Saturday, January 07, 2006


Saturday, January 07, 2006
just so that you know, i am not writing tomorrow's fiitjee aits. my prepartion for this part test is too weak and hollow. i suck at probability, and also at binomial theorem. i suck at geometrical optics. i rock at electrochemistry, but thats not good enuf, so i'll start writing them from 22nd onwards, from when the full tests begin.
and i received my acknowledgement card last week, yippee and yikes!



What's your usual rank in them? What was your latest rank?

I'm damn behind in my jee prep and there is almost no hope for me(atleast this year).


i get about 80 percentile generally. i'm much better at the narayana tests.
i just have to do probability esp bayes theorem thoroughly.


me likes probablity, its not that bad, get your basics right and everything else is a walk int the park.

basics, basics, basics, thats the skeleton key!


true true,


me prefers calculus and coordinate geometry anyday

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