pattern too.
its like humko hi bali ka bakra bana diya hai. it happened to us in 10th( for the better i guess), when the social and maths and science portion was changed.
on a totally different topic, i am crazy about the music of kayne west!


Twigrl ur a student too!...don't you worry man things like that happen....from anorixia to diarrhea. Good luck with your exams, spec. org chem i know its really hard.


holla. i love organic chem, so thats not that much of the problem, the problem is how come u awakw this late, or shall i say this


and thnx btw

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