Friday, January 09, 2009

BITSians in CAT 2008

Friday, January 09, 2009
Here's a list of BITSians who have cleared CAT, I'm sure there are many more, just add the names, %tile and the calls that they have got in the comments section below.

Update: There are rumours flying around that BITS Pilani, has the highest number of call getters from any single institution in India. I don't know the authenticity of that claim though.

Abhishek Humbad 2005-2009, 99.93%,
Aditya Radhakrishnan, 2005-2009, 99.8%,  C, I
Akhil Puri, 2005-2009, B & L
Aravind Vijayasarathy, 2005-2009, 99.96%, 6 calls
Ashwin Iyer, 2005-2009,99.9%
Astha Modi, 2005-2009, C (and some more)
Ayshwarya Vikram, 2005-2009, 99.7%,
Bharat Mimani, 2005-2009, S,                                    
Gaurav Lunia , 2005-2009 99.43% B, K & S
Harshit Didwania, 2005-2009, S
Ishan Bhanu, 2005-2009, 6 calls
Karan Dhall, 2005-2009, 99.83%, 6 calls
Krishna Mohan Radhakrishnan, 2005-2009, 99.7%,
Krishna Prasad 2003-2007, B
Kuhu Sharma, 2005-2009, K
Manav Preet Singh, 2005-2009, all calls,                       
Muralikrishnan Nair 2005-2009, 99.7%
Navin Madhavan, 2005-2009, 98.8%, B & S
Narayanan 2003-2008, A,C,L,K
Nikhil Agrawal, 2005-2009,S
R Vijay(Psyche), 2004-2008, S,L,A,B
Ritesh Agarwal, 2005-2009, A,B & S,
Shashank More,2005-2009,B,K,S,I,L                               
Sri Harsha Majety, 2003-2008, 99.97%, 6 calls



Whoa nice! I had met Abhishek during Tycoons 2008, so nice to hear about him.

Rishabh Kaul

though i doubt if he will go there, since he won tycoon

Hemanth Kumar

@Rishabh: Dude, I heard someone from my batch got all 7 calls (6+Shillong)! Just confirm this from Harsha, he might give you a better perspective of things...

Harshad Deshmukh

Gaurav Lunia , 2005-2009 99.43% B, K & S

ramya kumar

you missed Astha Modi (IIM C and something else) and kuhu Sharma (IIM-K)good idea for a post though. nice to know my batch has done well.


you missed some guys...manav preet singh ( all 7) , ritesh agarwal ( a,b, s) ,bharat mimani(shillong).

Sushant Chandak

nikhil agwarwal (s)
harshit didwania (s)
shashank more (b,k,s,i,l)


Bhuvan dubey-99.89 -(all 7)
Mayank Aggarwal-99.93 (all except S)


ayshwarya vikram 6 calls
ashwin iyer 6 calls
murali krishnan nair all calls @99.96%
aditya kulkarni, shillong
cant seem to recall the rest!

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