Sunday, May 25, 2008

BITSAT 2008 and changes in admission procedure at BITS-Pilani

Sunday, May 25, 2008
This is one time of the year when the number of phone calls increase, even surpassing those during my birthday. Yep, its the examination season and all the mohalla-wallahs want to know whether pappu paas ho gaya ki nahin. All the aunties from random corners of the nation want an in depth understanding of the BITSAT procedure and all Babloo's and Chotu's want to know how many questions to attempt so that they don't screw it up.

So what is different this year?

Firstly all you Biology fundoos now have a chance to get a Masters(Hons.) degree in Biological Sciences or a Bachelors in Pharmacy.

BITS-Pilani has one of the best pharmacy departments in the country and it might as well become your one way ticket to some really good foreign universities for higher studies, for example Purdue University, Max Born Institute etc.

More information about this here.

Secondly, we have three campuses now.

Well four if you count Dubai, but then lets not get into that now, shall we? The Hyderabad campus offers all the B.E degrees that the Pilani campus does. Oh and some really kick-ass faculty is on its way to the Hyderabad campus, bidding adieu to the campus in the desert ;P
So rest assured the BITS Hyderabad campus will not miss out on the "quality" BITSian education which is so revered throughout the educational circles.

But the biggest worry of all the little ones are CUTOFFS. It's like they can't really think beyond this. So let me give my gyaan on the cut offs for this years BITSAT.

The main factors affection this years cutoff are going to be
1.The Hyderabad Campus
2.Increased awareness in the media regarding BITSAT and BITS-Pilani
3.Newer rival institutions being opened

In my economics courses, we use a term called Cēterīs paribus. Cēterīs paribus is a latin phrase, literally translated as "with other things the same." Now when discussing cutoffs, all we can do is take each factor individually, assuming other things to be the same w.r.t to last year and then analyze its effect on the cut offs. Since we can't predict by how each of these factors will fluctuate the cutoffs, we can't really algebraically sum their net effect on the cut off.

The Hyderabad campus, with its increased number of seats will obviously decrease the cutoff you might think. Well yes. That would make it a fair enough assumption. But then there's another effect. Opening a campus in Hyderabad will motivate a lot of students from nearby towns to attempt the BITSAT. A lot of these students are those who would probably clear BITSAT but are so attached to home or are not allowed to trot outside the state and this includes a legion of above average girls who can very well crack BITSAT. So does this imply that the Hyderabad campus gets more booty? Well not necessarily, since it depends on how much the girls score and how many boys want to be in the hyderabad campus(since the number of boys exceed the girls), but it has definitely increased the number of people giving the exam.

As I have noticed after spending two years in Pilani, the general awareness as well as popularity of BITS is increasing. Be it through social media(blame it on the net savvy BITSAT crowd), or the sudden increase in the number of BITSian achievements in entrepreneurship etc, but we've definitely getting more airtime and print space than what we used to earlier and this has helped lure many gullible young ones to consider BITS as their future alma mater. Effect on cutoffs? More students giving BITSAT, competition getting stiffer. Cutoffs rising.

Three new IIT's have been opened. So thats about 360 more seats, minus the reservations.
But with the whole reservation brouhaha creeping in again, BITS has suddenly gained the respect of the people out there in being the only engineering institution of a high repute selecting purely based on merit. I see a lot more serious aspirants giving BITS a thought while going for that JEE counselling session. In-fact I see a lot more of serious preparation for BITSAT even by the students who are confident of clearing JEE because of the reservation.

I'd like to end this sub topic by saying that according to me the cut offs for each branch will definitely fall, but by how much, that I can't even speculate because anything can happen. So if you do score around 250 plus I'd say you're still in the race.

Tips for BITSAT:

Carry a pencil and an eraser with you. For the sake of your favorite deity, do this. Because you will not be given rough pages, you will be given a little booklet to scribble which will fit in your palm. So you'd want to use the space preciously and then re-use it.

