Thursday, December 28, 2006

Thursday, December 28, 2006

I am suffering from what most of you refer to as a writer’s block. The earlier sentence was thus framed because I have never suffered from a writer’s block before, or if not that, then for a very long time at the least. I use the word “suffered”, as though it’s some sort of disease because it is. It a really pathetic feeling to have when you have the drive, but you lack the what’s that again? Yeah, that’s how it is. I don’t even know what’s missing.

Generally what happens when one suffers from this terrible disease is that one cannot bring one’s self to write anything that remotely makes sense to the target audience(if there is one intended) and neither to ones own self(which is actually bad). This is usually because one is devoid of any ideas in one’s cerebrum, which I believe is the main controller in our brain (something like the brain of the brain)

This is what generally happens.

Sometimes what happens is this:
Your brain gets overloaded and you don’t know what to do. By overload, I’m referring to all those ideas that are jam-packed in your brain. And yes everyone has ideas.
Now when you feel like writing something, and get the pen to paper or your finger tips to the surface of the keyboard(which ever suits you), in your brain there is a volley of random ideas each of which is quite unique and would make for an excellent write-up, story, play-you name it.
The initiative for your writing something is generally a central theme, a rough mental picture of what you are going to write, and then gradually you build up on this skeleton until something concrete comes up. And finally you polish that and voila!
Now this train of ideas in your head clashes with your central theme. Before you start to build up on this central theme you are confronted by a few thousand other ideas and you feel like including all of them somehow in this write-up of yours.

What you do then is erase whatever you have written up till then and start over.

By now you would have guessed that this is a case of infinite recursion.

Okay,perhaps not infinite.


vikram chari

blame it on these boring hols buddy...same feeling here..i am goin thru wat i wud call a "dreamer's block"...cheers!


spot on dude!! writers block! (actually a readers' for me as well..) pretty accurate description! congrats


The description is absolutely spot on. There is only one cure.
Either give up writing completely, OR,
Write a story which completely encompasses ALL the ideas in some way or the other. Just ONE story. then the block might be lifted.(just might..something like a curse, you know.. do something and the curse is lifted)
and if you did get it, there is an intentional mistake made in this comment.

siddharth b (myriadofmirrors)

same shit dats happenin to me man. just cant get dat stuff down. its never happened b4. usually d stuff just flows out, n i hv a story within minutes.
n bout ur stuff, u tend to b a bit too repetitive


hmm...i guess it's d case wid almost ol d writers.. sumtyms words fall short n sumtyms thoughts r in plethora...when u get down 2 write, u dun get enuf words..myt b dat happens juz bcuz v focus more on what oders wud think if v write a stuff lyk dis..
but, if u write 4 ur own sake n wid nobody 2 impress, den mind me...words r less....!!

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