Saturday, March 11, 2006

Hair, Exam, Girls etc

Saturday, March 11, 2006
Boys having long hair is considered a li'l odd in our society. Ok it considered really odd. Some how, only rockstars and rebels are allowed to have them, and if you are sporting one, then you're either a rockstar or a rebel. Thats it.
While walking down the street, guy with long hair invite millions of stares. All the heads turn. Some giggling with laughter, some staring with amazement, some trying to figure out what the fuck you're trying to prove by having long hair in the summer heat.
I personally used to hate the giggling. I didnt mind the "OMG u look like a terrorist" stares, that was fine. But the giggling, that got on my nerves. Little girls giggleing. Old men giggling. Guys on rickshaws giggling, boys on bikes giggling. Girls in buses giggling.
I feel like going to them. smiling. Then giving them one tight slap across their face and wiping that demonic grin of their face. I guess I am over-reacting. But what the heck, its my blog, so I can do whatever i want.
And there is a unsaid rule to the giggling. Among the guys with long hair there is also some sort of hidden competition, some sort of a prestige issue, tell me bout it. I found out all this quite recently myself. Tell you more about this later.

On a more serious note. I did'nt the S R Nagar area had such good looking girls. I mean agreed most of them are like the usual "chalta hai" types, but for once you also have the ones that makes the heads turn and go like "wow", or atleast "hey look at her". One thing is for sure, they arent from my college, or atleast the boys campus. Now you might be thinking how will the boys campus have any girls. Well they do, but in a minorty. Anyways, like I was saying, they must be from the neighboring colleges, and probably from the Biology sections, because of the obvious reasons. I know I sound a typical horny 17 year old, but I'm just displaying the facts.

On an even more serious note. Today was Maths 2 a. I felt it was really easy. But...Yeah , There's always a but is'nt there. I mean if there was'nt a but, how'd this world move. How would we live without "but" in our lives. So, like i was saying, But, I comitted 2 silly mistakes, which shouldnt cost me more than 1 mark, but then you never realy know with these examiners and examinations. Some you get what you're not expecting and sometimes the opposite happens and you shit your pants.
So hears wishing all those who have exams going on in the near future, Best of luck. I have to go now and attend to more important matters.


Stanza Inc.

heheheh giggling at your blog dare you come near and slap me now coz m a boxing unchampion...good one dude...
Mansi Raj Singh


hahaha I'd give anything to see old men giggling. I wonder if showing them the finger works.


lol, the indian ones prolly wudnt get it anyways

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