Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Times of India screws up their Headline: says Mani Ratnam is coming to BITS Pilani Goa Campus

Tuesday, March 03, 2009
Waves is BITS Pilani Goa Campus' (BPGC) annual cultural festival and after a fairly decent Quark (Tech Fest), which saw Abdul Kalam inaugurating the event, we have BITSian alumnus and famous movie director Mani Ratnam coming to BPGC for Waves.

Wait a second. Mani Ratnam? 

Well, there you have it. Times Of India messed up their headline. The Goa edition of the daily says "Mani Ratnam to open cultural fest at BITS Pilani". You can check out their news item here (which strangely hasn't been edited yet).   

The alumnus in question is actually Mani Shankar who... well isn't in the same league as Mani Ratnam as far as cinema is concerned but has had big success in the ad world/music videos. 

I don't understand what the copywriters and journos at ToI are upto, but this is just too unprofessional. Worst still, I don't see any amends nor apologies etc.

Earlier, Mani Shankar had come to BITS Pilani for Oasis back in 2006.



ramya kumar

Lol. I wonder how it went unnoticed.


The TOI Goa people are wackjobs.They have no idea how to write, so we have to send them a press release, on which they perform their shitty editing.

This was origibally a 300-word long piece written by my Dept. of Journalism WAVES Coordinator and edited by me, so naturally we were very pissed with them. They printed an apology the next day.

You should read TOI Goa- it's got headlines like " A crab spotted at a beach", "A pipe is leaking in Panjim" etc.

P.s. Thanks for the phree publicity. :D

Are you coming to WAVES? Pleej come no....

Rishabh Kaul

@ramya: ditto

@shalini: TOI is a constant source of entertainment with their sexy headlines.

Me not coming to waves, missed one week of college coz of the Xaviers fest, profs threatened to throw me out :P


:( :( Believ me, you have to read TOI Goa to experience the utter stupidity.

Come in 4th year, then. Anyway, I don't think even I'll come to Oasis, BITS-Goa are c***s when it come to permissions for going out.

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