Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunday, May 27, 2007

First and foremost let me apologize for the small picture, this is the maximum it would stretch, so for those who dont have a 6/6 or something close, its going to be a struggle.
Right, coming to the point!
INDIA-TODAY has done it again! Time and time it manages to piss people off with its surveys which has the opinions of 400 teachers(atleast it was the last time I checked). Their tiff with BITS hasnt yet been resolved and well their rankings without a doubt are pretty fucked up.
What is surprising is the inclusion of VIT at the number 14th spot, thus making it(as they claim on their website), the best private engineering college in India. Being a Bitsian, I would love to give the VIT publicity dept. a piece of my mind, if the authorities decided to step up to me.
What is also surprising is by how much the Outlook and India Today Survey differ, every year. I remember last year Thapar College(TIET), Patiala crept through every ranking onto a coveted 8-9th position and this year its name hasnt even been mentioned in the top 25. Can a college really fare that badly in just one year? And can VIT which was at 35 something last year become the best Private college of this nation of a billion?
IIIT-A ahead of IIIT-H? Seriously? IT-BHU at 18? And since when was IIIT-A's reputation better than that of DCE or NIT-W and other biggies?
Are the chaps at India Today(and AC Nielson) really putting in effort while coming up with the rankings? Year after year, we see the rankings where the top 5-6 spots are taken by the IITs arranged in a random order, and the other spots keep shuffling like a deck of cards. Its been 5 years and seriously they cannot take the public for granted anymore. Many people tend to swear by the ratings because they feel that since INDIA TODAY is a credible magazine, the rankings will also adhere to those standards. I havnt seen this years Nasscom Survey which appears in the OUTLOOK magazine yet, so I guess the cussing regarding that should take some time.
P.S: If you notice all the categorial ranks you'll see that they form a nice pattern, at least in the case of IIT's and also NIT-T etc.



I guess teh reason for BITSs non-inclusion would be the fact that we sued their ignorant asses last year :D

dunno about other stuff, but IIIT-A ahead of IIIT-H maybe purely based on student quality, with IIITA winning Imagine Cup India (Going to Korea Now for teh ulti finals, BITSG were 2nd :D) and coming 2nd in Techfest IITB

and NSIT's waay ahead of DCE in every goddam field, except maybe for co-curricular activities
Oh hell, I should write my own post about this.


i guess u r back on the blogroll, then. 2 years without a post! arent you ashamed of u r self?


well there are a lot of things u shud sue india today for-
1.go and check placement stats .job prospects r best in iitb.u dont need to make a survey to know that. being one of the oldest instis in india as well as coming under the jee is being discredited.
3.if it goes on making surveys lyk dat it will be discredited by public on its own.


every waking moment raa, every waking moment. trying to start afresh though, new url

Rajat Tibrewal

india today screws it again... this is so so stupid! should we file a suit against them?
(as for the small pic thingy, you can advise your readers to click on the pic. that might help)


dibyajat:brilliant! we love bitching and we wont stop! but you have got a point. i had heard somewhere that they take only the software jobs into consideration, but i dont know how far that is true.

akhil: tyler bhaiyya????? aiite! anyways, new beginnings. update!

rajat: d'oh! thanks!


well... it doesn't make much of a difference. maybe, the neighbours wont come and ask you for advice for their kids future. i don't see what difference can an India Today survey make to your life, if you don't let it do so.

and anyway, BITS has set up a public relations unit that hypes up everything that we do, and gag the press with it.


sap: its just that when you see something like this, you tend to have an opinion and a blog seems a decent place to vent it out.


"And since when was IIIT-A's reputation better than that of DCE or NIT-W and other biggies?"....

hey dude open ur eyes....wat do u know abt has been ranked among top 10 cuz it deserves...
it is the youngest among the top instis in has amazing placements better than nits,dce and nsit....but only CS and EC comapnies visit cuz they r IT institutes....avg package in iiita is better than ne other institute in india...even better than iit the reason being less number of students here n all big IT comanies visit ( google,M$,adobe,trilogy,yahoo....n many).... students here dont even think of joining tcs,wipro,infosys.... n the infrastructure is at par with iits....24 hour lab open 4 students,24 hour internet at hostel, dual core pcs with TFT monitors 4 students in labs..... building of IIITA is superb...just visit the campus n u'll know wats called heaven....
n now abt the student quality....iiita students hv a lot of achievements.....just count
1)iiita team went into acm finals in 2006....ranked first frm india followed by IIT-B
2)IIITA 2006 passout ranked 2nd in india in topcoder
3)imagine cup national finalists every year
4)Led india in almost every international level programming bitwise,tryst,felicity,techkriti organised by iit's n iiith....

now do u want any more facts....

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