Sunday, January 04, 2009

Meeting brother after a while

Sunday, January 04, 2009

I am home for a couple of days to spend the remainder of my winter break (to read about my road trip click here). And what's the first thing that greets me here? My brother.

I am 20 and my brother is 11. That’s a difference of 9 years.

However, I believe he’s all grown up now. He’s started playing GTA and started referring to Bipasha Basu as “that sexy thing”. It’s brought a tear to my eye. I have been waiting for this coming of age for so long. Sigh.

He asked me if I'd watch Bachna e Haseeno with him. I obliged and listened to him explain how Deepika Padukone is simply too simple in the movie and hence isn’t worth the hype. Bipasha on the other hand is the real deal and deserves Ranbir.

Also, the other day I was asking him if he plays a character of African American descent in GTA San Andreas. With a look of contempt as if mocking my ignorance, he says “they’re called niggas bhaiyya!”



So finally, I get to see Lucky. :)
Nice photo by the way.

If I remember right, when I was 11,we used to have Sanskrit Shabd-Roop wars before our exams with our much more experienced seniors.:P

Ah, the times, they are a-changin'.

P.s. I finally got a blog of my own-

Rishabh Kaul

The times sure are changing!

And nice to see you blogging. Will visit


Aw.. Lucky Kaul growing up.. so damn awesome.. will he still call me aayan bhaiya? cute little kid he was... running around without pants

Rishabh Kaul

He's stopped doing that. I think.

Vineet Pandey

@ last line of the post

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"And what's the first *thing* that greets me here? My brother."

Lol! Am sure my sister thinks the same way. Elder bros/sis are mean! :P :)

Rishabh Kaul

@pandey: yea man. I cant so imagine him wearing loose 3/4ths and a shirt till his knees the next time i see him.

@akash: yes we are. and its the least we can do, considering all the partiality the little ones receive from mom and pops


Haha! Nah. We have to wear our elder sis/bros clothes, we have to live up to the expectations of everyone else's - "Your sister/brother was never like this", "Look at her/him, she/he is so good at studies", ... We have to listen - "Beta, jab bade ho jaaoge, tab" and so on! If there is any partiality, it is against us! ;) ^_^

Rishabh Kaul

Point taken.


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