Friday, May 23, 2008

Egypt Diary-1

Friday, May 23, 2008
Yes, I am back from Egypt and what a trip it was. Yes it was action packed with every possible element which made this a trip worth remembering. Probably not as long as any other of my trips abroad, but then it's all about what you do with the time there rather than how much time you have.
Ofcourse I'd have loved another week there so that I could visit Alexandria, Luxor and Aswan Dam, but oh well, getting to see the Pyramids as well as the ANTI - Narasimha was good enough.

What topped it off was that I got to go inside Khafra's Tomb, which BTW is this:
You think I am bragging?
This is just the beginning boys.
So I went inside Khafra's crib and it was really stuffy and I could hardly breathe. There are 2 entrances to the tomb and one of them is locked right now.
The next day I went to the world famous Cairo Museum and saw the hazaar statues of Cats and Kings and their bitches, all of who obviously had their nose chopped off by tasteless Britons or Arabs. The highlight of the museum trip had to be this!

And of course, these guys couldn't let the remaining gold go to waste so why not build 3 gold tombs, and place one inside the other. Oooh almost like a birthday gift. The third one being made completely of gold for the poor boy to R.I.P. And yea lets throw in a couple of these as well

Oh yeah, the I went inside the Mummies chamber and checked out the corpses of Ramses the great, his pop Seti who suffered a head injury, well that's the least I can say considering his mummy has a cracked skull.

All this is really historic and all, but the highlight of the trip....

I got bitten by a lion.

Ever been to Manali, where the old women there make you hold those cute little white rabbits and take your pics, well here in Egypt things are done a little differently. You pose with a harmless lion cub who is all awwww and shit. That's until he gets a little too heavy and then bites your frikkin hand.

And the beautiful aftermath of that:
Rabies shots for the next two fortnights.


Rohit Talwar

Sounds like a lot of fun, man.

The cub bit you?! Ha, see, everything comes with something.. :D

Atin Bhattacharya

Now, for a guy who says he dreams of puppies dying of cum choking their throats, getting bitten by a tiger cub probably does seem out of line. A fortnight of injections ... do you have friends who feel bad/sorry for you?

Btw, big, big respect for not changing style and attitude while describing the Egyptian shit. Thou art a nigger at heart and I'm glad that you have remained true to your black little heart.


rohit: Indeed, everything comes with a price tag. I tell you, those teeth marks are seriously something worth showing off. :P

atin: efil4zaggin man!

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