Sunday, February 15, 2009

Won the Tata Crucible Jaipur Edition

Sunday, February 15, 2009
Remember how I said its been a good run so far as far as the quizzes were concerned? Well, it just got better. 

A lot better.

We (that Sailesh Jha and myself) just won the Jaipur leg of the Tata Crucible campus edition Quiz. The quiz was pretty easy. The official report is here.

In the finals we messed up the directs given to us initially but the buzzer rounds were ours to own. Got two back to back right for +15's which sealed the game for us. But obviously there are areas where we lack. Commercials for example. So this means I gotta start watching TV now :)

So now we're going to be representing Rajasthan and obviously BITS Pilani, at the national semi-finals at Mumbai sometime next month.

This was also my first crucible. Having heard so many different views over the past year about crucible, here is what I would like to say about this particular crucible.

For a city like Jaipur (which isn't really quizzically inclined), for over 100 teams to turn up on a day when you should be out there getting down, is a respectable achievement.

Since it was the first time the quiz was held in Jaipur, they decided to go easy on the questions, this meant no scope to miss sitters. Flattened field. Especially in the prelims. 

I have heard a lot of neative reviews about Giri, and this was my first Pickbrain quiz and if my opinion was to be based on this quiz alone, I'd have to confess that he was an excellent QM. 

And lastly, Tata don't give a SHIT about recession. Instead they go ahead and increase the prize money. And throw in some electronic gadets and what not.

This was the format for our quiz (though Giri hinted that it might be different at different center, dunno if he was kidding or not)

Prelims, 4 teams make it to finals directly, 2 through wild card round (for <100>

Finals has 4 rounds, first one is dry question round, where questions pass, +10, no negative. 
second round, identification of the photos, same questions passable, +10 no negatives

Next 2 are on the buzzer,
One round is a who am I round, which has 3 questions of three clues each. If you get the answer on the first clue, +15. +10,+5 on subsequent clues. -10 for all wrong answers. 

And then the connect round. +10, -5 marking.

I've tried to recollect as many questions as I could from the quiz:

Photo of Lalit Modi, identify

Photo of Deepak Parekh

Ad of Nokia (old man with duck)

Ad of sunfeast (Dhoni one)

Gave us the full form of IKEA and asked how we better knew this home furnishing giant

Bougette in French means "little bag", what word has this contributed to the world of finance?


"One World One Dream" was the tagline of which major mega event in 2008?

Beijing Olympics

Which company makes its product using the 7X formula


Gave us a pic of an ad-Revlon

Major Indian pharma giant formed by Khwaja Ahmed in 1935 (don't remember the framing of the question)


Expand HDFC

Housing & Development Finance Corp

Expand SIM

Subscriber Identity Module

What resulted when Ruth Handler saw her daughter Barbara playing with paper dolls?


Logo of Bank of Baroda, Identify

Old B&W pic of Taj Mahal Hotel


Ankur Banerjee

Congrats! Questions were definitely easier compared to last year's Tata Crucible Campus Edition Delhi.

Atin Bhattacharya



U guys rocked. I too really enjoyed the quiz. Pickbrain is awesome. I think he is much better on stage than what we see on TV. Loved his humor.

Truly agree on the recession part, the Tata's are showing what commitment means.

All the best for the big stage. You hv some fans at Jaipur now.

Shilpa KN


Congrats! to the team..
This seems to be really easy as compared to previous year quizzes.

How was the prelims?
And can you please try to recall more question from various rounds.


Rishabh Kaul

@ankur: definitely! And I am assuming, Delhi will be tough, Im sure the cu off would've been 17-18(outta 20) for this quiz in Delhi :)

Yeah, I had d/l the file from your blog some days ago. Good stuff

@Atin: :)

@Shilpa: Hey! Thanks a lot. Agreed with everything you said. Though I haven't seen a crucible on TV yet.

@rusty: They were easy, but I think that's because this was the first time in Jaipur, don't expect it to be like this in other cities. I'll try to post the others also in a day


Awesome show guys. Am an alumni of BITS and my best wishes are with you. This is easily one of the best - if not the best quiz in India and at this point in time I think Pickbrain is the no.1 QM as well.

Perhaps the no. of comments on your blog says it. Do well.


Rishabh Kaul

Hi Rajesh, thanks for dropping by and for your wishes, always great to hear from another BITSian.

Crucible is a little different from the quizzes we have here at BITS, but then again, it was my first crucible. Either ways, its a challenging quiz nonetheless. And yeah Pickbrain was pretty good.

Vineet Pandey

OK. By the looks of it, it's Big.
Hence, ATB.

Rishabh Kaul

Yep. Thanks


Congrats guys...!!
Watch out for the finals as the standard of quizzing there will be of the top level...All da bst fr da way ahead.


hi rishabh,

congrats.Were there any questions from the Tata world?



Hey dere....
nice blog....
well dis is just to inform u dat da last commercial bout Dhoni was of Parle Milk Shakti Biscuits not of Sunfeast...
Well u guys played well but we were a bit unlucky dis tym u can check dis out if u wish to

All da best for the semifinals...enjoy Mumbai.....


oh my god...
u guys are rocking yaar!!

gudluck frm side too...

chck dis if u wish..


did you do your schooling in BVB hyd???


an ya all the best 4 ur finals.

Rishabh Kaul

rajat: Yea I know, its going to be tough in Mumbai,can mess around there. But we're hopeful. Thanks for the wishes.

rahul: yea and those questions were very simple such as who was india's first commercial pilot etc.

amisha: hey. you guys were good. no doubt about that. went through your blog and its tragic and you guys deserved to win. Hoping to meet you at other Jaipur quizzes.

honey: thanks

unni: yeah me from bvb jubilee hills. You must be unni krishnan right?


Just saw ur questions. Easy only :)

Hope someone gets all ka-ching in Mumbai! All da best!!!

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