Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Wednesday, May 09, 2007
One complete year has come to an end.Well, almost.

My first year away from home. Living on my own. With people I had never met before(umm ok I knew some of them). My first year in BITS has been nothing short of overwhelming. There were times when I was on a high(literally), then there were times of extreme melancholy. But all in all there was no monotony, no boredom. My seniors say its the enthusiasm of the freshies that dies down by the third year because in this little place, there is only so much that you can see. I beg to differ, its about seeing the same thing in different light everyday.
I made some really close friends. I mean the guys who see you in your underwear trotting in the hallway will stick on with you till the every end won't they?
I am in love with the campus. I wont go to the extent of calling it plush, but well its somewhere there. Walking on crisp leaves, finding n+1 gates that lead us outside the campus(some of which were created from mere orifices), giving refuge to dogs(I never would've imagined oing that any where, I'm mongrel phobic), living on fluids and so much more. I've learnt more from the people here than I have from the books. Does that sound like a convenient excuse? Probably.
I have been termed as the "notorious chappal thief" for the obvious reasons. Its a tag I have to live with for the rest of my bitsian life. I have seriously never worn so many different kinds of footwear. One of every hue, one on each leg, each one so different from the other.
I have learnt that breakfast is the best thing BITS can offer in terms of meals from the mess, for thats the ultimate high and nothing can get better than that(I hope you're getting it).
But above all, its the freedom. Freedom is what you make of it. You can either get wasted, or not do something constructive, its all cool. This place lets you be.


Rajat Tibrewal

quite a year indeed!


I wonder why there are not many comments on your blog..or may be u don't want anyone to visit u're good, funny, hope u keep updating like this forever (or at least for a month)..

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