Monday, February 28, 2005


Monday, February 28, 2005
Da morn

The last month or so…as I’ve confessed I’ve been bunking school. Also, as I’ve confessed haven’t been doing the most important thing one is supposed to do in the night. I WAS TALKING ABOUT SLEEPING! Keep your dirty thoughts to your self. I’ve been studying in the nights and have been sleeping in the day. I’ve realized that‘ve been sleeping more during the exams than I’ve ever slept before. I’m sleeping on an average of 12 hours a day. Yes quite the luxury. My entire current life is in the vicinity of 5 metres radius. TV, Comp, Net, Music system, Junk food. My room is scattered with books all around me. TMH JEE Maths guide, next to which is Morrison and Boyd organic chemistry. In a corner, next to my pillow is “The IITians” by deb, on the desk to the right is the Da vinci code. Above which is Time magazine above which are some text books. On the floor there are few cassettes, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Pop, even stuff of Mohd. Rafi and RD Burman. The waste bin, is filled with empty sachets of Wrigley’s and Munch. And the ACT II popcorn, boxes of cup noodles and few packets of Lays.
Life is great.
It doesn’t feel that I have my board exams in less than ten days. But then gone are the days of tension, when the word exam spurred tension and every time one mentioned the dates, I would be compelled to pay a visit to the loo. No sir. We are very cool now. We dunt Tensionofy over these exams. Have been giving sooooo many of them over the past 6 months that am now bored of them. But that doesn’t mean I don’t take them seriously, just that the tension factor has been eradicated.
After takin frequesnt breaks and finishd part of the syllabus, I realize its 5.36 AM. 5.36 AM in my digital clock, meaning 5.50 in the actual HST, HST my dears is Hyderabad standard time. The stuff that you would get to see on the railway station. Don’t ask why. I like to be ahead of the time. Well at least I like t feel that way. Anyways. I yawn passively, open the door of my balcony and step outside. Its quite cold, but then I’m in my shorts and a tee. I look down from my second floor balcony. Look down at a man walking. Its 5.38 AM. He must be about 60 years or so. Has a walking stick. Walking briskly. Over the compound wall is a small Ramakrishna Ashram kinda thingee. However I get the view of the building’s ass. I, however get a clear view of the caretaker or who ever he is, cottage. Hardly a cottage. Just one room. which is the house belonging to him, his three daughters and his wife. I see the door opening. Its still dark mind you. Quite dark. The owner of the house comes out. Very dark man. Must be about 35-36, in this dhoti. Stretches his hands, yawns, scratches his balls and the adjoining areas, picks his nose and starts to smoke a beedi. I look sideways and I see the old man in his second round of the complex. Tightly clutching to his stick and marching as a soldier. 5.41 AM. I watch the these two side of the coin for a while and notice many things which I don’t want to disclose here time is 5.55 in my clock. I leave my balcony door open. Go inside. Turn on my music system, with Rolling Stones inside. I had bought the cassette 3 days ago and am already in love with it. Man these guys are the shit. They rock totally. I never knew they were soooo good. Plus it’s a live gig of theirs. 2 cassette set. While listening to them for about 20 minutes and also brushing my teeth, I put my sneakers on. I wake up my mom, put the milk inside the house, and also the newspapers and go out. It’s not all that cold now. Time 6.17. the sky is now pink. Birds are chirping and screwing around. Every two seconds I hear a doorbell being rung somewhere, indicating the doodh walla is on time. I start to get out of the complez. Cross the railway tracks. I look down at the tracks while walking instead of looking front. The reason is obvious. There’s a small basti on the other end. It’s the morning. And I love my sneakers a lot.
I reach the other end. Called the necklace. This are has become a new haven for joggers, walkers, motorcyclists going on threesomes, foursomes what nots. The road, not exactly in the same league as the Marina drive, but somewhat of a resembelance to it, was laid about 5 years ago. It’s about 4 kilometres or so I think. I run, walk whatever for one and a half kilometer and then return back, that makes it 3 Kms. That’s enough for me. I am not all that of a fitness freak. While walking I see that the number of hot babes has decreased. They come in the early morning. By 6.30 they are all gone. I had a glimpse of several of them the other day. Wearing loose tees and shorts. But then I had left my house early. So today I had to look at the aunties and the uncles who were nearly 65 and listening to songs through the earphones of their MP3 player and jogging. But this is India, you have to learn to love everyone. Despite their bad breath, dirty toenails, age, intellectual capacity, bust size and gender. It was nearly 6.50 now. I was starting to sweat. People were staring at me for some reason I didn’t realize at the beginning. It then struck me. My hair. And the hair band I was wearing.
The road runs parallel to the railway track. Every 3 minutes or so, the intercity train would come and go in a whisker. The road also circumscribes the Hussain Sagar. And well hussain sagar is good, but not divine. It has mosquitoes swarming its shores. Unfortunately that’s where life got me. These motha fockers jus covered my face till I ran away from them. Anyway, it’s my space so we won’t talk more bout them. So I just walked the rest of the course. Looking at the occasional cars that pass by. The last kilomatre I jog. So I jogged , ad jogged, and for a change jogged somemore. Got tired. Stopped. Panted. Walked. Now I had to cross the tracks. I had to cross three parallel tracks. I was on the third one, there was a train on the first one. It was less than 100 metres from me. I raced it, and then crossed the tracks. And then stood there. Watching the trains cross. Saw all waved to all the people in it. T’was the AP express. Turned away and went back home, again. Reached home. Turned on the TV. The Oscars were playing. But that’s another story…




Are you talking about the Marine Drive in Bombay? If so, no place in the whole wide can compare to Marine Drive promenade for the most amazing walks by the sea. My favourite destination for a morning walk..Marine Drive just rocks


Ahem, miss beauty;
The whole world is a bit tooo harsh, don't you think?I mean, c'mon, surely you then must not have visited the mediterranean sea?Or the Red sea?

And by the way, rishabh, I was giving some though to what you said, about why i need to have a secret identity and all, and though you don't know the reasons, but I think I'll forget about them and let the world see me for once.(or atleast those who haven't).

So here I am:


@EB.. good for you.
@Rina.. read the post. i was sayin that although the necklace road( of hyderabad) is of no comparison to the marine drive of mumbai, its some what similar.


You write well. :)

Also, dude!! We need to meet! You have hair long enough for a hair band??



@ sita :thanks and sure.
yep i do


Umm...EB...I have visited Spain and Greece but its nothing compared to Marine Drive for a morning walk(and that is the the criterion here) but Rishabh how can it be similiar when there's no sea in Hyderabad?

Smita is here again!!me must study...why is me here?ta*wanders off with bmused expression on face*

Smita is here again!!me must study...why is me here?ta*wanders off with bmused expression on face**comes back*
i like ur blog
*wanders off with bmused expression on face*


we have a lake.notice the subject here is the road not the water body it surrounds


@smita. fanks.

Gyanam Hazarika

rolling stones rock.. i was lucky to see them live a couple of years ago in b'lore and later in philadelphia.. still rocking like 20 year olds.... at 60+

were you listening to 40 LICKS since u mentioned two cassettes?


ello that logn a post,shit thats even bigger than out chap on Genetics...u write very well tho and can definately understand ur frustration..

sheesh exams


gyanam:nope live licks, though i am sure the songs are pretty much the same. this is the live version.

ecoli:thank for dropping by. yea xams can be a real pain in da ass i kno


Heh heh... Necklace road... Fond Memories of that place... Rippiinng on an RX-135 at 100 KMPH...

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