Saturday, January 31, 2009

Luck by chance

Saturday, January 31, 2009

How true. 

How of us really think what we're learning right now in college might be beneficial to us? Forget those who have not taken their course seriously, I am talking to those who have. How many of you are satisfied with your education?

Most of the times we end up where we don't want to. At the same time, some of the most wonderful opportunities come our way when we least expect it.

I suggest keep trying newer things. However, it's also important to let go of stuff that's not helping you in anyway. Be it stagnant projects, past memories and undesirable people.

I am all for perseverence and hard work. But what about that initial spark? The first crude idea? College can't help you there. Well, not entirely atleast...
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Vineet Pandey

It's difficult to understand what's not helping you in anyway.


the thing is you have to work hard to expose yourself to a lot of lucky accidents, so that at least one hits off!

Nasim Nicolas Taleb works on this.

Rishabh Kaul

@pandey that's true

@sap: exactly, follow your heart most of the time, its just that sometimes, things get a lil cloudy

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I agree wid u

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