Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Tuesday, May 02, 2006
I was going through some of the past questions of the state CET of Andhra Pradesh, more commonly known as EAMCET. One mathematics question caught my eye. Not because of the math associated with it. The question as such was a rather simple one, which any mathematics student who is familiar with basic probability could answer.
The question:
From each of the three married couples, one partner is selected at random. The probability that all the three belong to the same sex is
a) .25 b).5 c).125 d).375
Now most of you would give the answer (a), and you'd prolly get full marks. Yet could the same answer be given after say, 10-15 years. I'm pretty sure, after 15 years, another option e) would be included in this question, which would say INSUFFICIENT INFORMATION, since it is not mentioned in the question, how many of the marriages are between those of "same sex" or "different sex". The world is mixing. People from tokyo are marrying people from siberia, guys are marrying guys, women marrying women, hell I've heard reports of people marrying their pets because they feel connected to them at a certain level. I am a very tolerant person and believe in "whatever makes you happy", but how do the others in our society take it? Especially in India, where half the population is married through arranged marriage , how can such a nation tolerate same sex marriage? Me being a kashmiri, has yet to hear of a kashmiri pandit, who is gay or lesbian, how would such a person be looked in the eyes of the society, his/her own community? Will they be accepted? We all talk about us being OKAY with people being gay, but what if someone close to us was one, or in course of time became one? Would we embrace them? Thats the question you ask yourself.

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A very disturbing question indeed - yes its true, its not easy to accept in a closer ciircle


interesting question, indeed... I personally knew a couple of ppl like that bck in India and I have to say, it'll be a while when ppl will openly accept them for who they are. Like you said, ppl do claim to have no problems with it but upon encountering someone close to you become one or start having doubts abt their sexuality can be trying. it took me a while bck when I'd entered my teen yrs to accept it, but now where I am, the world definitely is a whole lot better by viewing them as any other human being - whether it be here and there.

everyone's different. ppl just happen to define the right "different" and the wrong "different" rather absurdly. the faster we realize that gay ppl can be our friends, family or anyone, the more we can open our minds.


ichatteralot:(as you once told me) *sigh*
engineer:yup everyone's different(and unique)


finally got thru to ur blog!!! something was wrong with my system! it wasnt going to msn or blogspot or whatever!!!
anyways about this topic...the brits and the americans are themselves having trouble abt the marriages arent they? we're definitely not THERE yet! as far as im concerned i guess it okay!! im wid ya on the whatever makes u happy thing!

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