Saturday, July 15, 2006

Saturday, July 15, 2006

This is going to be my home for the coming 5 years (if things go as planned). I've got admission into the Msc(hons) Economics course of BITS, Pilani. For the ones who arent acquainted with the Msc(hons) programme of BITS, its a dual degree, which means I get to do Bachelors(BE) in Engineering as well as a subject of my choice(I chose economics). The engineering degree depends on your first year CGPA
As far as I know, BITS is the only college in INDIA which offers such flexibility. So, Woohoo!



Wow Thats indeed a big deal that you got admission to BITS Pilani. Congratulations.


hey awesome baap u din temme me!!!way 2 gooo!good luck!nd u wanted 2 bcum sum author nd al na uska kya hua??anoda borin engineer in makin!?!lol j/k...have fun!nd good luck!


1 mark. One goddamned mark.


AC here..(yeah, its cliched, i know) just hope we end up at the same place....


anonymous: thank you, thank you , thank you

akshara: awww i'm so sorry i didnt tell you, sorry sorry sorry. ok?
haan, about the writer bit, i will never leave writing, and do you know people end up becoming writers after engineering, ever heard of sandipan deb, chetan bhagat, harsha bhogle etc. And my course has economics too, so that should broaden my thinking, and enable me to write better.

akhil: 3rd iteration has your name written all over it then.

razer: wait a sec..arent you already a college student, unless you plan to do your masters at BITS? it'll be awesome to meet you in person.


btw AC wtf is u r blog address? i cant seem to find it


abey saaley..... AC is short for aayan chakravorty...ring any bells???

sorry to disappoint you

cant resist..


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