Thursday, September 15, 2005


Thursday, September 15, 2005
Yep this sunday was surely that.
I came back from the college by about 12.30, after by weekly IIT test, which i had done OK-ish, compared to my much much better performance the previous week when i'd got the AIR-7 in the All AP test, but then we're not here to brag about me , or are we, not now anyways. I had made plans with my mum to go shoppin for trousers.
My mama( as in the bro of me mum), tagged along. In the car we had a pretty interesting discussion. I dunno how it started, but somehow we drifted to the topic of bathing. I was told that Western people didnt take bath everyday. I was shocked. I was like, "No kidding, how come mum?" She was like didnt you know that. I told her, surely no. I mean it was kinda hard to imjagine that. Then went into the history that to begin with Uk didnt have enuf water, and then their lifestyle is such that they dont require regular bath, coz they dunt accumulate so much dust as we do, coz most of the time either they're in their air conditionered car, or their hoe or their office, hence they dont get all that dirty, but here the situation is different, I mean you go to the local mart and u come back soaked with dust and dirt and all that. My mamu reacted sayin that, "Ah now i remember, while i was staying at this one Mr. Andrews residence for a few days in canada, once his wife confronted me while i was going to the bathroom, and asked where i was going, and i told her i was going to take a bath, she looked all puzzled up and asked me 'But you just had a bath yesterday didnt you?' I didnt really understand what the hell THAT was all about, now i get it."
So i asked my mom, "so duz this mean that julia roberts baths once in like 4 days". the reply i received was , "maybe who knows". "Hmmmm."
This isnt over you know.
How could it be possible, perhap mom is mistaken, ciuld she?What if she isnt? I mean she has trotted half the globe. No wonder there is so much demand of Deo in the world today.Its got me to thinking.
Dad came back from singapore today. I asked him. He told me its all rubbish and that all people take bath everyday. HMMMMM!!! Now whats this? How can there be a contradiction here.
I still dunt know whom to believe.



haha your mom does have a point there. in the winters.. having a bath everyday is sorta insane, especially if the temp drops below 10F.

Uhm but in the summers.. a bath everyday is not uncommon lol


awww i miss snow. hyderabad sucks at times ya know!!

Sudipta Chatterjee

Roz roz nahana... ab gaya woh zamana.. :)

[The days of bathing everyday are gone]


yea, u r right i guess.

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