Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

So my exams have ended. And I'm a free bird at last and have been bragging about that to one and all. Now I want to do everything I missed out in the past two years. So yesterday I had gone Karting, today morning I joined driving classes, and a gym. I plan to read Fountainhead soon.
Varun, a close pal of mine from school called me up today and we made a plan to hangout. We didnt know what to do. I didnt want to end up in a restaurant eating all the time, I didnt want to go karting again since I had been there yesterday, and plan to go there soon again. We decided to watch a movie. We were discussing which movie to watch, on the phone. He got the newspaper and started reading out what was playing where. It was incredible. The summer is a time when everyone's free, co-incidentally, almost magically, its also the time for the most crappiest movies to be released. We didnt have much of a choice. We decided to go to this movie called "Tom , Dick and Harry".
Everyone please go and watch the movie. Its amazing. Simply mindblowing. Its really amazing at telling us what crap our bollywood industry makes, now i hear many say what about the good ones. Dude, for every lagaan, you have a gazillion "hawas ke pujaari".
The movie has no goddamn story. oK. Its like this, there are these 2 dudes, Tom and Harry, one is deaf and other is blind, and well they are poor, and have a condom agency, and instead of paying their monthly rental of 3K, they pay half of that and few boxes of rubber to their landlord(who is this punjabi horny bear), who hates them. Within a few minutes Deepak AKA Dick joins them and they bond instantly. The happy go lucky threesome get into enormous trouble. The movie is filled with PJ's, Oh and Dick is blind. Now their life would've been cool, but no wait! There is a glitch. You have Gulshan Grover, as some weird gay ass villian named some crap I dont really remember. He claims to be the most deadly villian in the world, and you have Shakaal, Gabbar singh and Mugambo sitting in his court as his bitches. Now apparently the international MAFIA contacts him and confesses they have a fetish for indian women and demand 50 indian women. So then this is the messed up part, this grover guy's goons roam the street and push over dudes from their bikes and steal their girls and lock them up in some sort of a anti-girl escape chamber. And these are like the most expressionless girls I've ever seen, its like they've all been drugged or something.
Ok, coming to T D and H, they are mesmerised by their new neighbour( celina jaitley). At this juncture it'd be interesting to point out that actresses(contemporary) are supposed to turn the public on, and I dont see how thats going to happen when the lead actress has zits all over her nose and cheeks and every other inch. So thats not cool. So anyways the movie is filled with 1001 PJ's and they really are PJ's. And well, Indian public is sorta dumb, they find it funny. I'm pretty sure, seeing a guy fall while stepping on a banana peel makes us laugh as though its the funniest thing in the world. Anyways, I was surprised to see so many people laughing at those 3rd grade jokes, which dont make any sense at all. But watching them laugh for every little thing made us laugh.
Kim sharma was in the movie too. She was bent up on exposing her bust, which kept on jiggling like jelly every second, coz she kept on tightening her blouse(shez supposed to be a fish curry seller), and made me think...did she have breast implants? Oh shucks, who cares.
And in the mean time, expressionless druggie girls kept vanishing from the streets.
And well then I fell asleep, and I woke up after like half n hour and I saw that they were still yapping about something that I didnt understand. And then out of a sudden, there was mangal pandey, salman khan lookalike from Tere Naam, Anthony from the Amitabh block buster and some other rubbish. That was supposed to be some sort of ruralsexual item number.
And well, suddenly police enters and everyone dances and kicks ass at the same time. Acting was pathetic by one and all. Its amazing how someone as hot as Kim Sharma was made to look so repulsive, celina jaitley, well I think she should be hung.
And the movie has to be THE worst movie ever made, THE worst, one one of the worst, THE VERY worst. No coordination between the actors, everyone with weird gay ass expressions, and too many condoms here and there. Well something went wrong somewhere.
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Not Transplants man, Those are called "Implants", And We Obviously Care, We're guys :)


oops, you are right. sorry for the mistake.


edited it. dude transplants what was i thinking?????????? hahahahahahahahahhhaha

Siddharth Razdan

Strange, Very Strange!
You could only find a movie Tom, Dick & Harry? There are many a movies, much better than that, up these days.

(Siddharth Razdan)


really? well this was a nice experience too. :)


trust Rishabh to watch such movies. haha i've heard of it, but I doubt I could bring myself to watching it.

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