Please use unconventional methods to solve the maths questions, if you see a god damn trigonometry question and substitute theta as zero without thinking Well not without thinking but you get the hint. Don't waste time on traditional methods of solving stuff. Grow up.

Accuracy is as important as speed, so its not only about attempting those 150 questions, its about not getting many wrong.

Please please please don't fucking guess blindly. At least narrow it down to two options and then just GO FOR IT. Don't not, NOT guess if you have two options, just guess.

Ah feels nice.
Peace out.

Next post: Myths bout BITSAT!!!



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Also, what are centralized cutoffs? Never heard of it. That seems like some cathedral shit, nigga.

"Don't not, NOT guess if you have two options, just guess." ... Riddling are we?


my score 301.interested only in mech. engg.bitsat cut off 328&305 for pilani&goa respectively for mech. 2007.
plz advise exactly as to how i should give my priority campuses so that i dont miss out pilani; or if the cut off is > 301 then i should get goa.And lastly hyderabad.In other words what would have been ur modus operendi in my position,regards,snl.


snl: since you want only mechnanical. Then let mech pilani be u r 1st pref, mech goa 2nd pref. Now if you want mech so badly that you dont mind doing it in Hyd, let that be your third pref. Beyond this you could probably fill in whatever interests you best next. Lets say electrica, so go with eee pilani and then eni pilani( since both of them are almost identical).
If the campus matters more to u, then after u r first 3 choices(the mechanical ones), fill all the A/B group ones of the appropriate campus. And yes, fill the C group at the very end. Msc Tech courses are just too bad. Except maybe Information systems, but anything else, just stay away.


atin: i hope the angry young man of our ex wing doesnt get to see this


thanks rishabh!not stuck on to mech engg but the score of 301........can it lead to better branches?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Maybe in the hyderabad campus. Otherwise why not go for the dual degree at Pilani Campus. Cut of Mech engg last year for Pilani was a GPA of 6.5-6.6 after first year. Attainable. :)


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Dear Rishabh Sir,score of 301,and a bit nervous.dont want computers at do i post my priorities please?
and so on........
can you please take some time out for me and help me sending the priorities to bits.Regards,


hamsa says:
sir, with a megre,low score of 220 in the bitsat can i expect anything at all n the hyderabad campus?
even economics is ok...
do many ppl wanna do eco???
sir plz reply


Now it depends on what you want to do.
If you want an added advantage of a dual degree, then go with the Msc (Hons) degree in which ever field you're interested in. But here, as you know you;re dual will be decided only after your first year(everyone gets a dual).
There's also Msc (Tech) info systems, the pay ater you graduate is as much as compsci, but remember Msc (Tech) are not dual degrees. Neither are they an engineering degree, although what u learn in Msc Information systems is quite similar to CS.


220? Hmmm, I dont think it'll go that low. 250 maybe. Yes economics is qui sought after, especially coz it gives you more options later on


Dear Rishabh Sir,am basically interested in doing mech. engg. from pilani but with a score of 301 it would be very difficult to get through because last years' cut off of pilani was 328;however goa with a cut off of 305 in 2007.....i stand a chance.moreover i dont want computers even in hyderabad.i am also not averse to eee/eni/chem but my core interest is mech. now if i have been able to submit to you sufficient inputs,would you plz guide me?must submit on-line today.regards,


Dear Rishabh Sir,perhaps you were busy,so i have sent my choices to bits yesterday,regards


Hey you forgot
Dude this is the most awesomest site for BITS(Though most of you Pilani Guys look down /don't know abt it).And also , what about the Propaganda that is being done by BITS360 on etc?
+ we at the Goa Campus have been trying like hell to get contacts in the media industry.
Chk out to see you on the forum soon!!


"Hey you forgot"

How did I forget Bits360?

How is it even relevant to this post?

And you are right, many BITSians in the Pilani campus are not aware of BITS360. But good job guys.


wat is the best way to reach pilani campus if i reach nizamudin rly stn around 2 pm?can i get a bus from dhaula kuan?wat stuff is essential to carry from home apart from clothes/tooth brush etc?i'll be coming from panvel.......near bombay.



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