Monday, January 09, 2006

Monday, January 09, 2006
one of the things assosiated with growing up is that you start to think differently. words which you didnt think could merely be more than words, are. you never start to look at words the same way.
for example, many many years ago, the words like- balls, buns, horny, squirt, pussycat did actually refer to balls, buns horny squirt and pussy cat. now, that can't be said. its taken for granted that by the time we're in our teens we lose our innocence. we might be cute and stuff, but still filthy in our minds.
it so happens that when you come across a person of you're age, who stil does think of balls and buns, as balls and buns, you start calling him a lier, or crazy or a nutcase and so on.
i heard myself speak my first swear word when i was in my fourth grade, and things have never been the same since then.
i miss the times when i used just simply use any word, without having to think of the consequences, i prolly dont even remember that time anymore.
the first time i heard the title of the famous rabbi shergill song"bulla ki jaana", i was amused, i was like, did he actually name his song that. it was later i realised that the name of his song did not refer to anything profane.
more on this later.
on another note: i love kelly clarkson


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