Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Indian Social Networking Trends

Wednesday, February 25, 2009
Comscore, the Global Internet information provider recently released their report on the top social networking sites in India. 

The report throws some very interesting results. To kickoff, Facebook as expected has just stormed its way into the Indian audience with a growth rate of 150%. It had 4.044 million visitors this December. Orkut is still the leader with 12 million page views this December (an increase of 81% from last year) which suggests that though Facebook is edging up, Orkut still has the masses who will probably take time to adopt to Facebook. 

However it’s interesting to notice a slump in the page views of, which has been spending massive amounts on advertising and marketing this past year. The number of visitors on Ibibo dropped by 50% over the past year. Maybe the guys down at Mothership need to rethink into how to penetrate into their target audience better. They did come up with a number of contests and tie up with various college fests to gain a market share but it doesn’t seem to be working as well as they expected. Similar results are portrayed by Big Adda which has also had a decreased traffic rate of 25%.

Hi5 on the other hand has had the highest increase in traffic with an increase of 180% over the last year. 

Linkedin too has had a steady climb with more and more Indians visiting the professional networking website. Perhaps recession has played its part in directing traffic to this website. More and more people are creating a Linkedin account many of whom are still to leave college.

Gaurav says that he doesn't take these stats too seriously since it fails to recognise the traffic that comes from Internet kiosks and PDA, and rightly so. A huge amount of internet users in India don't own a computer and use it from internet cafes, so I suppose the are a lot more numbers that have to be added to this report which may present a different picture altogether.



Thanks for adding BITS360. :)

I'm surprised orkut still has that many users because most of the people I know have moved to Facebook. Orkut is a very user-friendly site, but the safety issues were irritating after a while, especially for girls.

I hope ibibo doesnt sink, they're sponsors this year. *crosses fingers* But they're ahem, apparently being very demanding.

Hi5 was the biggest surprise for me, I think, because I have hardly seen anyone send me friend requests and all from there. Are the stats rigged? :P

Raj Garat

BharatStudent seems to be gaining ground along with Orkut within the social networking space in India. One website to keep an eye on is SocialSynapse.

It's a website for connecting young Indians worldwide. They are currently accepting Beta testers for their launch later this month.

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