Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday, December 17, 2007
Air Deccan has been revamped with red.

The seats are now non-reclining. Its written so on the seats with a dash of politeness lest some horny Sardarji engages in kushti with it, thinking that it's got stuck. Obviously, the rest of us too couldn't figure it out by ourselves.

Free mineral water bottles are being supplied.

Finally something thats free on this airline. You'd think that this sudden benevolence was almost pity. Earlier one had to ask for water, which according to them was common sense for one will only drink water when one is thirsty right?

They're also awfully efficient. The tea sachet that expires six months after its been sealed just has to be disposed off the plane during the last few days of its supposed life. So what if it tastes of marijuana(do I see eyes widening with anticipation?)? It's technically still tea.

And obviously three people can't all be reading the in flight magazine at once. So one for three shall suffice.

But just when you'd think that where's the difference you notice an obvious difference You're actually allotted seat number now! You don't have to risk your life in a stampede anymore.

Ok enough cynicism

Seriously, its tough to control a boner. The Kingfisher hostesses have taken over.


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