Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tuesday, March 06, 2007
Its bizarre.
Every computer in my hostel is playing just one song. This is the very song that everyone keeps humming while in class, mess or even the bogs(bathroom of graduating students). It is this song that keeps me up all night because someone or the other keeps singing it. And the versions change too, newer lyrics keep getting added to the existing ones, the tune too changes ranging from classical to hip-hop to thrash. High-pitched shrills, baritones and echoes can all be heard from dawn to dusk.
The song? Zombie by the Cranberries.
Okay! Agreed that the song is decent, but the sudden enthusiasm? It was sung by a guy during one of the inter-hostel contests and since then everyone has been going ga-ga over it. Its been circulated to every computer through the LAN. Every comp I see, I notice a media player icon on the desktop with "Zombie" etched on it.


Dj mOT!On

heyyyyyyyyy!!!! wazzzzzaaaaaaa!!!! hehe!!! cranberries - the usual ol shit ..... cant say anythin though ya no i aint in da faded rockkk na!!!!
heyyy chkk out my blogg..... jus startedd!!! www.blogstormm.blogspot.com


yo yo! waddup dude! faded rock??? hahahaha! anyways, saw u r blog, nice work dude!

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