Saturday, December 16, 2006

Saturday, December 16, 2006
Casino Royale is the latest Bond movie.
Bond movies have that charm associated with it. Something is so cool, so sexy and so suave about these movies.
So how did I feel after seeing this one? In one word: Strange. Strange good? Strange bad? Umm..I really don't know, just plain strange.Right coming to the point. Bond movies is mostly about the gadgets and the girls. If you remove either one of them the movies becomes too bland.
This movie had hardly any gadgets. A watch was just a watch, an Omega yes ofcourse, but all it did was show time. A phone was only but a phone, used to make outstation calls and send messages. No knives coming out from sleeves, no camouflaged cars, no cameras in a pen. Even a gun is used in the most primitive way, like a stone, used to hit masses. It was sort of very bollywoodish with a lot of Dishum dishum, running around construction sites and very little sex.
The bond girls too! Very disturbing. Ok Eva Green was decent, but the other latino one whose name I cannot remember was hardly mention-worthy.
The movie shows the scenario when Bond has been just assigned with the 00 status (the 00 in 007 means license to kill). There is this dude Le Chiffre, who is a sort of safekeeper for terrorists. He plans to blow up a plane, the largest of its kind on the Miami Airport, Bond stops this. Now to recover the losses associated with the plan failing, Le Chiffre organises a Poker game in Texas. Bond somehow manages to get inot the playing 8. Now Bond has to somehow win the game, thus making Le Chiffre bankrupt, thus busting his tushy because then the scum of the earth will be after his ass. Le chiffre will have to seek refuge and MI6 will capitalise on this.
The plot as such is very un interesting and to some interesting confusing.
Daniel Craig. What's with having a blond Bond? And whats with that body? He makes Pierce Brosnan look like a stick with genitals. The acting as such was quite ordinary. The movie induces several yawns, especially during the 2nd show. The director Martin Campbell, who co-incidentally also directed former Bond movie Goldeneye, decided to make this movie very realistic, as in Bond was stripped of his demi-god status(which one probably acquires when one is made a double O). However that sort of disappointed me. Bond isn't supposed to be realistic. He isn't supposed to have blood stains, he isn't supposed to be held captive. He is supposed to fight villians in a suit and leave the scene without a scratch. He is supposed to RIDE his cool car, not faint in it. Everyone has been marvelling about the fact that the realistic bond is cool awesome, how they love Daniel Craig, well I miss Mr. Brosnan.
But then on second thought, maybe thats just me.



Can u just CHUCK watching movies and do something more useful! :p.

Its sad you dont adapt to changes. Its OK. Craig will be gone too and hotter bond gals will come too. Also, thank god because Ms. Aishwarys Rai was also rumoured to be a bond gal. The namaeless latino babes far better. ;)

siddharth b (myriadofmirrors)

your posts are filled with gramatical inconsistencies, although you probably don't care about that.
and yeah, thanks for letting out the plot for all to see, not that i mind, because i was with you.


@aksha: I've only started watching them. I am returning to the classics now.
@sid: You are right. They are.
And the last time I checked "Gramatical" wasn't a word. ;)


ramya kumar

hmm...i dont approve of ur description of brosnan as a "stick with genitals" the lean muscular look isnt in anymore, man! to hell with craig, he, sucks...and i agree with siddharth there


I said compared to Daniel Craig , Mr. Brosnan looks like a stick with genitals, thats just exaggerating the fact that Craig looks very masculine. Dont take things so literally woman :)


Craig's eyes....damn!!!!!
One look from him n im melting...sigh ;) :-<


yup.. i miss Brosnan too, but craig aint ALL that bad either..

and now as a "critique"(or some bullshit like that in some bullshit french) i'll try and point out the mistakes in your post..

on the whole, well written, but factual mistakes.
. the game of poker was held in Montenegro or some bluushit (cliched) country and not in the state of texas.

and as far as being realistic is concerned, how the hell do you escape from a sinking venetian building without any serious injuries???


and did you notice that bond cars have a very short life span.. 2 scenes and then BOOM.. its gone


oh u got the montenegro bit rite ,my bad

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