Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thursday, March 01, 2007
I keep on forgetting that I have a blog and that I am supposed to update it every now and then. That should change I guess.

Weather has been quite unpredictable lately. Just when everyone thought that the few millimetre of rain in pilani's quota got exhausted, we get these bolts of lightning and sandstorms with winds blowing in at high velocities in all directions and the rain spanking the earth. Co-incidentally there the forces of nature have always intervened on the even of all the major exams that we've had so far.
Recently I developed few ulcers in my mouth, I infer that its from the lack of vitamin B complex in the healthy and nutritious diet that is supplied to us here at Vidya Vihar. Its pathetic, really. Can't eat anything spicy or solid. Having been living on curd rice and frooti, Bah! I am sick of it!

And congrats to Martin Scorcese, for finally getting the golden dude with the sword.



I am so glad u remembered about your blog. Nice to see ya back with some well framed sentences! :D

Well, chuck the frooti and try Buttermilk....HELPS!:)

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