Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thursday, March 15, 2007
I recently got to know that Lucknow University(LU) is going to scrap some courses off the list. The reason? Too many students with criminal records are taking up these courses. These include Criminology,Criminal Justice and Social Welfare amongst others. In an effort to cleanse the university of its hooligans, any student who has had a criminal record in the past has been expelled.

Personally I find that extremly amusing.

The college authorities say that political leaders and anti-social chiefs join the college and take up these courses to camouflage their activities to pollute the educational environ by contesting for the Lucknow Univ Students Union(LUSU).

Oriental studies and Linguistics has also been proposed to be scrapped. I want to ask, how is this going to help?

The authorities say that they want to remove all those courses which arent preferred by the "regular " students.



And who are the regular students?


as it seems, apparently the ones without a criminal record :)


I do agree scrapping these courses aint going to help. Expelling students is going to help and also the universities need to be more firm with their stance to fight the hooligans who pollute universities by using their political connections. Its sad seeing education at all levels in hands of polliticians. Be it in the syllabuses or be the students cum aspiring politicians walking the universities.

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