Monday, July 17, 2006

Monday, July 17, 2006
I love sales. Especially when it has to do with branded stuff. Especially shoes!
I had to get a pair of sneakers because the other one despite serving me almost 2 years, was in a pitiful condition. Plus it was part of the college shopping list, SHOES. One pair formal, another informal. The latter remained unticked in the list.
So, shoes is one department where I always prefer branded stuff because of the durability.
So we set off for the ADIDAS store, there is some sort of sale going on there. I spend nearly an hour there, making the poor guy there bring nearly 7-8 pairs, always finding some problem or the other. Too white, too expensive, too many features, too fucked up....finally I liked one, that too quite reluctantly. I decided I would visit the Reebok store just 40 yards away, and if I didnt find anything there, I'd come back here and buy this pair.
Went to the reebok, didnt see any sale offers put up. Went in anyways. Now Reebok store made the adidas one look like crap. These guy had a huge shoe collection, and I mean huge! Generally the shoes are placed on a small stand on the wall, we see them, select them tell the guy we like it, he goes into the store room, gets the shoe of our size, and thats how it goes. This shoe stand is generally as high as a normal person (5'7) can reach by stretching his hand. Reebok's wall had shoes on it upto a 2 storied building. I am NOT kidding. This is the store next to the Loft shop in panjagutta(Non hyderababis, dont even bother).
I was staring at all of them like a puppy with his tongue hanging out of his mouth.
I put on some pairs and finally selected one I liked. The model of the shoe is called "Tempo Runner"

another angle

Now as I get up, the guy there tells me that there IS an offer going on. With every purchase of 2490 and above, you get a Reebok shoe worth 2490 free. And the free one is pretty good too, as generally one wouldnt expect it, during sales like these. Its awesome I tell ya!!!

acha this is the free one, its called 3D Runner LP, here's another pic of it



wow.....fab shoes :)

ok...i have nothing else to say....:P



now you know why i like branded stuff....esp shoes


a fabulous offer!! is the sale still on?




hey! not fair!
i just bought a 4000 buck reebok shoes too from south ex, delhi and all i got was a mahendra singh dhoni poster :(

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