Wednesday, January 05, 2005

is it necesaary(da title i mean)

Wednesday, January 05, 2005
yaayyy!!!! i got my AIEEE n Screenin ranks...
AIEEE class 8th rank AIR 212
screenin class 11th AIR 323
its ok..definetely improved frm previous test..but worse than me usual ranks..aneways mez workin hrad fer it
i HATE VECTORS!!!!!!!!!!!!
DAMN F%$%^$^ chapter!!!!!
esp products n all tht...but i got thomas n it'll be fine
and well what else is there ta say..yawn shit tired today..AC DC RULEZ!!!!!!



Where was I?
Oh yeah, what's happening to this world dammit???

BTW.. congrats on the brilliance.


thank u..what else is there to say fer a comment like tht..i asked ya to post a controverisal comment god damn it

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