Friday, July 14, 2006

Latest Johar Flick

Friday, July 14, 2006
Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna
Yeah this is the latest movie from the Johar house of films. Karan Johar is gay agreed, but his movies arent as gay as him.
I quite liked Kal Ho na Ho.
Right, so the cast is also a typical KJ cast filled with all his buddies, Big B, Abhishek Bachchan, SRK, Rani Mukherjee and Priety Zinta. It apparently has cameos by Riteish(WTF is wrong with ritesh) Deshmukh and Arjun Rampal.
Story is supposed to be that SRK is married to Priety where as Rani is married to Bachchan Jr. Now things would be chilling as long as each couple minds their own business, but by chance or fate or whatever you call it, SRK and Rani meet, and become buddies, and then probably something more?? Wait for the movie. Yes, Big B is supposed to be this flamboyant(a la Vijay Mallya) daddy of Bachchan Jr.(How original) I think Karan is addicted to NYC. Because this one is NYC based too.
Here's the trailer of the movie,

The music of the movie was released in mid june(according to wikipedia), and the movie is scheduled to release in India on August 11. Awww, I will either be near a beach or in the middle of a desert by then.

There is this one song called MITWA in the OST. And Oh My God, its awesome! It really is, I just heard it once on TV during one of these promotional shows and fell in love with it instantly. You know we often come across these songs, whose punch line sounds oh so wonderful, but when you listen to the entire song, You sigh in despair and disappointment. But for once you wont be disappointed with this one. MITWA is really good, I've been listening to it all night today(or tonight whatever). Here's the link to the song as well.

P.S: Please Please Please, for the love of god(or satan), call the movie by its full name instead of KANK, KANK has to be the worst short form of any movie ever made!


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